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Social Media PowerPoint Presentation - March 2016

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Social Media PowerPoint Presentation - March 2016

  1. 1. Networking in the Social Media Age: Do's, Don'ts and Do I Have To? Misty Hataway-Coné
  2. 2. Who Is In YOUR Network?
  3. 3. What is Social Media? According to Dictionary.com, social networking is the use of social networking media throughout the use of online media that people may use to communicate and interact with each other (2012).
  4. 4. What Is Your Network? With 30M followers on Twitter, 25M on Facebook and 28M on Instagram, she’s cultivated a larger audience than most of the Fortune 10 companies combined.
  5. 5. What Is Your Network? Most of us are familiar with and use social media daily. From Facebook, to Twitter or Instagram, we all stay connected on social media.
  6. 6. What Is Your Network? According to Adweek.com, the average internet user has 5 social media accounts.
  7. 7. But Just How Many Networking Sites Are There? According to Sitepoint.com, there are at least 20 networking sites for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals. These include: • Biznik • cmypitch.com • E.Factor • Ecademy • Entrepreneur Connect
  8. 8. JASEzone LinkedIn PerfectBusiness
  9. 9. StartupNation Upspring Ziggs
  10. 10. Bridging Traditional Networking And Networking On Social Media Despite the prevalence of social media and social networking, handshakes still matter.
  11. 11. A Fortune 500 CEO once said that when he had to choose between two candidates with similar qualifications, he gave the position to the candidate with the better handshake. But after you shake that hand, enjoy a glass of wine, and have a good conversation, you must translate that encounter to Bridging Traditional Networking And Networking On Social Media
  12. 12. Do's of Social Networking 1. Develop a "brand", something you're known for. 2. Commit to it. Do something each day on at least one social media site, to keep your presence active.
  13. 13. Do's of Social Networking 3. Model good behavior and stay positive. Our online activity may feel private, or shared with only a select few, but it leaves a permanent mark. You're not anonymous and you don't want to be.
  14. 14. Do's of Social Networking 4. Do promote your own work. Social media offers many ways to grow the reach of your business.
  15. 15. Don’ts of Social Networking 1. Don't be fake. 2. Don't avoid other tasks.
  16. 16. Don’ts of Social Networking 3. Don't be a know it all. Resist the urge to be a know-it-all in your posts, comments and messages.