dental malocclusion general practitioners orthodontic tooth movements growth infection prevention etiology of malocclusion types of orthopedic forces distraction osteogensis methods of transmitting force types of force system orthodontic mechanics extraction treatment orthodontic cephalometry cephalometry preventive orthodontics treatment of open bite management of open bite functional appliances treatment of deep bite effect of functional appliance types of wires orthodontic materials orthodontic biology glossary medical glossary clinical implication of musc position of mandible flexor muscle of neck extensor muscle of neck submandibular muscles muscles of amstication neuromuscular regulation development of oropharyngeal muscle balance facial balance neuromusclular physiology myofunctional therapy electromyograph response of mu skull form and function muscle development muscle function and malocclus portal muscles jaw muscles facial muscles muscle function and facial dev muscles changes during growth methods of studying muscles orofacial muscles physiology of muscles histology of muscles clinical photograph basal metabolic rate electromygraph intraoral radiographs extraoral photograph radiographic analysis photographic analysis metric analysis of arch form space analysis permanent dentition analysis mixed dentition analysis sassoni analysis study cast analysis functional examination tongue examination intraoral examination facial asymmtery profile examination frontal examination clinical examination medical history chief complain diagnostic aids diagnosis morley’s index smile index characteristic of optimal smi smile component central incisors gingival marg maxillary gingival display or evaluation of posed smile nature of smile: role of neurotransmitter in to role of chemical mediators in factors affect tooth movement classification of force during types of tooth movement standered precaution precaution from infection methods for steralization steralization protection for infection guide lines for infection infection control infection canine impaction classification classification of palatal cani canine transposition management of canine canine abnormalities interceptive orthodontics orthodontic examination examination orthodontic diagnosis abnormal occlusion general practioners orthodontic analysis how to gain space how to gain space general practitioners function cephalometric analysis sites of implant insertion implant in orthodontics skeletal anchorage temporary anchorage tsad clinical application of magnet types of magnetic material biology of magnets magnets in orthodontics magnets and orthodontics magnets pdl regeneration dental tissue engineering cell bioengeneer stem cells factors affect relapse relapse factors affect stability stability methods of retention tissue reaction during retntio types of retention factora affect retention retention inorthodontics retention and stability rme and head posture rme and airway effect of treatment on airway airway and orthodontics orthodontic treatment mechanics of orhopedic orthopedic treatment lower incisor extraction stability after incisors extra incisors extrcation lower incisors types of indices requirement of indices index indices classification of facial growt incisor plane angle mandibular plane angle tweed philosophy prediction of growth amount growth forcasting significant of prediction types of growth prediction growth prediction types of fenestration mucosal fenestration rme and fenestration fenestration types of serial extraction serial extraction factors affect decision extrac extrcation in orthodontics etiologic equations etiologic factors etiology treatment strategies in opn bi mechanics of open bite etiology of opn bite rapid tooth movements orthodontic corticotomy corticotomy skeletal malrelationship skeletal malocclusion sassoni facial types skeletal types facial types six keys to normal occlusion classification of malocclusion tpes of malocclusion classification bone disease cells of bone bone cells orthopedic appliances bio mechanics and orthopedics orthopedic mechanics biomechanics classification of anchorage factors affecting anchorage anchorage techniques types of anchorage orthodontic anchorage anchorage and orthodontics anchorage tongue thrust thum sucking abnormal pressure habits abnormal habits habits pressure habits periodontal distraction alveolar distraction mandibular distraction orthodontic distraction effect of distarction distraction procedures distraction incidence of white spots treatment of white spots spot lesion white spot lesion arch malrelationship arch relationship dental malposition malposition malocclusion tmd dysfunction tmd and malocclusion tmd and occlusion tmd and ortho hazards of orthodontics risks of orthodontic appliance orthodontic risks risks of treatment soft tissue changes by treatme factors considered in profile effect of treament in profile profile and orhodontic treatme profile changes methods of transmitting orthod orthodontic force suppressor tooth movements promote tooth movements medication and orthodontics medication and movements friction and sliding mechanics mechanics of space closure extraction space slosure space closure orthodontic bends duration of force mechanics in orthodontics mandibular rotations growth rotation rotation growth indicators growth of cranial base growth of mandible growth of maxilla types of grwoth studying bone growth development todd: growth: increase in s fluoride release materials fluoride release in orthodont fluoride and orthodontic fluoride wayspace inter-occlusal clearance freeway space factors affect treatment non extraction treatment incisors liability changes in lower arch changes in maxillary arch clinical growth clinical application of growth application of growth cepalometric super imposition superimposition cephalometric mesurements x-ray analysis cephalometric analysis cephalometric x-ray theories of tooth movements biology of tooth movements orthoddontic bio-mechanics bio-mechanical consideration limiting factors to treatments benefits of orthodontic treatm orthodontic treatments benefits of treatments accelerated tooth movements dental tooth movements tooth movements accelerated movements diagnosis and treatment planni types of treatment plane of treament treatment planning component of removable applian advantages of removable applia types of removable appliances orhodontic appliances removable appliance fixed maintainer functional maintainer space maintainer preventive appliances preventive procedures preventive measures dental preventive preventive occlusal changes arch changes dentition changes changes in dentition age changes dental changes oral changes oral change by age strategies of finishing finishing optimal finishing complication of sleep apnea treatment of sleep apnea management of sleep apnea apnea sleep apnea obstructive sleep apnea dental problems space problems eruption peroblems orthodontic problem open source anterior open bite open bite over biter overbite bite air rotor stripping enamel disking slenderization inter-proximal reduction enamel plasty enamel stripping enamel re-approximation inter-proximal stripping how appliances work types of functional appliances orthdontic appliances types of freum dental freum labial frenum frenal attachment normal occkusion occlusion development factors and occlusion complication of deep bite diagnosis of over bite deep bite over bite function and growth facial growth limitation of functional effect of regulators decision of extraction extraction in border line case skeletal border line cases border line csaes surgical camouflage camouflage of class iii camouflage treatment of ii camouflage treatment class ii non extraction retention of class ii treatment of class ii types of class ii dental class ii class ii skeletal class iii dental class iii diagnosis of class iii factor affect class iii mangement of class iii treatment of class iii class iii cross occlusion asymmetric bite anterior cross bite cross bite titanium wires stainless steel wires orthodontic wires dental wires stainless steel wire orthodontic wirs wires ortho bilogy tooth biology dental biology tooth supporting structure loss of teeth missing teeth anomalies in tooth number dental anomalies tooth number anomalies number anomalies tooth anomalies tooth number mandibular asymmetry occlusal asymmetry dental asymmetry facial asymmetry molar occlusion factors affect molar occlusion occlusal adjustments molar adjustments oral corrosion dental corrosion coorosion in orthodontics corrosion materials orthodontic corrosion orthodontic alloys herditary deisease lip cleft palate human clefts facial clefts orthodontic cleft dental cleft cleft palate cleft lip teeth health medical dental medical health dental health
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