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Get The Unfair Advantage With Millward Brown

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Get the unfair advantage! Insightful perspectives from Millward Brown that will help you increase the impact of your marketing spend…

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Get The Unfair Advantage With Millward Brown

  1. 1. get the unfair 1 advantage with
  2. 2. Brands
  3. 3. Meaningfully Different Brands Richard Stewart
  4. 4. is the set of associations (ideas, memories and feelings) in the mind of a consumer. What is a brand? KNOWLEDGE Facts about the brand (an understanding of what it is, what it’s called, what it looks like) EMOTION Feelings, social values, desirability EXPERIENCE What the brand experience is/would be like (its benefits, how it is used or found)
  5. 5. What makes a brand valuable/strong? Successful brands build associations that deliver these commercial benefits I N C R E A S I N G T H E L I K E L I H O O D that a consumer will buy/consider I N C R E A S I N G H O W M U C H consumers will pay
  6. 6. Meaningfully different brands, properly amplified, create sustainable financial value growth. W E K N O W T H A T … .
  7. 7. Meaningfully different brands… 7 E A C H O F T H E S E M E T R I C S A R E C R E A T E D F R O M M E A S U R E S O F H O W M E A N I N G F U L , D I F F E R E N T A N D S A L I E N T B R A N D S A R E . … Have much greater POTENTIAL to gain value share in the future … Can command a price PREMIUM … Have the POWER to capture significantly MORE VOLUME POWER PREMIUM POTENTIAL
  8. 8. Apple: unique personality and tangible product innovation = differentiation worth paying for 137 248 131 137 158 272 Avr = 100 $246b MEANINGFUL DIFFERENT SALIENT Avr = 100 Coca-Cola: first to mind for billions of thirsty people = dominant volume share for impulse category $84b
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Salient DifferentMeaningful The five key inputs… Meets Needs Affinity Unique Dynamic Awareness Intensity P O W E R P R E M I U M P O T E N T I A L
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Salient Different Predisposition is half the story P R E D I S P O S I T I O N Meaningful 38% 47% U S A G E
  13. 13. Activation is hugely important P R E D I S P O S I T I O N 38% 47% U S A G E P R O M O + 2 % P R I C E + 4 % PA C K + 5 % C O M P. P R O M O - 2 %
  14. 14. Our Framework of consumer decision making 14 T H E M E A N I N G F U L D I F F E R E N T F R A M E W O R K A L L O W S U S T O M A N A G E C O N S U M E R A N D I N M A R K E T D E C I S I O N M A K I N G I N A N E F F E C T I V E , M E A S U R A B L E , R E L E V A N T A N D I M P A C T F U L W A Y
  15. 15. BrandZ™ Strong Brands Portfolio vs. S&P 500 vs MSCI World Index (Apr 2006 - Apr 2015) 102.6% 63.0% BrandZ™ Strong Brands Portfolio S&P 500 MSCI World Index 30.3% The bottom line – Meaningfully Different Salient brands deliver superior financial returns
  16. 16. Media
  17. 17. 18 Advertising – luxury or a necessity?
  18. 18. What happens when you don’t invest in the brand? ......Risk increases Brands that stop advertising generally lose share!
  19. 19. 20 Base sales are driven by “brand impact” Campaign Total Sales Performance Emotion Popularity Dynamism Difference Value Salience Brand Engagement The Sales Response Effect The Brand Effect Strengthens loyalty of existing users and brings new users into brand Sustained, longer term Immediate, short term Mostly incremental sales to existing users
  20. 20. 21 How to improve effective Share of Voice? Campaigns that resonate with the target audience and the most efficient ways to create opportunities to see that creative! Better creative Effective use of media
  21. 21. So how integrated campaigns can get the most of your budget?
