introduction extraction and isolation adverse effects food safety and standards authority of india (fssa identification test extraction anda chart hatch-waxman amendments anda nda global submission of ind liquid oral and parenteral dosage forms and its im polymerization bcs classification of drugs & its s racemisation reduction oxidation polymorphism. b. chemical properties: hydrolysis partition coefficient) ph solubility profile (pka flow properties shape particle size study of physicochemical characteristics of drug s goals and objectives preformulation studies: introduction to preformula sructure elucidation of podophyllotoxin podophyllotoxin) side effects of quercetin health benefits structure elucidation of quercetin general isolation method quercetin isolation and structure elucidation of- flavonoids differences between agmark and fssai landmark cases with fssai fssai structure functions of fssai need of fssai objectives and functios of bis structure of bis/ members of bis bureau of indian standards (b.i.s) advantages of agmark requirement of agmark application proceedings objectives of agmark scheme bis and fssai brief introduction to agmark structure elucidation chemical tests extraction and isolation of digoxin use cautiously in contraindication and precaution administration indication pharmacokinetics mechanism of action isolation and structure elucidation of digoxin digoxin nutraceutical label claim testing calorific value testing of heavy metals laboratory based nutraceutical analysis testing of nutritional value total combined yeast and molds count total aerobic microbial count bioburden test testing of microbial load testing of neutraceuticals and food products regulatory requirements in india new fda labeling requirements definition of health claim/s definition of nutrition claim/s contents in a nutraceutical label regulation of nutraceuticals in india which information is mandatory objective of labeling function of labels introduction (labelling) factors for package design in international market functions of packaging consideration for packaging objective of packaging types of packaging introduction (packaging) regulatory aspects of nutraceutical products in in label claims packaging applications precautions limitations advantages of sfe multiple solutes in sfe objectives for commercialization critical properties of selected substances sfe with recycling (trapping system) components of sfe apparatus supercritical fluid extraction (sfe) historical background properties of scf concept supercritical fluid extraction mechanisms of action of phytonutrients various phytochemicals general functions of phytonutrients phytonutrients functional food and fortification probiotics as functional food fruits as functional foods vegetables as functional food legumes as functional foods cereals as functional food concept of functional foods functional food components examples of some functional food worldwide functional food & phytonutrients future challenges of food fortification criticism (side effect) fortification prevents and treats iron deficiency main methods of food fortification fortification of flour iodine deficiency disorders purpose of food fortification who will benefit from fortified foods enriched food fortified foods mode of action isolation classification synthesis of reserpine structure of reserpine synthesis of yobyrine structure of yobyrine structure of reserpic acid constitution of reserpine dietary supplement and health education act regulation of dietary supplements facts about supplements overview on supplements dietary supplements testing scope for oral liquid form testing scope for liquid form testing scope for solid dosages protection against oxidation protection against hydrolysis accelerated stability studies long term stability studies number of batches (ich/who guidelines) type size stability studies are preformed on drug stability drug stability ich stability testing guidelines protocol contents of protocol good laboratory practices conduct of a non-clinical laboratory stud reporting of non-clinical laboratory study results gmp introduction components of gmp gmp provisions: und documentation and records. health and hygiene standard operating procedures machinery and equipments storage area working space infrastructural requirements components of gmp (schedule – t) and its objective list of few herbal drug industries in india international scope of herbal medicines world wide herbal trade present scope of herbal drug industry herbal drugs industry: hdt unit-4 schedule z of drugs & cosmetics act for asu drugs. asu dcc) regulations in india (asu dtab drug technical advisory board regulatory requirements drugs consultative committee-dcc what india needs to do? neem patent turmeric patent meaning of traditional knowledge patenting aspects of traditional knowledge and nat why is there a need to stop biopiracy ? history of biopiracy process of bioprospecting concept of bioprospecting bioprospecting and biopiracy records and reports disqualification of testing facilities facilities organization and personnel protocol for conduct of a nonclinical laboratory s glp test and control articles
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