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Solar Light Catalogue-2022.8.24.pdf

  1. PORTABLE SOLAR LAMP Multiple Usage. ( Mobile Lighting Indoor & Outdoor , Power Bank) 13/14
  2. ·Press the switch 1 time (white light) ·Press the switch 2 times (yellow light) · Press the switch 3 times (mixed light) · Press the switch 4 times (enter SOS mode) 2.Function description 3-3.Product parameters ON/OFF: LYD-SEM50X2 8W 3.7V 5000MAH*2 LYD-SEM50X3 12W 3.7V 5000MAH*3 LYD-SEM50X4 15W 3.7V 5000MAH*4 350x290x15mm 350x350x15mm 350x235x15mm 10-12H (CW)-(3500-6500K) 5-6H 600LumenX2 600LumenX3 600LumenX4 130x130x55mm 12sets/CTN 10sets/CTN 10sets/CTN 3-2.Product parameters 130x130x55mm 130x130x55mm Three color warm light mode 3500K 4500K 6500K Portable handle Magnetic attraction power ratio ON/OFF USB 5V2A Type-C LYD-SEM50 6W 3.7V 5000MAH LYD-SEM100 8W 3.7V 10000MAH LYD-SEM125 12W 3.7V 12500MAH 350x235x15mm 350x290x15mm 270x180x15mm 10-12H (CW)-(3500-6500K) 5-6H 600Lumen 1200Lumen 1800Lumen 130x130x55mm 18sets/CTN 12sets/CTN 10sets/CTN 175x175x67mm 205x205x73mm 3-1.Product parameters LYD-EM50 3.7V 5000MAH LYD-EM100 3.7V 10000MAH LYD-EM125 3.7V 12500MAH 10-12H (CW)-(3500-6500K) 5-6H 600Lumen 1200Lumen 1800Lumen 130x130x55mm 12sets/CTN 10sets/CTN 8sets/CTN 175x175x67mm 205x205x73mm (Warm light) (Natural light) (White light) 15/16
  3. Portable design Portable design Hook design Hook design Magnet adsorption Hallway Lighting Comping Light Flasing Alarm Power Bank 17/18
  4. 19/20 Mobile Phone Charge Built-in high-capacity battery Emergency power bank function One-button switch, remote operation, convenient and convenient Wiring-free,mobile lighting SOS mode (Remote Controller is Optional) AUTO MULTIPLE LIGHTING MODES Two charging modes Solar charge City charge Turn off Turn on Full bright Increase brightness Half bright Reduce brightness Switch the color temp 3-hours lighting 5-hours lighting 8-hours lighting
  5. 21/22
  6. Application scenario Сompact design & light weight. Two way for charging,electricity & solar power. Multi function:lightng,power bank for mobile phone charging,warning light. Hang anywhere as you need. Rechargeable lithium battery, easy to replace. Cable free,electricity free. Indoor lighting with warm light Magnet adsorption installation 23/24
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