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The day i felt my life ruined

  1. 1. The Day I Felt My Life Ruined It wasn't a day that i felt better. I remember i was sick. A severe fever and little bit cough had caught not only me, but sixty of two hundred students staying in our hostel. And every time i turn my thought over that day, i feel sick again. Date : 13 - 04 - 2013 I brought my mind to reality as usual by the usual harsh 'ting-tong' sounds produced on hitting the steel rods by thick sticks. No longer it had to struck just the rods, it hit on my legs. 'Oh shit; i jumped out of my bed and all others were, then, waking up. I stared on my watch and it said 'five'. 'Shit, why this now?', the second 'shit' for the day. Any way, i stood up straight for my doze to get rid off. I went down stairs counting 'and that's the last, fifty'. I saw many zombies behind me following me to the washing bases. I laughed inside when i saw zombie conference infront of the bathroooms. Some how, after my bath i went upstairs and prayed unusually and then - back to dream world. Morning 9.30 'Hey Anes, wake up', sun rays invaded through my eyes to brains as i opened them. I felt tears falling aside from my right eye. 'What, what happened ? Are you sick ?.'Some one holding an aluminium bucket filled with hot water asked, i recognised. I saw four, lying in my room next to me having rice water. 'What happened to them ?' i asked without responding to his question. Some other students were pouring more rice water for them, an atmosphere that felt like a clinic. 'They are suffering from fever, do you?' and he touched my neck to test if i am too a patient. 'yeah man, you do too suffer it. Come on sit and have this rice water'. I slowly sat up, washed away my tears like droplets. I just kept my hands on my neck as if it is my turn to check it. 'No, i don't feel hot!'. But i felt the heat inside. Whatever it is, let me have the rice water. 'hey man, everybody is going home, i mean the ill ones' another student announced. 'hah.. then i'll be going home right now' i said and got up to go to my teacher and ask permission. ' Hey. Where are you going dude ? have this first'.' I better ask first' I said and went down stairs to my class teacher. 'Hmmm ?' he buzzed he saw me. 'Sir, i'm suffer a severe fever, and.....' 'and what ? How many from your class do have it?' he inturrepted me. ' five...... can we home now?' i added. ' Ask every body to go home and return when fine' he announced. 'OK, good morning sir', i went upstairs and told every patients of my class what our teacher said. 'Anes, are you coming with me? i'm setting out now' Mubashir, my class mate from Kasargode asked me, he is sick too.'Why now? the train is at 1.30 ..hah?'. 'no man, we can have something from there, let's go', he said and started to dress up. 'what ever' i too started setting out. It haven't to home since three months, it's because my parents are abroad. My nanny and her two daughters with their family with a dozen of children. I have no want to go there every monthly leave. I can't imagine my granny still alive. Know what? , she crossed 80. There's no time for dreams, i have to go to kuttiadi bus stand, and then get a bus to Badgara Railway Station, from there, a train to payyanur - oh no time's waisting dreaming ' call me boo'. Kuttiadi to Badgara Railway Station 'Huh, where the hell is he?' i was searching Mubashir for half an hour, he told me that he'll be here at the bus stand. I got on a bus to Badgara. I felt some unconscious, but i took my earphones and squished in to my ears. 'hah.. now it'll be better'. i turned on the music player. i wanna go back i wanna go back to my home
  2. 2. Chris came singing in my ears as the bus set out to Badgara. I reached the Badgara Railway station and walked to the platform after i took my ticket on Ernad Express. The caterpillar's at 1.30pm. The crows seemed so crazy. They are gathering around something, oh it's a carcass of a dog. I turned my eyes over the posters posted on the side walls aside the road. I walked on the pavement, it's rare in Kerala - pavements. A poster advertising a man walking towards the watcher as if to kill him. He holds a sword that is never on the Earth. 'Hmmm... mad cinemas, doesn't why they make this'. I reached the platform. ' Hey. There a you' Mubashir said as he saw me walking towards him. It was me first to see him. He was helding his head low when i saw him. He seems so tired. 'What happened?' I asked, sitting next to him. The time was 1.00 pm. 'Where were you ? i waited you for 1 hour' he asked me ignoring my quest. 'screw you man, i searched the whole bus stand for you, where were you ?' i asked. A question battle. 'I didn't wait much, i came here. I's feeling so tired, here now i am.......' he bend his head more as it touched his knees. I considered the surroundings. I saw a lady running behind her kid who kept running along the platform opposite to ours. Another lady who just approached the coffee shop been noticed by an eagle eyed man. He seemed to around 50. Why these old people still have these passions ?. He probably might haven't had viagra. I noticed the lady been troubled by his coomplete check up. It makes somebody think that he's a bomb squad, expecting anyone carrying bombs or something like that. Time passed very fast, until i slowly moved my eyeballs to the platform clock, it's 1.20, my usual lunch time. I watched the tv for a while. Every where girls, why these medias are so fond of girls ?. And these girls are so sexy, i thought they might be poor enough to buy dresses, it's too little - Skirts. Some jumping and leading men to look their underwear. 'Train no. ...... Ernad Express is late running for 20 minutes. Passengers, we really excuse you for your trouble.....' the announcement woke me from the imaginations. 'What ! it's late running for 20 minutes ?' I asked Mubashir as if to wake up him. 'This is Kerala, Anes, you know ?'. I remember no train reached in time in my Indian life. I thought of Dubai Metro which has trains intervelling 5 minutes and reaching in time. I wondered if Kerala was metrolised. Any how, the Caterpillar came waking all the dozers in both the platforms. In Ernad Express We didn't get any seats, we were too tired too. The train moved and ranged a high speed. The high speed wind threatened me so cruely, i felt like i was going unconscious. Suddenly, I moved a passenger infront of me without reminding him, i think he might be frightened much. I rushed to the door steps like a drunk. Many people standing were watching the scenario, but i avoided them. I hardly sat on the steps, i was feeling to vomit. And thus, i opened my mouth wider than usual. Some sort of feeling made me think my stomach is going to be vomited. My eyes were filled with tears. Unfortunately, some one forwarded me a bottle of water, i drank it. I didn't notice who gave that. I realised that i was sitting on the steps of a high speed moving train. I need only just a slip, there goes to hell. I stood from there immediately when i got back the consciousness. Payyanur We reached the Payyanur Railway station any how. And my friend took me to a hospital near. I was checked up, i thought of the old man's checkup on the lady. The doctor prescribed me tablets for rupees 260. 'What....is.....this?, i'm not an AIDS patient, haah?' I asked the medical shop keeper. 'Buy it if you want to be OK'. I saw the checkup result, my pressure level was low. We called an auto to my home. My friend stopped at the Payyanur Bus Stand, and the auto continued it's 'Vroooom' leaving some pure carbon monoxide smoke behind. The auto got in to every gutters of the road to my home. I felt relieved when i sat back in the 'extra ordinary sofa seat' of Indian taxi. It stopped the 'vroom' infront of my home, i payed him 30 bucks and left him. The surroundings were too much changed. It's after 3 months, i'm visiting my home after. Whatever it is, i entered home.