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Moataz Yassin CV -Solar Energy Engineer-

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Moataz Yassin CV -Solar Energy Engineer-

  1. 1. Page 1 Moataz El-Sayed Fathy Yassin  Date of birth: 22nd May 1992.  Military Service: Final Exemption. Contact Tel : 011-4073-8330 e-mail : moatazelsayed.92@gmail.com Address: 5 Sakkarah Building, Faisal st. Giza OBJECTIVE Looking forward to put my technical and interpersonal skills in use, acquire new experiences through my interaction with different people with different cultures. EDUCATION 2009 to 2014 Graduated from Electric Power & Machines Department– Faculty of Engineering– Cairo University. 2006 to 2009 Graduated from Dar el Huda Language School. WORKING EXPERIENCE SOLARIZEGYPT SolarizEgypt is a solar EPC that designs, installs and commissions grid-connected PV solar power plants offering commercial, industrial and residential electricity consumers the option of complementing their conventional energy supply with solar power. -Period: from 1/3/2015 till now. -Position: Solar Energy Engineer. -Description: Carry out tailored system designs, Market researches and solar solutions, Handle interface with distributing companies, Work on financial models and proposals, Work closely with operation engineers, Support sales presentations and meetings. -Experience & Projects: 1- ON-Grid / Off-Grid Systems Design 2-. ON-Grid Installation (65kW “10 Projects”) 3- ON-Grid electrical work and grid Tie (27kW “2 Projects”) 4- Off-Grid installation (10kW) 5- Design and implementation of Electrical distribution boards. 6- Solar Energy Course instructor at AUC. 7- Setting a fixed design report format including system description, detailed design, BOQ and the financial offer 8- Preparing tender requirements 9- Adding new suppliers. 10- Mounting Structure (Frames) design and analysis using SAP (self-learning) 11- Market research for suppliers inside and outside the country. 12- Adding a new product to the company (ON-Grid Coupled system). 13- Handle negotiations with distribution companies. 14- Receiving client’s inquiries and handling the suitable solar solution for them. 15- Site surveys and clients’ meetings. 16- Maintenance of ON-Grid and off-grid systems 17- Attending events representing the company (AUC Solar Energy Solutions, Injaz Egypt 2015, Oshtoora Ras Sudr).
  2. 2. Page 2 STARKON Starkon is a solar energy company works on consultation and installation of PV systems with all its types also works in solar heaters. - Period: from 17/8/2014 till 28/2/2015. - Position: PV Electrical Engineer (design & installation). - Description: Designing, installing, maintaining and site surveying for all types of PV systems and solar thermal also doing consultation works for companies interested in Solar PV Systems. - Experience & Projects: 1- 40kVA Off-Grid Backup system installation in a villa in palm-hills. 2- 3kVA Off-Grid System in McDonald’s Al-Amrya. 3- 1.2kVA Backup system in an office. 4- 1kVA Backup system in Cairo University Zaied Branch. 5- Solar PV systems Design and Consultation for a compound in Matruh for cabins, villas and chalets with total load 1MW. 6- Maintenance for more than 20KVA systems already installed. 7- Site surveying for villas and offices. - Extra Activities: 1. Solar-Tec Exhibition Preparation for the company. 2. Electrical works in the main distribution panel and the sub-distribution panels to be compatible with the installed PV system. 3. Power and Control circuits design for the installed PV system. 4. Market research for the fields of the places who can install PV systems and making a database contact information about them. 5. Attending Victron Energy’s Training for the PV companies. 6. Representing the company in green tourism conference under the supervision of the ministry of tourism. 7. Representing the company in offering solar solutions for the architecture offices. 8. Working on the research and development of the company through new ideas concerning the system and the programs used. 9. Making a contact with different supplier companies to search for new products suitable for our market in Egypt. 10. Working with the team in different tenders. GRADUATION PROJECT  Design & Control PV hybrid system - Supervised by: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Bahgat.  Description Since the electricity problem is one of the main obstacles we face in Egypt which led to load shedding due to periods of time during the day, so the main objective of this project is to design a residential backup system in case of blackouts.  Key learning objectives: -Studying the load shedding problem & finding solution for it. -Designing a PV system as a backup to supply the critical loads. -Monitoring and controlling the modes of operation of the system. -Connecting a wind turbine to the PV system as modeling for hybrid system.
  3. 3. Page 3 OTHER PROJECTS  Designing a PV power station  Controlling the speed and the direction of small DC motor using microcontroller.  Analog to digital Converter & Light Sensor  PI Analog Controller TRAININGS  TRAINEE IN PETROBEL (FIELD TRAINING IN ABU-MADY).  TRAINEE IN SEDICO.  TRAINEE IN EL-SWEEDY ELECTROMETERS. COURSES Schneider Automation diploma (PLC , SCADA , Automatic Control)  Software -Unity Pro. -Zelio Soft. -Vijeo Citect. SOFTWARES AutoCAD 2D PVSyst BlueSol Sketch-Up PolySun SAP2000 The Constructor MATLAB Sunny Design DIALux MikroC ABB Sizing Tool PSIM Proteuse Prezi ACTIVITIES  Founder & President in AYB “ Alashanek ya Balady ” Cairo University “Alashanek Ya Balady” Association for Sustainable Development (AYB) is one of the most innovative, and successful youth NGOs in Egypt. It was first established as a student club at the American University in Cairo back in 2002 to promote the concept of volunteerism among Egyptian youth. http://www.ayb-sd.org/en/about-us Languages Arabic (native) English (Very Good) French (basic) All Certificates are available upon request.