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Route to Microsoft intelligent learning platform

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Route to Microsoft intelligent learning platform

  1. 1. Microsoft Intelligent Learning Platform
  2. 2. Fulfilling Short Term Aims: Acquisition Retention Completion Employment Fulfilling Long Term Aims: Life Long Learning Advanced Functional Skills, (21C prepared) Globally Competitive Employment Local Entrepreneurs Addressing a Global Economy
  3. 3. Microsoft Intelligent Learning Platform Identity/SSO Shibboleth/Public IDs (Microsoft, Google, Facebook) Internal systems Integration with Student Information Systems Integration with VLE’s Single portal to all learner systems and data Accessible Portal Engaging all stakeholders in education and career outcomes Digital Marketing Engaging to create public and private communities Social Collaboration Aligning learning choices and achievement to career outcomes Learning pathway Stakeholders (Providers, Learners, Employers, Alumni)
  4. 4. Features Technology Audience Engaging Microsoft Dynamics CRM2013 Employers Learners Parents Alumni Tracking Automation Sentiment CMS Office 365 (Public Web)
  5. 5. Features Technology Audience Internal O365 – SharePoint Online O365 - Office 2013 Web Apps O365 - Student Advantage O365 – Lync Unified Communications Employers Learners Parents Alumni External Single Pane of Glass Online/ Offline experience Collaboration/ Sharing Device Agnostic/Access Document Management SharePoint 2013 On Premise CMS Moodle or Equivalent
  6. 6. Features Technology Audience Peer to Peer Yammer (Private/ Post Joining) Learners, Providers, Alumni Devolved/ Ad Hoc Facebook and other home-user platforms (Public/ Pre Joining) Learners, Providers, Parents, Alumni Public/ Private Yammer and Lync integrated to Skype, Facebook and other home-user Platforms (Private and Public Pre and Post Joining) Learners, Providers, Parents, Alumni, Employers, General Public One to Many Many to One
  7. 7. Features Technology Audience Predictive Analytics Custom SaaS Implementation (CRM Online) Employers Learners Parents General Public Skills/ Careers Mapping (Learner, Provider, Employer, VLE info) Many Microsoft platforms in combination, Intelligently designed. Modelling Tracking Rewarding
  8. 8. Moodle On Premise/ Azure • Course Creation • Course Consumption • Grading • Badges• Grading • Badges Provider • Course Creation • Grading • Badges • Employer Feedback • Learner feedback • Course Consumption • Progress • Tasks • Career Goals/ Recommendations • Badges • Module Feedback • Mentoring (1:1)• Skill Profiles • Module Feedback • Candidate Pipeline (Anonymised) • Mentoring (1:1) SaaS Learning Pathway o Matching skill Profiles to career plans o Matching employers to career plans o Matching learning modules to career plans o Giving the student a progressive roadmap Identity/ SSO LearnerEmployer Student Information System
  9. 9. • Acquire • Packages (All or partial) • Services (Learning Highway) • Integration (in-house skills and 3rd party expertise) • Customisation (In-house skills and expertise) • Build • Packages (All or partial) • Components • Integrate
  10. 10. • Integration with other Content Delivery Systems Such as Moodle • Integration with Student Information Systems • Customised User Experience based upon Personas • Delivery of an eco-system, where relationships may be made across employers, learners, providers and courses e.g. • Learner access courses from multiple colleges (either because colleges share courses, or because a learner registers with multiple colleges)? • An employer is connected with multiple providers? • Analytics and alerts. Automated student/teacher/Leader alerting to predicted failure in any area • Easy Ad Hoc intervention via rich intuitive online/remote environment • Conversion from browsing College Website into a signed up student/Employer partner • Virtual lectures & tutorials using Lync • Collaboration outside of formal learning environments. SIG’s, after hours clubs, etc • Alumni Interaction • Social engagement & transfer to CRM management & targeted engagement