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LEAD - Earn a monthly "salary" without working

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LEAD (Lead Ahead) is a marketing initiative by SSC to encourage personal and professional associates to provide business leads. In return and as a token of gratification, we will reward the individuals with a 10% payment from our monthly earning from each lead that turns into business.

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LEAD - Earn a monthly "salary" without working

  1. 1. LEAD – LEAD AHEAD EARN A MONTHLY “SALARY” WITHOUT WORKING A full service Internet Marketing company www.seoservicecorp.com
  2. 2. About LEAD  Lead Ahead is a marketing initiative by SEO Service Corp (SSC) .  Every individual, who provides SSC with a lead that converts into business, will be rewarded with a minimum 10% of the monthly earning from the particular client for the entire duration of engagement with them. Since SSC works on a monthly retainer model with every client, the individual could potentially have an additional monthly income for a prolonged period.  An individual will earn from every lead he provides that brings us business.
  3. 3. Providing lead  All an individual has to do is to provide a lead. Turning the lead into business will be the responsibility of SSC.  An introduction is sufficient.  The individual can be involved in the process of conversion of lead into business and beyond to the extent s/he desires. For this, he has to make himself/herself available for meetings, etc.
  4. 4. Assisting you in approaching a potential lead Since SSC’s services are typical utilized by companies that are benefiting from online presence, we can provide a preliminary SEO audit report^ of their website or other online properties to highlight any issues and to identify opportunities for improving your site’s popularity, ranking on search engines like Google and increasing organic traffic to your website. In addition, SSC will provide* company credentials and other useful information that can be used for initial approach. Also, for a business that is considering creating an online presence, we can even help them evaluate if they should go online. *Click here to view/download company credentials, sample reports, etc. ^CLICK HERE TO REQUEST FREE AUDIT REPORT OF A WEBSITE (worth $799)
  5. 5. Business card – Contact us today! Seoservicecorpwww.seoservicecorp.com Dig out the business cards you have been collecting or get in touch with your friends and business contacts in need of digital marketing services to benefit them as well as yourself. LEAD AHEAD!