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A Way To Brainstorm Better

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Creativity is a discipline that can be enhanced with the proper process.

Here we offer a simple three stage process you can apply with employees.

Mark Swartz, MBA, M.Ed
Monster.ca Workplace Specialist

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A Way To Brainstorm Better

  1. 1. Employer&RecruiterTipRandall Craig,Contributor
  3. 3. 1. THE CREATIVITY CONUNDRUMCreativity can help you solve some of the most difficult problems,which is why it is an important criteria in new job postings. Yet why aresome people so creative, and others arent?Creativity in business is something that you can develop throughpractice with your team, using a more enlightened brainstormingapproach.In many organizations, brainstorming takes place in a meeting roomwhere those who have the biggest voice "storm" those with littlervoices. Sometimes there are ground rules (dont interrupt, never sayno, etc), but still, if you didnt wake up on the right side of the bed thatmorning, it is unlikely that you will be contributing much.
  5. 5. 2. A DIFFERENT WAY TO BRAINSTORM1) Have each person do a "brainstorm" by themselves beforehand, andsend draft notes to the facilitator. The facilitator would combine all ofthe ideas into one working document, and send to everyone beforethe meeting for review.2) Use the group meeting to develop the ideas further - and possiblycome up with additional ones. Use ground rules to make sure that noidea gets shot down.3) Change the paradigm to produce truly creative ideas. For example,have the group answer the question: "How would Company X solvethis problem?" Repeat this with very different companies (eg Apple,General Motors, FedEx, Nokia).
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