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The Nike Fuel Band

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Here is a brief introduction of the Nike fuel band and how its technology is socially integrated.

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The Nike Fuel Band

  1. 1. Socially Integrated Technologies Pratik Krishnan
  2. 2. Objective Understanding The Functionalities And Social Integration Of The Nike Fuel Band.
  3. 3. The Nike Fuel • Nike Fuel is one of the most famous wearable technologies available today. • It is a complete fitness partner. The Nike Fuel helps you count your steps, intensity of your workout, reward and motivate you. • Nike Fuel also helps in tracking your sleep patterns. • It also shows time.
  4. 4. How it works • The UI on the device is simple with about 100 LED lights. • However, it is connected via Bluetooth to your Android or iOS smartphone, where you have to install the real UI which is the Nike Fuel App. • This app lets you directly monitor all your stats that are tracked and stored by the Fuel Band.
  5. 5. The Social Element • Nike Fuel is the only Facebook enabled device. • It directly posts on FB about your workout and fitness every time you run, workout or get a new achievement. • The Fuel App also lets you segregate your friends into lists and rate yourself against them
  6. 6. Nike Fuel Competitions • The Nike Fuel Band accesses your contact list and connects to your friends who also own a Fuel Band and creates mini contests with them to help motivate you. • Not only this, it will also search for others in your vicinity, who are not on the list but own a Fuel Band, to create contests with them.
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