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Revising Your Site, What Happened To My Search Engine Placement?

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Revising Your Site, What Happened To My Search Engine Placement?

  1. 1. Revising Your Site, WhatHappened To My Search Engine Placement?
  2. 2. As of September, Smartads went through what so manyhave done before. I changed the entire site. I knew what itmeant. It means that your search engine placements your probably so proud of are probably going to be lost in the process.
  3. 3. Sad but true. See, search engines are getting smarter, not only are they getting smarter but they do what you do. When you change a design, ses change your listings!
  4. 4. Typically you change it for a couple of reasons.
  5. 5. 1) You dont like the design anymore
  6. 6. 2) Youve learned knew tips on how to optimize your site better for search engine placements.
  7. 7. 3) Your revising your services
  8. 8. Whatever it may be, youre changing something. Now it wont happen right away but eventually, if your sitealready has a good search engine ranking, then search engines will find out what youve done and follow a process.
  9. 9. But "ses" arent human? Thats correct but they were built by humans. Most se programmers realize thateventually something changes and since they want theirsearch engine to be the best, they try to recognize your changes right away but theres only one problem.
  10. 10. What do they do with the listings you have right now?Well, lets say for instance you are attempting to change everything for the better.
  11. 11. Now lets also say that you HAD a page title called "good rank".
  12. 12. Search engines previously knew and still think that your page is all about "good rank". Moving along, your newpage information is about "Getting a better rank". Your oldplacements are now wrong in the eyes of search engines.They now realize that something has changed. So what are they going to do?
  13. 13. Dump your old listings and start over! Ouch is right. Sowhy would you ever want to change your site if thats the case?
  14. 14. Well heres some food for thought: Yes, you may looseyour existing rankings but your roots are growing. Yournew pages are growing bigger and better than before, it just takes a small transitional period to take effect.
  15. 15. For instance, within Google, Smartads had over 580 pages found when looking at all the links listed in Google. Since we changed the entire site, there was a 2 day period where none of our links were listed anymore. Normally,this would have scared me right away if I didnt know that my site had changed.
  16. 16. Not 4 days later, not only where my pages back but the old rotten pages that werent being used anymore got dumped and the many new pages got listed. Around 680pages now. That was a jump of around 100 pages that got added. < Cause and effect. >
  17. 17. Heres another example for you. Most of us know about link popularity within Google. Youve put all your effortinto promoting your main page. All of the links that youve had placed on other sites have a link title of: "Great Ranking Services". Once google saw your link, it started looking to see whether your information on your site is relevant to "Great Ranking Services" and awarded you appropriately.
  18. 18. Moving along a little, youve not only changed your sitebut youve also changed your link title to better fit thenew content. The new link you now add on other sites reads something like this: "Boost Your Search Engine Rankings".
  19. 19. Before you changed your site, you got a GREAT rank for"Great Ranking Services" when people did a search online.
  20. 20. Heres the catch. Now that your promoting a new site, anew page, new content within your page, the old content relavance goes straight down the drain. Search engineshave recognized that everything has changed and are notpaying any attention to your old links anymore. Yes, they still help your link popularity, but they dont help your content relevance.
  21. 21. See, search engines are consistently trying to improvetheir content relevance. Thats what people want. If they search "gidgets & widgets", they expect to get the best results for "gidgets & widgets".
  22. 22. In Conclusion:
  23. 23. If you plan on changing your site, be prepared to suffer for a small amount of time. Prepare yourself for the worst because the best is yet to arise and prevail.
  24. 24. I understand that we all want better search enginerankings and just be ready to do what ever it takes, even if it means loosing your old se placements for some newer, fresher ones.
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