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(Webinar Slides) Tips and Tricks for Managing Social Media

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(Webinar Slides) Tips and Tricks for Managing Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat… so many ways to promote your practice and connect with potential clients, so little time! In fact, managing all of these profiles and platforms can be downright overwhelming. In this session we will discuss tips, tricks, tools, and platforms that help you stay on top of the big three – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat… so many ways to promote your practice and connect with potential clients, so little time! In fact, managing all of these profiles and platforms can be downright overwhelming. In this session we will discuss tips, tricks, tools, and platforms that help you stay on top of the big three – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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(Webinar Slides) Tips and Tricks for Managing Social Media

  1. 1. Tips for Managing Social Media #LawyersTweetToo
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. About our presenter Presenter ‣ Director, Law Practice Management & Technology for The Chicago Bar Association ‣ Former Director, Legal Technology Resource Center, American Bar Association ‣ Masters Degree in Library & Information Studies, University of Alabama ‣ Fellow, College of Law Practice Management ‣ Former Board member, ABA TECHSHOW ‣ (enjoys playing with PowerPoint) 5
  6. 6. Poll Slide #1 Q: Do you use any of the following social media platforms for business de velopment? A: Twitter A: Facebook A: LinkedIn A: Facebook and LinkedIn A: All of the above 6
  7. 7. Essential Settings/Notifications in Social Media Platforms
  8. 8. LinkedIn
  9. 9. Twitter
  10. 10. Facebook (Personal)
  11. 11. Facebook (Page)
  12. 12. Poll Slide #2 12 Q: What is the hardest part about updating/interacting with social media sites ? A: No time A: No content A: Too confusing A: It isn’t hard, I am just not seeing ROI for my efforts
  13. 13. Automation
  14. 14. Automating Workflow
  15. 15. Dashboards
  16. 16. Hootsuite for Managing Social Media
  17. 17. Content
  18. 18. Legal Intelligence Lawyer work product • JDSupra • Lexology • Mondaq Law Firm website search • Fee Fie Foe Firm Law journals • Legal Scholarship Network @ SSRN.com
  19. 19. Blawg Directory and Search
  20. 20. News Legal Aggregators • Jurist Legal News • ABAJournal.com • Law.com • Justia General Aggregators • Google News • Yahoo! News • Bing News
  21. 21. News Apps: Make Mine to Go Legal News • ABA Journal • American Lawyer • Legal Edge • Legal News Customizable News • Flipboard
  22. 22. News Aggregators - Feedly
  23. 23. News Aggregators - NetVibes
  24. 24. Evernote
  25. 25. Time Management
  26. 26. Update Social Media When You Blog - Automatically
  27. 27. Task Management
  28. 28. Wunderlist to Capture (and Share) Ideas
  29. 29. Poll Slide #3 Q: My primary goal for using social media is: A: Reach Existing Clients A: Reach Potential Clients A: Establish & maintain reputation/professional development A: Because I don’t want to be left behind 29
  30. 30. Virtual Marketing Coaches
  31. 31. Lawcountability
  32. 32. PracBuilder
  33. 33. Origination Station
  34. 34. Social Media Management Services
  35. 35. Catherine Sanders Reach Lpmt.chicagobar.org csandersreach@chicagobar.org 312-554-2070 MyCase www.MyCase.com support@mycase.com 800-571-8062 Contact Us 36
  36. 36. Thank you 37

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • If you “share an update” in LinkedIn change it to “public” or “public + Twitter” to get a farther reach. Better yet, to have your work really shine choose “write and article” and the content will be highlighted in the feed, available from your profile and you get longer posts.

    For privacy controls in LinkedIn see “Control Your LinkedIn Profile” http://lpmt.chicagobar.org/?cat=21
  • In Twitter go to Notifications and click on “Settings” (which is to the right of “All” and “Mentions”) https://twitter.com/settings/notifications. The default it to filter notifications by only those you follow, but you can turn that off. Leave quality filter on, it blocks automated tweets (bots).

