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  1. 1. MUSTAFA AHMED KHALIL S/o Mukhtiar Ahmad C/o Jahanzaib General Store, Street no.7, Madina Colony, Rasheed Abad no.2, Charsadda Road. Distt. Peshawar. Ph: +92-305-5775556 email: mak.marcus3@gmail.com OBJECTIVE To work for a dynamic organization that will provide a challenging, learning and developing environment where I can gain valuable hands on experience and professional skills. EDUCATION Bachelor of Electrical (Electronics) Engineering Secured: 3.37/4 CGPA (84.25%) Distinction: 5th Position in Spring 2012 Batch. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Graduating: Feb, 2012 – 25th Jan, 2016 (Result announced). Abbottabad, Pakistan Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) Secured: 79.72% Distinction: 5nd Position in Board Exam. Peshawar Institute of Technology. Technical Board. Graduated: June 2010. Peshawar, Pakistan Secondary School Certification (Matric) Secured: 61.33% Peshawar Foundation Public School Peshawar Board. Graduated: April 2007. Peshawar, Pakistan EXPERIENCE:  CITY University of Science & Information Technology (CUSIT) 28th April, 2011 – 30th Jan, 2012 Worked as a Lab Attendant in the Electrical Engineering Department.  BRYON Pharmaceutical 28th Oct,2010 – 25th April 2011 Worked as a Junior Technician in maintenance work shop.  ZONG Telecom 15th July,2010 – 27th Oct 2010 Worked as a KPO (Key Punch Operator).
  2. 2. FINAL YEAR PROJECT It is entitled as “VISION BASED OBSTACLES DETECTION” Objective:  Developed an intelligent robotic system to detect the obstacles, based on real time Stereo Vision.  Implementation on Raspberry Pi.  Computer vision application for:  Autonomous Vehicles.  Vision impaired people.  Intelligent Robotic system.  This is research based final year project. SEMESTER PROJECTS  Designed “Arduino based Motor Forward Reverse Control & RPM Monitoring System”.  Designed “HARVARD Architecture based 16-bit Microprocessor HAVING 12 Set of Commands”.  Created C algorithm for “Student Attendance & Academic Record Console”.  Created C++ algorithm for “Hotel Reservation System”.  Designed a “WIMSHURST Machine”.  Designed “FM-Receiver”.  Designed & implemented a “Car Parking Counter & Parking Occupancy System” using Micro-controller based & Logical circuitry based.  Designed a “100-Watts Audio Amplifier (2.1 Channel)”.  Designed & implemented the three way traffic light control system through microcontroller.  Designed “Digital Filters”. MAJORS  Electric Circuit & Analysis 1 & 2.  Electronics 1 & 2.  Industrial Electronics.  Digital Logic and Design.  Electric Machines.  Microprocessors & Microcontrollers.  Very large scale Integration (VLSI).  Control Systems.  Signal and Processing.  Digital System Design.  Transmission.  Electricity Distribution.  Electricity Production.  Generator Operation.
  3. 3. CO CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND SKILLS  Playing Chess, Reading, Badminton, Playing Pool, Touring & Traveling.  Ability to handle challenging tasks and work under limited supervision.  Having full command on the Electrical, Mechanical & Communication equipments.  Can easily operate the Electrical & Communication instruments.  Building Electrician.  Creative, resourceful in through developing projects.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills.  Maintenance works.  Good presentation skills. COMPUTER SKILLS  MATLAB.  Micro-Controller & MPLAB.  Xilinx  PLC  Proteus.  C/C++  Arduino.  Designing PCB Boards.  Auto Cad 2D.  Microsoft Word.  Microsoft Excel.  Web Browsing.  Computer Hardware.  Operating System Installation and Troubleshooting. REFERENCE Dr. Shoaib Azmat Assistant Professor PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014 Email: shoaibazmat@ciit.net.pk