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  1. 1. PLN Multimedia Reflection @MsPottersClass
  2. 2. My PLN: The Beginning vs Now September 23, 2013: 1 tweet, following 20, 0 followers December 1, 2013: 40 tweets, following 54, 15 followers
  3. 3. #edu210 Peeps Through our hashtag and following one another, I could interact with #edu210
  4. 4. Engaging in Chats I participated in #blackedu, started by @TheJLV to address issues of racial inequality in education.
  5. 5. #blackedu Continued
  6. 6. #ff: @diveristyinya Run by Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon, Asian-American young adult authors Highlights young adult books that are diverse and inclusive when it comes to race, gender, sexuality, ability, and more Posts articles about inequality and discrimination in literature, the classroom, and the world Exposes me to literature I may not have found otherwise, and challenges my privildge Supports my teaching philosophy to include as much diverse literature in the classroom as possible so that all students can see themselves reflected in the curriculum
  7. 7. ff: @gogreen18 Laci Green is a sex positive blogger, vlogger, and educator. Tweets about sex education in teen friendly language, provides links to her excellent vlogs, frequently engages in Twitter Q&A sessions for any questions her followers have Exposes me to resources I can use in my Health classroom Supports my teaching philosophy of
  8. 8. ff: @TheJLV Jose Vilson is a math teacher and activist who is passionate about Black Education and equality. Tweets about engaging Black youth in the classroom, racism in education and how to combat it, and supporting a diverse classroom and curriculum Exposes me to ideas and problems I might be blind to due to my privilege, including the illuminating #blackedu Supports my teaching practice of supporting minority students by creating a diverse curriculum
  9. 9. And beyond... The future of my PLN is to be less of a lurker, participate in more #chats, and use Twitter in my classroom
  10. 10. And beyond... The future of my PLN is to be less of a lurker, participate in more #chats, and use Twitter in my classroom