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Mustafa cv 2016

Sr.HVAC Mechanical Engineer

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Mustafa cv 2016

  1. 1. Mustafa Munsoer 10500 ValleyForge Dr APT#228 ASHRAE membership,PE Houston,TX 77042 (832) 878-4548 hvac.master@yahoo.comSUMMARY HVAC Engineer,PE 15 yearsof extensivetechnical experience andprojectleadershipinHVACmanagement. SKILLS & Experience  Bachelor’s degree inMechanical Engineer– Damascus 1992  HVAC systemdesignlevel I+ level II(ASHRAE)  HVACR Technician Diploma –Penn Foster 2015  EPA Certificate  AutoCad Diploma2005  SMACNA HVACduct construction standardsprogramCertificate 2011  Gas Furnace update and review TRANECertificate2014  MPS multi andheat loadcalculation,LG Certificate 2006  VRF,LG Certificate 2014  DevelopdetailedHVACsystemdesignprogram  Heat loadcalculation Software (HAP-Elite-CARRIERBlockLoadE20-II).  Prepare shopdrawings  Schedulingandselectingmajorequipment  projectestimating  ProficientinMSOffice  Complete testingandcommissioning  PerformA/Cmaintenance andairbalancing  Hire and manage staff  Meetwithclients,findsolutionsforexistingsystemproblems. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE US Air Conditioning Houston, TX, USA Mechanical Engineer, 6/2015-present Delta Air Conditioning Company Project Manager,2014-2015  Responsible foroverallprojectcompletionfromconceptionto design,material procurement, installation,andlabor supervision formultiple facilities.  Work withincomplianceof citycodes forinspection andtimely approval.  Projectsinclude: 14unitcustom residential homes,HarmonySchool,medical clinic,VaughnBuilding,Shopping Center,warehouses, andoffice buildings. I workedinDeltaAirConditioningCompanyinthe following projects: I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadforService TransportCompany@9513 Telephone rood,Houston,TX77075. I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadforCalhonchemical Employee Building@11674 State Hwy185 North,Port Lavaca,TX77979. I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadforCalhonEmployee CafeteriaBuilding@11676 State Hwy185 North,Port Lavaca,TX77979. I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadforSegmentShoppingCenterUltimate Nail @12065 Beamer,Houston,TX77089.
  2. 2. Mustafa Munsoer 10500 ValleyForge Dr APT#228 ASHRAE membership,PE Houston,TX 77042 (832) 878-4548 hvac.master@yahoo.com I designedRemodel of SegmentShoppingCenterRestaurant@12011 Beamer,Houston,TX77089. I designedandcalculatedthe heatforWestPark GardenWarehouse @4013 Arc street,HOUSTON ,TX77063. I designedand remodeledVeughnoffice building (12StoryHighrise building)@400W.Texas Ave,Midland,Texas 79702. I designedandcalculatedforSalazarsClinic@19255 Park Row Dr,Houston,Texas77084. I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadforGate of KnowledgeRemodel @2619 Kentucky,League City,Texas77573. I designedandcalculatedthe heatloadfor14 CustomHouses @11001-11015 JardinDes Circle,HoustonTexas77043. I designedandcalculatedthe heatforEl Farouq Mosque Remodel @1207 Conrad Sauer,HoustonTexas77043. Royal Suite Dubai, Sharjah, UAE Project Manager,2005-2014  Coordinated all phasesof HVACprojectsfromdesign throughconstructionforlarge-scale commercial,industrial, and residential projects.  Responsible formaterial selectionandinstallationof: pipes,ducts, heatexchangers,pumps,boilers,chillers,cooling towers,exhaustfans, airhandlers, andcondensingunits.  