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SAP SD General Terms

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SAP SD General Terms

  1. 1. SAP Sales & Distribution General TermsMonojit Banerjeemonojit.net@gmail.com
  3. 3. Sales Area Example: Titan (Company Code) Sales Organization India (East) Distribution Channel Own Outlet Division Fast Track Sales Office Kolkata Sales Group Corporate Retail Sales Person XYZ 3
  4. 4. Client An independent environment in the systemCompany Code Smallest org unit for which you can maintain a legal set of booksCredit Control Area An organizational entity which grants and monitors a credit limit for customers. It can include one or more company codesSales Organization An organizational unit responsible for the sale of certain products or services. The responsibility of a sales organization may include legal liability for products and customer claimsDistribution Channel The way in which products or services reach the customer Typical examples of distribution channels are wholesale, retail, or direct sales 4
  5. 5. Division A way of grouping materials, products, or servicesSales Area Combination of Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division Determines conditions (i.e. pricing) for sales activitiesPlant (here: Delivering Plant) Plant from which the goods should be delivered to the customerOther SD organization units: Shipping Point Loading Point Sales Office Sales Group Sales Person 5
  6. 6. Plant Freight Dock Express Dock Rail Dock Shipping PointLP1 LP2 LP3 LP4 Loading Point 6
  7. 7. Plant: any place where we run an MRP (i.e.anywhere there is inflow or outflow of materials) Manufacturing unit Warehouse Sales Office Dockyard Stockyard 7
  8. 8. Shipping Point: gateway through whichdelivery is made (i.e. location for all deliveryrelated activities of a product)A delivery can be processed from only oneshipping point 8
  9. 9. Loading Point: Ramp / platform from whichmaterial gets loadedDifferent loading points may be required for: Different products Different modes of transport Different security requirements Specialized handling 9
  10. 10. 10