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Demand Generation: Best Practice Methods

What makes one landing page better than another? Learn to apply a critical eye to landing page design with this Best Practice Methods presentation.

From page formatting, to copy writing, CTA and imagery design, I share some of Unbounce Co-Founder Oli Gardners' top tips for creating engaging, high-converting landing pages.

I also demonstrate how Aamplify (www.aamplify.partners) are applying these methods with examples from three recent client campaigns.

Take a look and start applying some of these to your next digital marketing campaign.

Thanks to PlanPro, Certus Solutions and Frog Recruitment for allowing us to reference their content in this presentation.

PlanPro: http://planpro.co/
Certus Solutions: http://certussolutions.com/
Frog Recruitment: https://www.frogrecruitment.co.nz/

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Demand Generation: Best Practice Methods

  1. 1. Demand GENERATION Best Practice Methods
  2. 2. www.aamplify.partners 3 Today’s Story - Introduction - Why we’ve compiled this information - Landing Page Design Best Practice - Lessons from Oli Gardner - Examples - Social Media Imagery Best Practice - Learnings from the Demand Gen team - Examples - Summary and Plan Going Forward - Sharing - Collaboration
  3. 3. www.aamplify.partners 4 Lunch & Learn – Landing Page Sessions https://unbounce.com/lp-sessions/
  4. 4. www.aamplify.partners 5 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Design (Desktop & Mobile) • 5 essential elements of a landing page: • 1) Value proposition • 2) Hero shot, • 3) Call to action (form), • 4) Benefits • 5) Social proof.
  5. 5. www.aamplify.partners 6 1. 3. 2. 4. 5.
  6. 6. www.aamplify.partners 7 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Design (Desktop & Mobile) • Make all numbers in mobile landing pages click-to-call • Every mobile segment/frame needs to say something useful and the user needs to understand what’s required of them within that frame. • You can hide content blocks in mobile version without affecting desktop version - not everything that looks good on desktop looks good on mobile.
  7. 7. www.aamplify.partners 8 Mobile scrolling
  8. 8. www.aamplify.partners 9 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Design (Desktop & Mobile) • Use subdomains to make the URL of a landing page read like a call to action. E.G. join.unbounce.com • Make sure there are no links out of the landing page - no footer links etc. INCLUDING social share buttons! • But adding to the form confirmation box could be a good way to encourage sharing, after you’ve got the person to do the task you want them to do.
  9. 9. www.aamplify.partners 10 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Imagery • The hero shot on an eBook landing page should be the eBook • Any other images should not be used without an annotation or caption. • Help the reader understand what they’re looking at and how it relates to your value proposition - otherwise it adds no value. Could add a caption
  10. 10. www.aamplify.partners 11 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Imagery • Design match: matching the visual component of an ad to the landing page - making sure the imagery is carried through from the ad to the page.
  11. 11. www.aamplify.partners 12 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Video • Video testimonials win by 22% over text quotes (Unbounce tested) • Designing an effective video - 5 things you can do to increase engagement rate: 1. 540 x 380px is the ideal size when embedding in a landing page 2. Keep video above the fold 3. Caption full of intrigue in close proximity to the video to encourage people to play the video 4. Play button needs to be in a high contrasting colour so it stands out and the user can see it’s a video and they’re supposed to play it 5. Design the preview card so that it has a captivating image • Videos need captions telling people why they should watch/why they should care.
  12. 12. www.aamplify.partners 13 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page CTAs & Forms • Attention Ratio: The more links you have in an email or on a landing page, the less likely people will click on the link you want them to click. • Watch the use of inline form fields – content disappears when you start entering in your details. Check out this awesome work around. • Make CTAs really clear as to what the person is going to do/what’s going to happen next - be specific and highlight the benefit e.g. “get my fast and free roof quote” vs. “get a quote”. • If you’re going to get in touch after form submission, specify how long this will take • 3 things you can do after a form is filled in: 1. Show an alert message 2. Go to a URL 3. Modal “lightbox” confirmation dialogue (Oli’s preferred method)
  13. 13. www.aamplify.partners 14 Show an alert message Form reload
  14. 14. www.aamplify.partners 15 Go to a URL Page reload
  15. 15. www.aamplify.partners 16 Modal lightbox confirmation box
  16. 16. www.aamplify.partners 17 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page CTAs & Forms • Lightbox should have a clear anatomy: 1. Confirm success of form being completed 2. Provide instructions or a link for accessing asset 3. Provide a next step CTA that’s closely related to the asset they’ve just downloaded and adding extra value • Make sure all forms are encapsulated and CTA stands out amongst the rest of the copy on the landing page (colour and contrast are good ways to achieve this). Match headline and CTA colour so people look at these two things first. 1. 2. 3.
