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Jarrah Resume

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Jarrah Resume

  1. 1. Mohammad Al – Jarrah +971 566150451 E-Mail: maljarrah90@yahoo.com Address: Dubai Investment Park, Dubai Date of birth: 04.03.1985 Nationality: Jordanian Languages: Arabic, English Profile I'm looking forward to work as a member of team in company which will allow me to show all my qualities. I consider myself a highly motivated person who always looking forward and person who have a great desire to learn and develop in all aspects. Working in a busy environment I something I like and something which always push me to give all my best in every moment. I have extended knowledge of English and France language. I have extended knowledge of computer skills for all Microsoft office program. Education: B.A., Translation 2003 –2008 Al-Bait University Mafraq, Jordan Courses: • TOFFEL preparation course (2008) Al Yarmouk University • Computer course, Topics covered: DOS,MS Office, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and Internet. Comp bases institute. • Communication skills and body language course. Given By USAID Jordan.
  2. 2. Experiences: Park Rotana& Park Arjaan Abu Dhabi UAE Customer Service ( Feb 2012 till present) • Check in: welcoming the guest ,follow up procedures, assign the rooms for arrivals, confirm the method of payment, take a deposit, explain the hotel outlet • Check out: handle the guest balance, asking guest to fill the comment about the service, follow up with guest if need any help regards transfer, flight ticket, a reservation at other hotels • Cashier : handle the guest balance • Handling Guests complains and assure its been solved in a way make them satisfied Students Supervisor At International School Of Chouiefat and in charge of activates: A Supervisor is responsible of: • Enter all students’ lateness and absences before the end of the first period • Ensure that the operator calls parents of absent / late students before the end of the first period. All parents’ replies must be recorded in the students file. • Make sure everyone is in class, and that classes run smoothly. • Intercept all students who arrive late and check their excuses and record them • Enter students’ offenses into the system on a daily basis • Notice disruptive students, remove them from the class if need be and inform the director immediately • Solve simple problems (such as talking in class, no homework) on the same day. • Set a daily meeting with the director, AQC and SLC to discuss the day’s offences & disciplinary issues. Immediate action plan needs to be taken. • Check the entries of the day in comparison with what is on the discipline sheets • End of the day: make sure all students leave classrooms. Be sure that the students’ line up for buses and check the safety of students during transportation • Bus attendance sheets: Ensure that all students are in the right buses and those students on afternoon detentions or registered for activities do not leave the campus • Teachers / staff Infractions: (Report and record the teacher infractions) Other Important Issues: • Being in the corridors between consecutive periods to support class discipline prefects • Being in the playground the entire time of the breaks • Checking classroom cleanliness at various times of the day Conducting a daily school tour to check and report the following:
  3. 3. 1. Maintenance issues (daily signed check list to be given to the OM) 2. Safety and security issues around the campus Participate in a formal weekly meeting with the Director and senior management. Extra- Curricular Activities Coordinator: In the SABIS® Educational System, a great deal of importance is given to extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to develop talents, interests, hobbies, skills and techniques through participation in physical, academic, scientific and artistic pursuits. Extra-curricular activities round-out students' education; they also complement and facilitate students' academic studies. While providing ways to socialize, relax, have fun and become refreshed, extra- curricular activities keep students physically fit, increase their energy and their stamina, develop their interests and promote mental agility. Students may participate in a wide range of activities including, swimming, tennis, table-tennis, volleyball, football, volleyball, softball, gymnastics, folk dancing, ballet, painting, etc. and they may take lessons in, for example, piano and guitar. As activity coordinator: • Preparing letter to be sent to the students parents for registration. • Set groups as age range. • Make sure that all activates running smoothly and the instructors all present. • Check with other supervisors and assistant the attendance of the students and make sure all the present students joined their sessions. • End of activates make sure that students left the campus either with the parents or with school buses. Other  Have a valid UAE driving license and car.  Authorized from KHDA to work in school. Languages: Arabic, mother language. English, excellent in reading, writing and speaking. French, good in all.

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