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False ceiling materials

Contents various materials that can be used for making false ceiling.
Such as acrylic sheets, pvc tiles, glass and mirror panels, acoustic panels, metal and wooden ceiling planks,cement fiber boards, gypsum boards, pop sheets ,etc.
Also contents different installation techniques of different materials.
Advantages and dis advantages can also be known along with market rates and availability.
Different styles of construction such as batten ceiling, plank ceiling, modular ceiling, designer ceiling,etc.
Comparison between two ceiling materials carrying out all most similar work.

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False ceiling materials

  1. 1. FalseCeiling
  2. 2. Gypsum Board POP Glass Acrylic PVC Wood Acoustical Metals Cement fiber
  3. 3. Gypsum
  4. 4. Sizes of gypsum board Thickness of gypsum board  8mm  10mm (mostly used for false ceilings )  12mm  Upto 20 mm
  5. 5. Advantages
  6. 6. Advantages of gypsum board  Smooth surface  Its surface is smooth and hence any type of inferior finish such as painting ,veneering ,wall plastering etc can be easily carried out .  Time of installation  Offers scope of better planning and greater control over construction schedule.  Final finish  Its unique tapered edges makes it possible to join boards and provide a good finishing to the ceiling
  7. 7. Rate of gypsum sheet
  8. 8. Advantages.
  9. 9. Facts about POP.
  10. 10. Facts about POP. • As tough as POP is when dry, it is still soft to be sanded and carved. • Used majorly to create decorative molding. POP hardens instantly when water is added to it. • It is applied to form fiber board or a wood base, which is then suspended from the ceiling.
  11. 11. Preparation of POP sheets. Size - 600x600x12 mm.
  12. 12. Materials
  13. 13. L-angle. LL-Angle attaching wall and false ceiling L-Angle attaching suspender to True ceiling.
  14. 14. Installation.
  15. 15. Installation.
  16. 16. POP Sheets. POP Patti Rates.
  17. 17. Comparison. POP Gypsum
  18. 18. Comparison. Acrylic PVC
  19. 19. Basic Materials.
  20. 20. WOOD MOLDING
  21. 21. RATES
  22. 22. Sound tube Ceiling (Acoustical) Wooden Batten Ceiling Wooden Linear Ceiling Wooden Coffer Ceiling
  23. 23. Wooden Ceiling framework
  24. 24. Installation Method Installation Of Timber Suspended Ceiling: • Grid system is formed with the help of wooden joists. • Modular grid size 400x600mm • Grid system is supported by hanger wire & wooden screws • Each cell is filled with lightweight “wooden panels" which simply drop into the Description of the material 1 Cement Board Indoor 2 Insulation material coat 3 Batten and lath framework 400/600 mm 4 Maxi Screw 7 Joint Filler –14 fire protection plate GKF, 12.5 mm 21 Direct hanger 27 Dividing strips 28 Filling 29 Expansion joint (15- 20mm gap) Expansion joint Direct fastening under solid ceilings Connection to solid walls Direct fastening under wooden ceilings
  25. 25. Installation Method Installation Of Steel Suspended Ceiling: • Steel structure of suspended ceiling is composed of grids •Grid system is supported by hanger wire •Each cell is filled with lightweight “panels" which simply drops into the grid. Abbreviation: 1.Primary profile 2.Secondary profile 3.Fixing hooks 4.Connector 5.Hanger 6.Hanger wires APPLICATION : I. Primary & Secondary profile : 60x27mm Application : Used as Grid. II.Connector: 27x61.5x100 mm Application: To connect two profiles III.Fixer: 50x58x0.8 mm Application: Fixes secondary profile to primary profile IV.Hangers / Hanger wires (dia 6mm): 90x58x1.5mm Application: Fixes primary profile to
  26. 26. Installation Method Installation Of Aluminum Suspended Ceiling: • Aluminum structure of suspended ceiling is composed of grids •Grid system is supported by hanger wire & cleats •Each cell is filled with lightweight “panels" which simply drops into the grid. ‘L’ Channel Cross Tee Main Runner Hanger Wire Double Clip
  27. 27. THANK YOU…!!!