    Set up email notifications if you don’t actually visit Twitter often, and choose to see “by anyone” so that you are not filtering out activities. Otherwise get web notifications.
  • In Facebook go to Settings – Notifications and choose which notifications you get on the platform, via email, via text or on your mobile device by click “edit” to change the defaults.

    To learn about privacy controls see: http://lpmt.chicagobar.org/privacy-controls-in-facebook/
  • Logged in as your page go to “Settings” and choose which notifications you get on the platform, via email, via text or on your mobile device. The options are not very granular.
  • If This Then That (https://ifttt.com/discover) great way to stitch your weblife together. 56 Channels – phone, RSS readers, Google products, blogs, social media, web 2.0. For instance:
    Starred in Feedly send to Evernote (or Pocket)
    Favorited in Twitter sent to Evernote
    Send a tweet from your wordpress blog post
    Automatically tweet articles (or add them to Facebook) when you tag them with a specific tag in Feedly
    Share links on LinkedIn to Yammer

    Similar to IFTTT (If This Then That) which connects applications, services and devices, Zapier (https://zapier.com/app/explore) offers 5 zaps for free that will run every 15 minutes with up to 100 tasks per month to make it easy for you to automate tasks between web apps.  Zapier has over 500 Apps you can connect, with a focus on business services ranging from legal SaaS Clio to Basecamp to HelloSign. So, how can this work for you? Automatically save attachments in Gmail to Box. Create tasks and to-dos from new emails automatically. Create a Gmail label from new Clio matters or add new Clio contacts to a MailChimp list. A few clicks and you can automate activities that you either had to do manually, or just plain forgot to do.

    Also for Office 365 there is Flow http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/29/11535232/microsoft-flow-ifttt-competitor and for iPad there is Workflow http://www.appleworld.today/blog/2015/3/2/macsparky-releases-new-video-field-guide-for-workflow-app
  • See all your social media profiles and messages in one dashboard – and send to them all as well with Hootsuite, for free(mium) https://hootsuite.com/. You can schedule messages, have Hootsuite send messages at the best time, and more. Similar products include SproutSocial (http://sproutsocial.com/), Everypost (http://http://everypost.me/), Buffer (https://buffer.com/)

    Here is an at-a-glance comparison of Everypost vs. Buffer vs. Hootsuite: http://everypost.me/blog/everypost-vs-buffer-vs-hootsuite/

    Aggregates expert insight, commentary and intelligence on corporate, small business and personal matter. They offer a subscription via email, social media, RSS and more. Large firms such as Bryan Cave and Fenwick & West, as well as many others, submit content.

    By virtue of your Chicago Bar Association membership you receive a customized daily CBA Newstand by Lexology, which brings together articles submitted by major commercial law firms. Anyone can go to the site to search for content on hot topics like Bring Your Own Device, Virtual Currencies, Merger Control and more through Navigator, or simply search by keyword then narrow results by jurisdiction, topic, or author/firm.

    International in scope, you will find the latest thinking on legal, accounting, regulatory and commercial issues supplied by the world's leading professional advisors. Browse or you can search the database for articles by date, topic, firm, country, author, free text, etc. You can also subscribe to free news alerts (2 per week) based on region and topics/sub-topics.

    Fee Fie Foe Firm USA is a search engine that searches on the websites of US law firms and international firms. Use the search box to search for legal experts, law firm bulletins, articles, press releases and more! Similar to Fee Fie Fo Firm is the Law Firm Search Engine, which searches more than 4,700 law firm websites around the world.

  • The legal profession has enthusiastically embraced blogging. Vast directories of legal-centric blogs have been compiled, including Justia’s Blawg Directory, and the ABA Journal Blawg Directory, which list blogs on topics ranging from administrative law to workers compensation and most everything in between. The ranks of lawyer bloggers now include numerous law professors, nationally-recognized appellate lawyers and entire practice groups. These directories allow users to search the blogs all at once, or drill down to practice areas.