  22. 22. INCREAS ED REACH CREATIVE S YNERGIES BETTER COS T OF IMPACT How can multi-media campaigns maximise my marketing ROI? 23
  23. 23. Increased Reach 24
  24. 24. How did our campaign achieve its reach? 25 Reaching the entire target market with TV can be very expensive. Get unique reach using smaller, more targeted media! TOTAL MAGAZINES 35% TOTAL ONLINE 18% TOTAL TV TOTAL CAMPAIGN 1+ REACH = 75% OF THE TARGETAUDIENCE 68%
  25. 25. Creative synergies 26
  26. 26. Non-Campaign Image Average 27 We see a smaller impact on non-campaign image. Again driven primarily through synergies. 59% 2% 3% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Non-campaign Image average 9% 5% 4% 6% 7% 36% 33% Outdoor TV & Radio TV & Outdoor TV Print Radio Press & PR Campaign Contributions to non-campaign image average - with media breakdown
  27. 27. 28 Key things to take away
  28. 28. 1. Understand your environment Know how your campaigns are working Consider your category dynamics 2. Embrace multi channel campaigns – the benefits outweigh the risks Smaller media (like digital) have an important role to play There are different roles for different media Bear in mind the budget 3. Start with good insight and make sure your idea lives across all creative expressions Especially look at the consistency of feel Optimising Integrated Campaigns
  29. 29. Creative
  31. 31. 32 The world’s leading copy -testing & creative development solution 130,511 TV ads since 1989 6,000 + multi country campaigns 2,705 in Africa, spread across SA, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania… LINKTM
  33. 33. the reality of a diverse world... North America Latin America Asia Western Europe Eastern Europe and Russia 51% 48% 40% 56% 58% 43% Africa and Middle East 34 Transference WITHIN geographies Global Avg 52%
  34. 34. so what can work in africa…? 35 emotional connect family, community sunlight ‘bubbles’
  35. 35. so what can work in africa…? 36 happy optimism important to show positive images emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama coca-cola ‘crazy for good’
  36. 36. so what can work in africa…? 37 simplicity in messaging firm focus on brand benefit omo ‘soccer girl’ happy optimism emotional connect a sense of fun, of drama
  37. 37. 38 yet transference within africa is only 43%...why? 43%
  38. 38. individuality less hierarchical individuality there are clear cultural differences within africa 39 ghana nigeria zambia 80 80 60 15 30 35 40 60 40 65 55 50 PDI hierarchy IDV individuality MAS masculinity/Aggression UAI Uncertainty avoidance authority community harmony structure power individuality assertion tanzania 70 25 40 50 kenya 70 25 60 50 Comfort in ambiguity community harmony assertion harmony
  39. 39. nigeria: pride in recognised success, vibrancy 40  strong sense of pride  aspirational imagery, a desire for acknowledged success  vibrancy matters (local music, colour) mtn ‘nigeria’ Pepsi ‘whizkid’ Etisalat ‘solo’
  40. 40. ghana: a strong sense of family and community 41 geisha ‘bath time’  the importance of family connection and bonding  the product story must be pivotal to the ad – important to clearly communicate the brand benefit  tonality too is important – warm, friendly, fun
  41. 41. kenya: personal connect and simplicity 42  A sense of personal connect (with a touch of humour)  story-telling is important(e.g. narratives like soap operas) molo milk ‘cows’
  42. 42. Tanzania: Simplicity, authenticity, comm(unity) 43 Coca Cola – A billion fans FWC’
  43. 43. a simple travel checklist for advertising • stage of category development o are the category offerings similar? o does the message differentiate you from competitors? • brand stature and meaning o is your brand in a similar life stage? o does your brand have the same positioning? • advertising and media environment o are there differences in media context? (e.g. ad length) o is the advertising context similar? • cultural response to advertising o does the consumer insight hold true across these markets? o do these markets fall into the same advertising clusters? mkt 1 mkt 2 mkt 3 44
  44. 44. Mobile
  45. 45. Accessibility Poor Infrastructure Security Low desktop / PC Internet penetration Long Turnaround Times Cultural Barriers Government Bureaucracy CHALLENGES OF CONDUCTING MARKET RESEARCH IN EMERGING MARKETS OUR SOLUTION…
  46. 46. WHY CONSIDER MOBILE? • In emerging and growth markets mobile is the main way to go online • Easily target mobile owners – by their phone type, OS, model and make, and more… • Typically people respond to survey invites sent via SMS within 15 minutes • Rapid insight with as fast as 24 hour turnaround – knowledge in days, not weeks or months • Respondents tend to be more honest doing self completion. Benefits of mobile surveys
  47. 47. 2. Respondent completes the survey. 3. Incentive is sent. 1. Recruitment (Multi- Pronged) Max 40 questions will be chunked ALL OUR STUDIES ARE AVAILABLE TO VIEW IN REAL TIME THE TYPICAL SURVEY 4. Respondent is asked to refer a friend (they are passed into our recruitment surveys) 5. Quotas are automated to ensure representativeness. 6. Data is received & available to view in real time..
