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Communication - PPT

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Communication - PPT

  1. 1. COMMUNICATION Presented by, Mukul Gupta Masters of Business Administration (HR & Marketing) Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. 2. What is there in it Introduction – Communication Communication Process Communication Barriers Overcoming Barriers Audience Analysis
  3. 3. Introduction Communication  The word communication is derived from a Latin word ‘Communis’ which means to share or to participate.  Two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which parties involved exchange information, news, ideas and feelings.
  4. 4. Communication Process
  5. 5. Communication Process
  6. 6. Communication Process Sender Receiver Message Communication Channel Idea Encoding Message Decoding Message Feedback
  7. 7. Communication Barrier
  8. 8. Communication Barrier  Barrier – Reason behind an un-effective communication.  Types of Communication Barrier. o Semantic Barrier o Physical Barrier o Organizational Barrier o Emotional Barrier o Personal Barrier o Technological Barrier o Cultural Barrier
  9. 9. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Semantic / Language Barrier o Language problems o Poor vocabulary o Poor knowledge of grammar o Poor pronunciation o Poor handwriting
  10. 10. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Physical Barrier 1. Noise 2. Poor Timing 3. Distance 4. Inadequate or overload of information
  11. 11. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Organizational Barrier o Organizational Rules and Regulations o Hierarchical Relationship o Lack of Staff Meetings o Poor Choice of Channel
  12. 12. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Emotional Barrier o Selective Perceptions o Poor Listening o Egotism o Emotions
  13. 13. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Personal Barrier  In Superiors o Lack of Time o Lack of Confidence o Lack of Proper Communication Channel  In Subordinates o Unwillingness to Communicate o Fear from Superior
  14. 14. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Technological Barrier o Use of un-updated technology o Lack of technological knowledge. o Technical noise. o Barriers at decoding stage.
  15. 15. Communication Barrier, Cont....  Cultural Barrier o Adopting to the behaviour of a group o Religious beliefs o Body language
  16. 16. How to overcome communication Barrier  Evaluate Feedback  Improve listening skills  Improve writing skills  Avoid credibility gap  Clarify ideas before communication  Put consideration  Be aware of language, tone & content
  17. 17. Audience Analysis
  18. 18. Audience Analysis Audience is basically a big group of receivers. Audience analysis is a task includes assessing the audience to make sure the information provided to them is at the appropriate level. Defining an audience requires the consideration of many factors, such as age, culture and knowledge of the subject. After considering all the known factors, a profile of the intended audience can be
  19. 19. Audience Analysis Confidence Building in Public Speaking. Pick 4 Faces.
  20. 20. Thank You