Managementlevel interactionwith clients,architects,vendors,andcontractors. I workedinthiscompanyas the following: Heat loadcalculation,Design(Duct+pipe+equipments) andsupervise forthisprojectsinDubai,SharjahandAbuDhabi: • Couple highrise Building(Al QadesiaBlockA&B) 35 Story Building, 1316 Ductedsplitunits. • Al TaawunBuilding(15Story highrise building),365Ductedsplitunits. • Al JawherBuildingBlockA&B(25 StoryCouple highrise building), 982Ductedsplitunits. • 4Story building@ALkrama area,162 Ducted splitunits+FAHU+ Smoke System • 8 Story building@ALmajrarea,80 splitunit. • 4 Story building@AlKHAN area,32 ductedsplitunits. • 22 CustomHomes,66 ductedsplit+105splitunits. • 26 LuxuryVillas, 26VRF system+ 130 splitnits+26Ventilationsystem. • 6 PalacesinALramla Areafor(SheckAbdullahAl Thani) 18package unites. • ALP27 (Race car serviceswarehouse)6package units. • AL-ButtinaMosque,6Package nits. • 11 Storyhighrise building,3AirColdChiller+2FAHU+pumproom+222AHU. • Gym of ThobanCamp, 3 Air ColdChillers+Pumproom+2 FAHU+Spiral Duct. • SalimHospital,2AirColdChillers+Pumproom+2FAHU+AHU+ 122 FCU. • Remodel of Al Shamrestaurant,3 ductedsplitunit+ventilation. • Remodel Kitchenof SharjahPalace Hotel,A/C+Ventilationsystem, • Remodel of TasareehBuilding,15 Ductedsplitunits. • Remodel of FoodcourtinSharjahCityCenterMall. • Remodel of Al DhyaSchool,54 Ductedsplitunits. • Remodel of 40 storyhighrise building(Mechanicalventilationforservicefloorsandadded 1 AircoldChiller+40FCU to Halls). • Remodel of 6story building@DParea,92AHU. • Remodel of LGAcademicworkshoparea @Free Zone No.7,1 MPS SYSTEM+2 Multi VIII +2Multi VIV system+3 Cassette units+8FCU+2splitunits.
  3. 3. Mustafa Munsoer 10500 ValleyForge Dr APT#228 ASHRAE membership,PE Houston,TX 77042 (832) 878-4548 hvac.master@yahoo.com WATTAR Company, ModernIndustries Damascus, Syria Consultant/Contractor/DivisionManager,PE 1992-2005 I worked inthisElectronicManufacture (Fans-Iron-ElectricVacuum-Meatchopper...)asfollowing: • DesignCastMoldingsandfabricby CNCMachine. • Supervise the processof all productpartsfabricbyinjectorMachines. • Supervise all assemblylines. • Supervise all productquality. • Productstylesandfunctionsdevelopment. • Planandsupervise newengineerstrainingprogram. I worked in Modern Industrials Company that was specialized in spinning and fabric in the following assignments : • Heat load calculation for each division in the company • Calculation and selection for all parameters (Humidity - Wet-Bulb Temperature- Density....) For all materials, Silk -Cotton- Clothes.... • Calculation and selection for air compressors that service control systems. • Remodeling all interior air channels. • Calculation for remodeling heating pipes and heat aluminum radiators in old offices. • Calculation for ventilation and insulation thickness to save materials and products from fungus and moldy and keep it in good condition in the storage areas. • Remodeling of water spray stations. • Calculation and selection huge Fan blades. • Prepare maintenance schedule for all equipments. • Plan and supervise new technicians training program. • Prepare Weekly report to general manager. • Coordinate with other departments engineers. • Supervision of all HVAC works. • Cost Estimate for new equipments. • Remodeling of existing equipments per any product requirement. Design,heatloadcalculationandSupervise Heatingequipmentsforthe followingbuildings: • Agriculture University( 5 storybuilding). • LanguagesInstitute (3story building). • NursesSchool(3storybuilding). • NursesApartment(5story building). • UniversityManagement( 9 blocks4 story). • Water CenterinQudsia. Design,HeatloadcalculationandSupervise Airconditioningandheatingforthisprojects: • EducationcenterinQattana. • EducationcenterinZabadani. • Theaterof Damascus University. • CustomhomesinYafour. • Many Mosques