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Softwares		 Interpersonal Skills
- Adobe Photoshop	 - Negotiation
- Adobe InDesign		 - Coordination
- Microsoft Office		 -...
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Mohamed Abdelaty_Contracts_Administrator_8_16

  1. 1. Softwares Interpersonal Skills - Adobe Photoshop - Negotiation - Adobe InDesign - Coordination - Microsoft Office - Team Leading - Primavera - Communication - Microsoft Project - Planning - AutoCAD - Time Management - Google Sketchup - Analytical Thinking Language - English Very Good (Writing and Speaking) - French Fair knowledge To invest my skills and experience in a relevant position that suits my qualifications by joining a leading engineering consultancy, contracting or project management firm. Mohamed Abdelaty Business Development Engineer & Contracts Administrator Date Of Birth 9 May 1990 Military Service Completed Email m.elgassar@hotmail.com Cell 0122 455 33 81 Basic Education B.Sc. in Architecture Major from Cairo University, June 2012. Cumulative Grade: Good with honor Graduation Project Grade: Excellent Additional Courses Project Management Diploma, American University in Cairo, Courses: - Project Bids and Contracts - Project Budgeting and Financial Control - Introduction to Project Management International Standards - Comparative International Contracts (FIDIC Forms) - Project Feasibility Studies - Project Planning and Control Techniques Contract Administration for Project Managers, American University in Cairo, Courses: - Contract Management Essentials (Ongoing) - Preparation for Claimsmanship (Ongoing) Training Site Engineer - El- Rabwa Architects Summer 2011 Workshop The 3rd international workshop in Landscape Design at Malaga University, Spain. Business Development Engineer & Contracts Administrator at Aston McKinsey Egypt Feb. 2016 to Present As the company is a new start-up in Egypt, I’m mainly responsible for Business Development activities to help the company penetrate the Egyptian market in addition to regular tasks of position. Business Development Team Leader & Contracts Administrator at MZECH Sep. 2014 to Jan. 2016 In Addition to duties and tasks in the following position, I was responsible for the following: - Planning and negotiating agreement - Mentoring team members to develop proposals - Set and manage performance targets - Attend international projects kick-off meetings Business Development Engineer & Contracts Administrator at MZECH Dec. 2013 to Sep. 2014 - Identify, manage and resolve related contractual issues - Directly report to Top Management - Revise, review and monitoring Contracts - Issue due invoices per completed stages of Project - Prepare Technical and Financial Proposals (more than 160 Proposals) - Prepare Time and Fee Schedules - Attend periodic meetings with Top Management - Claims Investigation - Approaching potential clients - Prepare and fill Pre-qualifications and Expressions of In- terest Requests - Familiar with; Government Tenders & Procurement law and its Executive Regulation - New Saudi Mediation Rules & Arbitration Law, Mediation Rules & Arbitration Rules in Egypt - UNCITRAL Rules, FIDIC Red Book fourth edition - MDB (Multilateral Development Bank Harmonised Edition), FIDIC White Book Co-founder at “Modello Architects” Jan. 2013 to May 2015. - Project Coordinator and Procurement Manager. Co-founder at “Momken” January 2010 September 2012 -Branding & online marketing solutions website EDUCATION OBJECTIVE Skills WORKSHOPS & TRAINING JOB EXPERIENCE