Engaging Learning Analytics in MOOCs: the good, the bad, and the ugly

PhD Candidate um TUGraz
9. Jun 2016

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Engaging Learning Analytics in MOOCs: the good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Engaging Learning Analytics in MOOCs: the good, the bad, and the ugly Mohammad Khalil, Behnam Taraghi and Martin Ebner Educational Technology
  2. hello! I am Mohammad Khalil You can find me: @TuMohdKhalil PhD Candidate
  3. Where is our research Department located... our department Educational Technology TUGraz, Austria OER MOOCs Learning AnalyticsPersonalized Learning Big Data Adaptive Learning Educational Data Mining Technology Enhanced Learning Lifelong Learning
  4. 1. MOOCs The new generation of Distance Learning
  5. MOOCs ? Image from:
  6. To Summarize: You can attend courses from prestigious universities for free
  7. 2. Learning Analytics It is a data analytics...but in educational systems like...MOOCs
  8. “Collecting traces that learners leave behind and using those traces to improve learning. -Erik Duval
  9. Learning Analytics Data Collection Mouse Clicks Quizzes Activity & Engagement Forums Assignments Video LEctures Logins
  10. Learning Analytics Analysis & Interpretation Lackner, E., Khalil, M., Ebner, M. “How to foster forum discussions within MOOCs: A case study”, IJARE (in review). Khalil, M., Ebner, M. (2016). “What Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Stakeholders Can Learn from Learning Analytics?”. Learning, Design & Technology. Springer International Publishing.
  11. How does it look like? Source: BME Solutions Ltd iMooX Learning Analytics (iLAP)
  12. Is it only great like this?
  13. The Good X 9 The Bad X 6 The Ugly X 4 Learning Analytics of MOOCs ...
  14. The GOOD ▸Prediction (... students at risk, performance...) ▸Recommendation (... suggest course, article...) ▸Visualization (... dashboards, plots...) ▸Entertainment (... Gamification elements...) 9
  15. The GOOD ▸Benchmarking (... evaluate courses, difficulties...) ▸Personalization (... customize courses, notes...) ▸Enhance Engagement (... interventions for subpopulations...) ▸Communicate Information (... statistical analysis to different stakeholders…) ▸Cost Saving (... allocate resources effectively...) 9
  16. The Bad ▸Security ○ Students Database security configuration is overlooked. ○ Achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability. ▸Privacy ○ MOOC datasets may hold sensitive information. ○ Considered as a threat and constraint. ▸Ownership ○ Who owns the collected data? 6
  17. The Bad ▸Consent ○ Declaration on data collection ○ Processed data usage, sell to third parties or research? ▸Transparency ○ Transparent of research or data usage ▸Storage ○ Storing big data can be costly and complex ○ European Directive 95/46/EC says personal data needs to be stored no longer than necessary. 6
  18. The Ugly ▸False Positives ○ Decisions based on small subset of data. ○ Forums activity as an example! ▸Fallacy Analytics ○ Analytics could fail! ○ Wrong predictions, interventions, visualizations... ▸Bias ○ Bias towards certain hypothesis leads to biased LA ▸Distill meaningful data ○ Pay efforts for ineffective results 4
  19. Conclusion ▸Learning Analytics imply high potential in MOOCs. ▸Code of practice is required to carry out the optimum outcomes.
  20. Thanks! any questions ? @TuMohdKhalil Educational Technology Presentation available on: &