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Filter Bubble

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Filter Bubble

  1. 1. Filter Bubbles BY: Nakhwa Muzaffar Seminar Guide: Sable Nilesh
  2. 2. What are Filter Bubbles ?  A filter bubble is a concept to describe a phenomenon in which websites use algorithms to selectively guess what information a user would like to see.
  3. 3. Who is using it ?
  4. 4. Edge Rank Algorithm
  5. 5. PAGE RANK
  6. 6. Some known signals :  Our Search History.  Our location .  The Browser we use.  Average position of search results we click on.  Time of the day.  How often do we use Autosuggestion.  Average amount of search requests per day.  Accessing information through Phone or PC
  7. 7. How much information do you give away? Can it be used to uniquely identify you? Alerts Maps Answers Mobile Blog Search News Book Search Scholar Catalogs SMS Directory Special Searches Froogle University Search Groups Video Images Web Search Google Labs Local Blogger Google Pack Code Picasa Desktop Search Google Talk Google Earth Toolbar Gmail Translate Tool Local for mobile
  8. 8. Identity Disclosure Network Layer Browser Environment Variables Google Account Local Google Applications Enterprise Appliances Cookies