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What is RTCMultiConnection?

RTCMultiConnection is an open-source WebRTC wrapper Library for all RTCWeb API.

RTCMultiConnection is the only "Dynamic" WebRTC Library on the Web!


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What is RTCMultiConnection?

  1. 1. www.RTCMultiConnection.org RTCMultiConnection is an open-source WebRTC wrapper library for all RTCWeb API! The only “Dynamic” WebRTC Library on the Web! Muaz Khan
  2. 2. www.RTCMultiConnection.org     Audio/Video streaming Screen Sharing Data Sharing ◦ Any length of text message ◦ Any type of object ◦ Multiple objects concurrently! File Sharing ◦ Any length of file (up to 1GB) ◦ Any type of file! ◦ Multiple objects concurrently!
  3. 3. www.RTCMultiConnection.org      One-to-One One-to-Many Many-to-Many One-Way Allows you limit number of participants using “maxParticipantsAllowed”!
  4. 4. www.RTCMultiConnection.org  Advance stat API i.e. “getStats” to get: ◦ Number of users in a session ◦ Number of sessions in a channel ◦ Number of users have local media stream ◦ and much more!
  5. 5. www.RTCMultiConnection.org Renegotiation ◦ Any stream & Any time! ◦ Multi-streams & Multi-directions ◦ By any user & in any situation!  Lists array of devices using “getDevices”  SCTP-datachannels  Built-in Admin/Guest implementation!  Bandwidth & Resolutions Management 
  6. 6. www.RTCMultiConnection.org  Multi-streams attachment ◦ Audio + video + screen + data (to single peer!)  Multi-sessions establishment! (on single page!) ◦ Audio/Video Conferencing ◦ Screen One-Way Broadcasting ◦ One-to-One audio/video chat ◦ Video-only stream one-to-many broadcasting ◦ and many others!
  7. 7. www.RTCMultiConnection.org    Gives you a little bit more control over ICE candidates “caniuse” object allows you to pre-detect 90% of WebRTC features support! ◦ Screen sharing is supported or not! ◦ Screen sharing flag is enabled or not ◦ and many others! File queuing support; newly connected peers will auto get pre-shared files!
  8. 8. www.RTCMultiConnection.org   Capable to work with 90% of 3rd party signaling gateways! Provides unique feature i.e. “sendCustomMessage” which makes it the ONLY Dynamic WebRTC library on the Web! ◦ You can shift session-initiation control anytime, to any user! ◦ You can broadcast stream from 5 users; and all others can just view (using single session!)
  9. 9. www.RTCMultiConnection.org   Call dropping feature; same like skype! Built-in mute/unmute and stop features! Many built-in demos for presence-detection; and setup/join rooms accordingly  Multi-rooms setup per channel (on the same page!)  Unlimited channels setup (on the same page!)  Direct invocation via user-ids! 
  10. 10. www.RTCMultiConnection.org    Built-in audio/video recording (using RecordRTC.js) Both audio/video blobs are returned in the single callback! Upcoming features? ◦ Write recorded blobs to disk using IndexedDB ◦ Merge audio/video in single file using ffmpeg ◦ and many others!
  11. 11. www.RTCMultiConnection.org Voice Activity Detection though “onspeaking” and “onsilence” events  Built-in “on-stream-ended”, “onleave” and “onclose” events for highly efficient presence detection!  Accept/Reject features with realtime statistics reports  Built-in method to take snapshots 
  12. 12. www.RTCMultiConnection.org  You can pass “extra” data over the session ◦ Users info like email, photo, cell-number, etc. ◦ Room screenshots ◦ Password protect the rooms ◦ “extra” data feature allows you pass whatever you imagine!
  13. 13. www.RTCMultiConnection.org getMediaElement.js is a standalone JavaScript library can be used in any WebRTC or non-WebRTC application!  Primarily developed for RTCMultiConnection.js  Provides built-in events like “onMuted”, “onUnMuted”, “onRecordingStarted”, “onRecordingStopped” and many others.  All these features has built-in support in RTCMultiConnection; allows you invoke single method like “mute”, “unmute” or “startRecording” to make your app very attractive! 
  14. 14. www.RTCMultiConnection.org     www.RTCMultiConnection.org (homepage) www.RTCMultiConnection.org/docs/ (Docs) www.RTCMultiConnection.org/FAQ/ (FAQ) www.RTCMultiConnection.org/changes-log/ (Changes Log) Credit: Muaz Khan www.MuazKhan.com muazkh@gmail.com