  17. 17. www.aamplify.partners 18 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Copy • Forms need to introduce themselves – keep this in mind when writing form headings • Email subject line has one job > open the email. The email has one job > get you to click the CTA to landing page. You can put all your details on the landing page but keep the email content short and focused! • Message match: how closely related your landing page is to the ad you clicked to get there. Headline match across ads and landing pages reduces the bounce rate.
  18. 18. www.aamplify.partners 19 Message Match Example
  19. 19. www.aamplify.partners 20 Lessons from Oli Gardner: Landing Page Copy • If you’re hyperlinking text to a landing page, make sure the text is a CTA in isolation - e.g. “Get the…” or “Download the…’, don’t just hyperlink the title of the asset • Information hierarchy (the order in which you tell your story) needs to link in with attention driven design to ensure people read information in the order they’re supposed to. • The optimal width of a paragraph is between 65 and 70 characters – about 15 words. Keep paragraphs narrow so people can have an easy reading experience.
  20. 20. www.aamplify.partners 21
  21. 21. www.aamplify.partners 22 Landing Pages: Other things to keep in mind • Buyer Personas • Who are you targeting? • Where are they in the sales funnel? • What do you want them to do? I.e. what is the goal of the landing page? Awareness Stage Interactive Content Types: The buyer acknowledges and communicates signs of a problem or opportunity. They are in “research mode” and are looking for vendor neutral information. • Polls/Surveys • Self-Assessments • Knowledge Tests • FAQ interactive questions • Interactive Infographics Evaluation Stage Interactive Content Types: The buyer has specifically outlined and named their problem or opportunity. They are working to understand all of the available approaches and methods to solving their problem or opportunity. • Persona Assessments • Interactive Case Studies • Videos • Mini interactive demos • Interactive / journey eBook Decision Stage Interactive Content Types: The buyer has defined their strategy or approach. They are researching solution and product to make their final decision. • ROI Calculators • Galleries • Product Pickers • Surveys
  22. 22. www.aamplify.partners 23 Landing Pages: Other things to keep in mind • Pages need to be fast. Every second it takes to load is a 7% drop off. Ideal load time 3 seconds or less. • Base the amount of information you request with the value you provide. https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hub/53/file-2217032450-jpg/00-Blog-Related_Images/Should-I-Gate-Content-Flowchart-HubSpot.jpg?t=1505854298146
  23. 23. www.aamplify.partners 24 How can some of Oli Gardeners landing page tips apply to social media image design? • Design match: matching the visual component of an ad to the landing page - making sure the imagery is carried through from the ad to the page. • This means you need to carefully pick the hero image of the landing page (which should be the asset), as this will need to be the focus of social imagery as well. • An image should not exist without a caption, otherwise it provides no value. • BUT there are exceptions – depends on the social platform. Social Media Image Design
  24. 24. www.aamplify.partners 25 • Shared image size: 1200 x 900 • Shared link preview size: 1200 x 628 • Image text cannot exceed more than 20% (use this tool to test your images). This makes it tricky to add captions to imagery. • Good way to get around this is making use of the ad headlines to incorporate CTA/value proposition Social Media Image Design - Facebook
  25. 25. www.aamplify.partners 26 • Sponsored image size: 1200 x 627 • Company updates image size: 1200 x 627* • Shared link preview size: 180 x 110** • Don’t tend to use this – large image more engaging than small image surrounded by a whole bunch of text. • No restriction on text in imagery • Imagery of people tend to perform better but generic stock doesn’t work • Recently we’ve found adding a CTA in the image to be quite successful, especially when it’s in a contrasting colour. Social Media Image Design - LinkedIn *https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/70781/image-specifications-for-your-company-pages-and-career-pages?lang=en **https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ultimate-guide-social-media-image-dimensions-infographic
  26. 26. www.aamplify.partners 27 • Lead generation card image size: 800 x 200* • Timeline image size: 506 x 253* • 2:1 ratio, minimum size is 440 x 220** • Can tweet up to 4 images at one time • No restriction on text in imagery • Good opportunity to use text as a way to capture attention/add in CTA/add in value proposition Social Media Image Design - Twitter *https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ultimate-guide-social-media-image-dimensions-infographic **https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-image-sizes-guide/#twitter
  27. 27. www.aamplify.partners 28 Thanks! Have any questions? Give us a bell Email Us : mlees@aamplify.co.nz Visit us : Imperial Building, Level 4, 44 Queen Street Call : +64 21 139 3368