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Simple Steps To An Efficient Meeting

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Simple Steps To An Efficient Meeting

  1. 1. Simple Steps to an Efficient Meeting www.mworker.com
  2. 2. Simple Steps to an Efficient Meeting • After a two-hour-long meeting everyone complain about tiredness, and the team can’t say what they have decided to do next in order to reach goals. Many hours are spent on meetings just to come to a realization that nobody is clear on what they must do next. Meetings are an important part of work of every organization, and there are simple rules to make sure that meeting is efficient, productive and doesn’t cost too much energy. Here are some simple steps to an efficient meeting. www.mworker.com
  3. 3. Create an agenda and stick to the plan • Huge part of what makes a meeting successful depends on the preparation phase. Create a detailed agenda for the meeting. Doing it will show if you need a meeting at all. A good agenda helps to focus on main topics. Distribute this agenda before the meeting, so that the members would be able to prepare. Set a time limit for it, because meeting members also have other tasks, and they plan their time. Invite people you really need – often there are a lot of unnecessary people in the conference room. Last thing for preparation is to choose a location, and a larger room is always more comfortable. www.mworker.com
  4. 4. Have a meeting moderator to stay focused • Start the meeting with an agenda review, and introduce priorities. Keep discussion focused on the topic. It is always fun to talk about plans for the weekend, chat with colleagues about parties, but there is no time for this in work meetings. Summarize agreements accomplished, and end the meeting on a unifying or positive note. Meeting manager, who informs about topics, doesn‘t let getting distracted from main questions, and notices all ideas; that is necessary for a productive meeting. www.mworker.com
  5. 5. Prepare To Do lists and distribute to the relevant persons afterwards • Describe all decisions and plans, and share this information with the relevant person. Evaluate meeting problems, and find out what improvements can be made to have more productive meetings. • Also, put unfinished business on the agenda for the next meeting, and write down the participants‘ suggestions about how to improve the meeting. www.mworker.com
  6. 6. Other useful suggestions: • • In case of limited time – do a standing meeting, then everyone will focused only on the problem discussed. • Give everyone in a meeting up to 2 minutes to express their opinion to avoid talking for talking. • Be positive and do not dominate, this will allow getting input and feedback from team members. • Focus and be clear about the objective to be able to conclude at the end of the meeting and come up with an action plan. www.mworker.com
  7. 7. Simple Steps to an Efficient Meeting • In general, good meetings are possible if they are well planned and all participants are aware prior to the meeting what should be discussed and all participants get responsibility with good follow up after the meeting. Then everyone will understand the meeting value and the time will be used constructively and efficiently.
  8. 8. www.mworker.com