  48. 48. TANZANIA CASE STUDY – LINK EXPRESS™ Age 16 - 24 35% Age 25 - 34 49% Age 35 - 45 13% Age 45+ 3% Below - TZS 10,000 5% TZS 10,000 – 40,000 20% TZS 40,001 – 100,000 20% TZS 100,001 – 300,000 20% TZS 300,001 – 500,000 20% TZS 500,000 plus 15% Launched a survey in Tanzania Sample Achieved 4 hrs: n=160
  49. 49. OUR QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES (all automated)
  50. 50. Approx. 40 questions long, respondents incentivised with airtime. Approx. 25 questions long, respondents incentivised with airtime. Approx. 15 questions long, respondents incentivised with airtime. Survey Example 2 Nigeria Survey Example 1 South Africa Survey Example 3 Kenya OTHER EXAMPLES – ALL OF THE BELOW ARE BASED ON ACTUAL SURVEYS: Turn Around time is HIGHLY dependent on the sample required 2 days: n=1800 30 mins: n=56 30 mins: n=41 2 hrs: n=250 10 mins: n=93 2 hrs: n=500
  52. 52. Nigeria 16% 65% 7% 11% 34% 75% 34% 33% 21% 59% 10% 9% 33% 72% 27% 39% Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 4 Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 4 First Mention Use Nowadays Mobile F2F Mobile data is comparable to F2F
  53. 53. 98% 100% 99% 99% 71% 92% 78% 63% Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 4 Mobile data is often more discriminating and makes more sense Mobile F2F Mobile providers - Awareness Nigeria
  54. 54. Mobile closely matches market share Mobile 2% 6% 1% 3% 35% 51% 1%1% 5% 0% 7% 39% 42% 4% Brand 1 Brand 2 Brand 3 Brand 4 Brand 5 Brand 6 Brand 7 Laundry category – Bought most often Market Share zimbabwe
  55. 55. Not every study is conducive to run on mobile. Mobile tends to favour higher penetration studies. Mobile does not support lengthy questioning – our general guideline is 20 questions – however allowing a max of 40. 12 Responses per question / Max 2 verbatim questions. Interlaced sampling is not possible on mobile. However by splitting your questionnaire up this can be done on a level. We are able to sample by Q-LSM Incentives are important to us, as questionnaire length increases – so does the incentive. Question Length Interlaced sampling Sampling: Incentivising Respondents MOBILE GUIDELINES Mobile Data Collection
  56. 56. Panel not yet available Low Confidence Done before but with challenges Confident but certain aspects not guaranteed Super Confident - Guaranteed Please chat to us Male Female 20 Questions 40 Questions Age 40+ All Cities Database Panels Incentives Overall Nigeria Kenya Tanzania Zambia Botswana Mozambique Zimbabwe Angola Algeria Cote 'D Ivore South Africa Ethiopia Ghana Uganda Pakistan Egypt MOBILE RESEARCH: COVERAGE BY COUNTRY & TARGET
  57. 57. MB Africa running mobile surveys since 2009 CSS, Link Express , Max Diff, Tracker Deep dives , MDS - Mid to high penetration with a focused question set (max 20 / 40 questions) We have strict measures in place ensuring that surveys are not abused and media files are not shared. The platform is flexible, able to link to any API. (one example – able to link to our Client’s systems to automate the invite protocols, targeting respondents straight after a transaction…) With the ability to collect 1000’s of interviews in a matter of hours, waiting weeks for data is a thing of the past! Types of studies: Highest Security measures Experienced: Tech is Flexible: SUMMARY Mobile Data Collection FAST!! :
  58. 58. Any Questions? Contact Millward Brown Africa & Middle East contact: Charles Foster e. charles.foster@millwardbrown.com t. +27 82 554 7654 Millward Brown Sub-Saharan Africa contact: Soumya Saklani e. soumya.saklani@millwardbrown.com t. +233 307 020 406 Millward Brown East Africa contact: Chris Githaiga e. chris.githaiga@millwardbrown.com t. +254 20 2120 043/045 contact: Chris Karumba e. chris.karumba@millwardbrown.com t. +254 20 2120 043/045
  59. 59. Thank you… Allow Millwar d Br own to par tner with you to help you achieve a str onger cr eative & R O I for your ad spend… www.millwar dbr own.com 60