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Mohamed Abu Bakr- Planning Manager

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Mohamed Abu Bakr- Planning Manager

  1. 1. Mohamed Abubakr Mohamed MBA 8, El Golf Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Tel: +96651008700(Mobile) /+2010 - 66650777(Mobile)/ (202) 2378-0070 (Home) E-mail: W_abubakr@hotmail.com OBJECTIVE Seeking a position in Controlling and Financial Management within a challenging and stimulating business environment where my experience and interpersonal skills are further enhanced in an efficient and effective manner. EDUCATION Masters Business Administration, Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom, June 2010 Bachelor of Arts, The American University in Cairo, Egypt, June 2003 •Major: Economics •Minor: Psychology •GPA: 3.2 Thanaweya Amma (High School) Victory College School, Maadi, 1998 WORK EXPERIENCE • Financial Planning Manager Astrazeneca ( Saudi Arabia ) Present-September 2014. Reporting: • Efficiency and quality of Planning process • Respect agreed timetable, Product P&L’s to highlight issues • Respect corporate deadlines • submit error-free reporting and suppression of manual adjustments in EBS Affirm reporting, Headcount reporting • Reporting/Tracking costs variances • Provide relevant reporting on a monthly basis • Develop standard reports as needed to ensure that figures are present in a consistent manner Operational Excellence/ resourcing management: • Provide accurate, up-to-date figures for Quarterly Review Meetings • Validate monthly and quarterly financial results, forecast updates, and annual budgets • Responsible for ongoing monitoring and review of variances from expected results. • Follow up with financial liaisons (external and internal) and budget holders in order to understand the reasons for deviations from budget and forecast particularly core expenses. • Responsible for obtaining a solid understanding of the key business drivers, risk factors and Pharmaceutical industry trends and applying this knowledge to aid in financial analyses. • Preparation and timely submission of certain financial reports and related commentary to internal and external client groups • Identify and implement continuous improvement opportunities. • Perform ad-hoc reporting requirements and financial analysis. Collaboration/relationship building: -1-
  2. 2. • Act as Business Partner to add value to the business, support in decision making, and ensure effective and efficient use of resources • Conduct monthly feedback meetings with budget holders within departments to comment on variances • Conduct monthly meetings with budget holders • Share knowledge and best practices within Finance controlling • Financial Controller (Primary BU, Medical, & Sudan) – Sanofi-Aventis S.A.E. Present - Feb. 2008 o Tasks and Responsibilities:  Financial Analysis and Budgeting • Issuing the company’s monthly P&L and pin out any deviations from target and provide analysis. • Formulating and developing Budgets (yearly, quarterly, and monthly) and analyze the results against the budget and estimates set, highlighting any gaps in performance and proposing effective corrective actions to guarantee that targets are being met. • Analyzing trends after feedback from other departments and with coordination with manager to guarantee that targets are managed and achieved efficiently. • Analyzing and forecasting of all cash flows and financial needs for any business decision and measure the financial impact to ensure effective and efficient decisions are being made. • Monitoring the performance and profitability of different company’s SKU's and provide full reports for managers. • Monitoring the liquidity position and recommend corrective actions if needed. • Reviewing the channels profitability and provide feedback on consistency with marketing plan. • Analyzing and justify any +/- variance between actual achievements and budget • Following up on monthly basis with the agents for the debit notes. • Monitoring, reviewing and analyzing all financial data to ensure proper and accurate transactions entry.  Business Planning and Financial Controlling • Control monthly Actual expenses vs. Budget and Trends to ensure that there are no deviations. • Conduct monthly closing procedures including account reconciliation with affiliates. • Present on monthly basis complete financial situation to the top management and business leaders, include risk and return assessment. Furthermore highlight to management team any risks or potential conflicts vs. budget and plans. • Monitor and control actual Product Contribution vs. Budget and Trends. • Assist marketing in developing plans and executing projects and initiatives that support the broader short and long-term marketing strategy. • Communicate Quarterly CAPEX to the zone. • Participate in a cross-functional team to develop new products following the process, including analyzing information to help set the sales forecast and financials. • Control pricing & pack strategies to improve margin mix, trade spending plans and distribution goals plan in terms of financials and also develop actionable KPIs. • Follow up the headcount and ensure proper allocation by cost center. • Analyze sales achievement vs. Budget, Trend & prior year • HFM reporting. • Special task for 6 month handling Pricing ( APV- TPV ) -2-
  3. 3.  Risk Management and Compliance • Ensure all documentation is compliant with local legislation and the company’s internal requirements. • Responsible for protecting the company assets by applying the company’s policies and procedures regarding insurance with due respect to local regulations. • Ensure the integrity and reliability of our internal reporting and that it is compliant with the companies rules and regulation  Sudan Controlling and Follow up: • Sales in & Sales out reporting and monitoring for Sudan. • Manage Wholesalers incentive calculation on monthly basis • Controlling the Debit notes • Stock control and follow up, and highlighting any shortages or slow moving items • Responsible for all other financial issues for Sudan. • Marketing Finance Executive – British American Tobacco. Feb. 2008 - Jan 2007 • Ensured BSE, Trade BSE, Discount & NBS is in line with Budget. • Prepared a lot of reports like FOC cost, CAP SSC, Market Bust and channel profitability. • Managed SAP to ensure that all marketing projects & Activities are controlled • Followed up & ensured that all agencies fees are paid timely. • Assisted the Management Accounting Team with BSE, NBS spend & forecast on QPR & co-plan. • Price structure for the competitor (PMI) to measure the cost. • Senior Credit Analyst - Calyon Bank. Dec. 2006 -Feb. 2005 • Took Credit Decision for both credit cards and loans. • Managed OPS memo in order to book the loan. • Responsible for suspicious transaction (Risk Management). • Previewed documents and data entered to system for loans and credit card. • Checked CBE situation for all clients applying for loans and credit cards. • Controlled internal verifications for clients and external verifications for companies. • Private Account officer - BNP Paribas. Jan. 2005 - July 2003 • Responsible for consumer loan, personal loan and bank insurance. • Handled master card and ATM card of the clients. • Opened accounts for new customers. COMPUTER and LANGUAGE SKILLS • Proficient user of MS Office: Word, Excel and Power point • Extensive Knowledge of SAP. • Fluent in written and spoken Arabic and English. PERSONAL DATA -3-
  4. 4. • Date of Birth : August 02, 1980 • Nationality : Egyptian • Marital Status: Single • Military Status: Exempted • -4-