  • The ABA Journal has a daily email with legal news, but Jurist from University of Pittsburgh Law School has daily legal news, plus commentary and podcasts. You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook

    Law. Com aggregates ALM publications content, plus web-only content, by practice area a limited number of practice areas (corporate, labor and employment, IP, class action and product liability, appellate)

    Google and Yahoo New aggregate news from around the gobe. Helpful to see different spins on a topic.
  • ABA Journal
    American Lawyer
    Legal Edge
    Legal News

    Thanks to the librarians at UCLA School of Law in the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library there is a fairly comprehensive list of legal research mobile apps that is maintained and updated. Everything from Blacks’ Law Dictionary to Hein Online to DroidLaw’s Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are listed with links and descriptions.

    A free app for iPhone, iPad and Android that creates a personalized magazine that learns about you as you use it. By allowing it to hook in to your social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) it will deliver news content based on your interests. As you click on articles you can tell it you want more like this, or to forget it. Flexible, useful, and free! Flipboard bought Zite, a competitive tool. They currently exist separately but will likely merge into one app. Similarly, Pulse, now owned by LinkedIn and Feedly also provide subject driven content, with Feedly also acting as an RSS feed reader.
  • RSS Feeds
    RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds can reduce inbox overload by allowing for a migration from e-mail newsletters and other current awareness information to RSS feeds. In addition to cutting down on the number of e-mail newsletters, RSS feeds open up a whole new world of information that include blogs and up-to-the minute news, legislation, and court opinions.

    To Get Started with RSS
    You will need a “feed reader” or “news aggregator”. Web-based readers include Feedly and Netvibes, that offer a personalized start page that allows you to track RSS feeds and add other modules/gadgets/widgets such as clocks, calendars, etc.
  • NetVibes (http://www.netvibes.com/en) has many options but as a feed reader with a friendly “apps” interface that makes it really easy to scan headlines, NetVibes is a throwback to the popular iGoogle.
  • Whether you use Evernote, Pocket, OneNote, or another like service you will need a way to capture and keep information you want to use for posts, updates and also be able to easily find the information again. Send articles (emails, voice notes, etc) to Evernote to capture it, organize it and keep it.
  • Do you have a blog with Wordpress, Blogger, Wix or another platform? Are you manually updated your social media accounts when you have a new blog post? You can automate this process, though the “how” varies depending on your blog platform.

    In Wordpress you can search for an add-on or widget that lets you automate the process. Wix automatically asks if you want new blog posts to be fed to Twitter and Facebook. IFTTT (If This Then That) will let you set up a recipe to share either WordPress, Weebly and any blog platform that generates an RSS feed to any social network.

    If all of the above sounds a bit outside your comfort zone check out dlvr.it (Deliver It) https://dlvr.it/pages/learn-more.php. A free (for 5 feeds and 3 social pages/profiles) tool that monitors your blog for new content and shares it with your social networks. Simple to set up, and will help you spread the word about your blogging efforts.
  • In his book The Checklist Manifesto, surgeon Atul Gawande asserts that checklists are a “cognitive net,” a mechanism that can help prevent experienced people from making errors due to flawed memory and attention, and ensure that teams work together. Or, as Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame put it, “the book’s main point is simple: no matter how expert you may be, well-designed checklists can improve outcomes.”
    In a law office, checklists help reduce errors and increase efficiency. They ensure that work is done, and in an order that makes the most sense. They can also be used as part of a task management system, showing each person in the organization how her responsibilities on the checklist affect the entire procedure.

