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38 Community Homes & Gardens Community Homes & Gardens Spring 2015 39
hile Murfreesboro is growing
faster than ever on t...
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  1. 1. 38 Community Homes & Gardens Community Homes & Gardens Spring 2015 39 W hile Murfreesboro is growing faster than ever on the outskirts the trend to remodel continues to stay steady. We have had the pleasure of remodeling many kitchens and bathrooms over the past 6 months and have several planned over the summer. Typically most consumers remodel in the spring and fall leaving summer time to enjoy their home with friends and family. I decided to contact past remodeling customers and question them on their favorite changes that were made and if there were any regrets etc. Previous customers were most satisfied with their finish selections. Painted cabinetry is the most popular with white in first place. Many homes built in the 90’s had white cabinetry installed and when updated these customers went back with white but chose an upgrade in the quality of paint and durability. Cabinetry going to the ceiling is another must have for most remodels. Whether 8,9, or even 10 foot ceilings, going all the way up was a top priority. Large open seating islands are popular with a prep sink if possible. Integrated appliances (panels for a seamless installation) 5 burner cooktops, double ovens and or a speed cook ovens are favorites also. LED and under cabinet lighting in addition to pendant style lighting were mentioned. We have wonderful lighting showrooms in Murfreesboro to help steer our customers toward the look they are trying to achieve. I must say there were very few regrets. Not going with a gas cook top or stove was the biggest regret. Most consumers that remodel their kitchens have decided that they like to cook! With healthy eating a major concern and time another, gas is the best to utilize both. Having a true recycling center was also mentioned. We typically always have a cabinet designated for a trash can, but most families recycle. If there is enough space to justify a four compartment pullout they said it would have been great. We have created many mantle style hood cabinets and the customers that could not install a vent that ducted to the outside were disappointed. This is sometimes impossible but if there is attic access or the ceiling joists are running toward an outside wall, they said “ go for it ! “ . Most new kitchens feature a tile back splash. This ties the flooring, countertops and other finishes together. We had a few mention they would have liked to hide their outlets under the wall cabinets by using plug mold. This would prevent their tile design being disrupted by outlet covers and switch covers etc. I must say that we were very pleased with our feedback and hope this information will be useful to others. We are a full service kitchen and bath remodeling company. We offer complementary interior design services with purchase. This includes all finish selections and our cost on appliances and fixtures. Your initial in home visit is complementary and pricing is included with our design. Design alone can be purchased separately. Jeanine Lasseter is the owner of Cabinets Plus Design and can be reached at 615-893-2204 or www.cabinetspusdesign.com Remodeling Is Still Hot! Jeanine has a BBA in business admin and marketing from MTSU. In March of 1986 the opened Cabinets Plus Design. Focusing primarily on new construction she was able to see the major importance of Kitchen and Bath design. With a marketing background she has been able to reach the remodeling market and provide services in both new and existing homes. Our Designers: Holly Ordonez, has a BS degree in interior design from MTSU. While in college she worked in the food and beverage industry, and developed an interest in ethnic cooking and kitchen design. Her specialty is functional space planning by coordinating ones lifestyle into personal design. Her approach to “function before finish” insures the most challenging space can reach it’s fullest potential. Jaclyn Williams acquired her BS degree in interior design from MTSU also. At an early age interior finishes captivated her. She specializes in a cohesive space with all the textures and finishes coming together perfectly. She prides herself on a “bang for your buck” approach, thus insuring affordable custom design. cabinetsplusdesign.com JeanineLassiter,CabinetsPlus Jeanine Lassiter, Cabinets Plus Cabinets to ceilingHooded vent to the outside Tile back splash Hidden outlets under cabinets Cabinets Plus design Jeanine Lasseter, Owner Holly Ordonez, Interior Designer Jaclyn Williams, Interior Designer 1602 W Northfield Blvd. Suite 05 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 615.893.2204 www.cabinetsplusdesign.com Since 1986 Murfreesboro’s Oldest Kitchen & Bath Business Great design Does not have to be Expensive Ingredients: • Fresh milk mozzarella cheese sliced 1/4 thick • Watermelon sliced 1/4 thick • Fresh mint and basil • Raspberry balsamic vinegar Directions: • Layer cheese and water melon alternating mint and basil between layers. • Drizzle with vinegar • 6-8 Servings Stacked Watermelon Wonder 504 N Maney Ave, Murfreesboro 37130 •(615) 907-0091 dreaming-n-color.blogspot.com Jeanine Lassiter, Cabinets Plus • According to the Guinness Book of World Records that heaviest watermelon was grown by Lloyd Bright of Arkansas in 2005. It weighed over 268 pounds. • By weight, watermelon is the most consumed melon in the United States, followed by cantaloupe and honeydew. • Watermelon’s official name is Citrullus Lanatus ,Its closest cousins are cucumbers, pumpkins and squash. • Watermelons are 92% water and early explorers used them as canteens. Watermelon Fun Facts