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Coles testimonial

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Coles testimonial

  1. 1. Energy Hunter Testimonial for Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mitchell Cousins has presented at two workshops held by the Energy Hunter team, helping businesses to gain an understanding of real life ways to improve performance, reliability and cost savings of plant and equipment. Mitchell displayed a high level of knowledge in both his specific industry, as well as energy efficiency. The seminars produced have both been well researched, and contained a holistic approach to efficiency, focusing on many different aspects of the client site and processes to ensure the best possible cost savings for the end user. Mitchell was able to answer all of the questions our workshop attendees had, and his answers were always informative, with unbiased information that did not push attendees towards the products and services provided by Coles Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. It was a pleasure working with Mitchell and I would happily do so again. Kyle Furner, Energy Hunter Project Coordinator