    Depends on the client, but project management might work better. Basecamp is simple, intuitive. Gives you a project management space with tasks, milestones, search, dashboard. Sends emails to participants when something new happens.
  • From to-do lists, to big idea lists, to action step lists, enter it all in the application Wunderlist (https://www.wunderlist.com/). Wunderlist makes list-making much easier, and it’s also a great tool for collaboration. Simply make your list, and then share it with anyone or assign tasks to specific people. Your team can comment on tasks, or break the tasks down into subtasks. You can add reminders and deadlines to keep your team on track.
    Wunderlist supports attaching most types of files, so there’s no need to send a separate email with your relevant attachment. With a free account, you get 25 assigns per shared list, but there’s no limit on the number of lists you can share. Because it is cloud-based, you can have Wunderlist on your phone, desktop and browser, and everything is synced up. When a team member completes an item, you’ll receive an alert on all your platforms, so everyone stays on the same page. For the one time price of $9.90, it integrates with Outlook and replaces Tasks, which is worth it, in my opinion. It integrates with Gmail for free.
  • http://lawcountability.com/ Ari Kaplan – Tasked to build your business

    Lawcountability® is a cloud-based software platform designed to help lawyers network more effectively for their business and professional development. Lawcountability® J.D. helps students navigate the competitive job market and create career opportunities.

    Subscribers watch an original ten-minute program, which offers creative ideas for raising their visibility and reaching out to others.
    Every program assigns three tasks based on the week’s theme.

    As part of the weekly tasks, Lawcountability®provides subscribers with a script of what to write or say.
    Each task has a point value to promote gamification and benchmark performance.

    Subscribers get reminders and also choose an accountability colleague, who will get weekly activity reports to ensure action.
    Users can track their progress on a robust dashboard that updates in real time. Law firm personnel and career advisors can gauge performance and support individual efforts.

    Has: Calendar integration, visual goal setting (timeline), automated generation of marketing or career paths (marketing plan with tasks and goals).

    Subscribers also get access to our valuable archive.

    Pricing: $39 per user per month up to 12 users; $500 a month for 13-49 users
  • http://www.pracbuilder.com/ two business guys advised by the Vermont Bar Association

    Plan - Automatically enrolls all your professional contacts into a business development plan (I guess from your email)
    Engage - Keep an ongoing dialogue and remain top-of-mind with all your contacts – with flexibility to choose monthly or quarterly interaction for each contact.
    Connect - Interact across many channels – email, phone, or a face-to-face meeting. Select the most appropriate, effective medium to reach a given contact.

    Calendar - A scheduled list of relationship building activities created for you to support your business development efforts throughout the year.
    Notification – The online dashboard alerts you to upcoming action items. Daily or weekly email digests inform you of upcoming activities.
    Simplicity - No headaches or time wasted trying to figure out what to do. Login, execute, and drive deeper client relationships – ultimately building your practice.

    Email Templates
    Access to a library of email templates helps you engage clients in substantive, value-added ways.
    Create and save your own email templates for continued use in the application.

    Customize Client Development Plans
    Tailor a unique strategy by adding client-specific messages or action items.
    For example,
    Legal Matters: policy refreshes, contract renewals, or recurring document filings
    Personal Events: birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries

    Manage and Organize Contacts
    An online address book to centrally store all your contacts information and your personal notes.
    Easily deliver targeted communications by using Tags to group and categorize contacts.
    Have an existing contact list? Import easily from Outlook, Gmail (Google Contacts), or an Excel file.

    Software Built for the Legal Professional
    Simple and easy to use. Quick setup. No software installation required.

    Cost - $270 per year or $30 per month, per person.

  • http://theoriginationstation.com/ - Steve Fretzin

    Interactive and engaging videos
    Direct access to Steve Fretzin, Author and Attorney coach
    Rainmaker and expert interviews
    Peer to peer connectivity
    Content rich webinars
    Low monthly/yearly investment
    Accountability to complete coursework
    We make biz dev easy and even fun!

    $99 per year (free 30 day trial)
  • Scroll Digital http://www.scrolldigital.com/ and ClearView Social http://clearviewsocial.com/ help bring in content, push out your content and manage the firm’s online presence. Scroll Digital will also create content for you. Basically, these services combine much of what we’ve discussed – gathering content, creating content and pushing content out – and manage it for your firm.