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Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer

  1. 1. Mechanical Engineer Personal Profile An ambitious individual who enjoys taking on responsibility and wants to achieve challenging position in a dynamic and well reputed organization which offers good opportunities and challenging working environment, where he could implement his knowledge and skills in a better way, and which in return could help him in building up his career in the field of Engineering. Career History Refrigeration & Maintenance Engineer Quick Food Industries Pvt. Ltd July 2015-Present I am working as an Engineer in Refrigeration & Maintenance Department at Quick Food Industries Pvt. Limited where I am responsible for looking after their ammonia based refrigeration plant, outdoor and indoor HVAC units of all the departments and LPG cylinders. Taking readings, comparing them with the standard ones, troubleshooting of the errors, taking corrective actions and carrying out the regular maintenance of all the units, plant and cylinders is my everyday responsibility. Internee Engineer Pak Elecktron Pvt. Ltd July 2014-Aug 2014 I worked as internee in Deep Freezer Production Department of Pak Elecktron Limited where I was assigned a project to improve the layout of the department in order to minimize handling and to reduce the time required for assembling each unit. Other responsibilities include surveying the whole department, identifying the faults in the techniques of inexperienced workers & recommending them better ways to improve the productivity and making report of every day work. Key competencies and skills Industry specific skills  Able to communicate effectively with the people I work with.  Acquire basic IT skills like drafting on AutoCAD.  Able to work on ANSYS (CFD).  Can carry out maintenance, vibration analysis and other non-destructive techniques (NDT).  Acquire management and problem solving skills. Personal Skills  Able to adapt myself to new surroundings.  Full of ambition.  Competent, confident, capable, dependable, efficient, hardworking, motivated, patient and responsible individual.
  2. 2. Academic qualifications Other Certificates a. Asset Health Management (Certified) It includes Plant maintenance, Vibration Analysis, Oil/Lube analysis, Infrared Thermography, visual inspection, Electric – Magnetic inspection, Ultrasonic inspection & Acoustic emission Testing and Radiographic Testing. b. CFD ANSYS (Certified) References Available on request Personal Moeez Ahmed H#2, St#53, Abdali Road, Sant Nagar, Lahore. moeezahmed01@gmail.com +923244308248. 2011 to 2015 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering University of Lahore CGPA : 3.43 2008 to 2010 Intermediate(FSc) in Pre-Engineering Quaid-e-Azam College Lahore Grade : A 2006 to 2008 Matriculation Jinnah Cadet School Grade : A+