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Application Lifecycle Management & VSTS

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Application Lifecycle Management & VSTS
Julio Fernandez Gayoso.

Ráðstefna 2009

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Application Lifecycle Management & VSTS

  1. 1. How to Maximise ROI and drive IT Governance with Visual Studio Team System The Power of an Integrated ALM Solution Julio Fernández-Gayoso Sales manager for Development Tools Western European Microsoft HQ • Running Windows 7 build 7000 Reykjavik, January 19th 2008
  2. 2. The ALM market trends
  3. 3. Microsoft vs. the Java World A decade of competition Microsoft Java 1996 Windows DNA Java, Java VM 1999 J2EE 1.0 2002 .NET Framework 1.0 2003 J2EE 1.4 2005 .NET Framework 2.0 2006 .NET Framework 3.0 Java EE 5 Spring 2007 .NET Framework 3.5 SCA … Source: From David Chappell Application Platform session at tech-ed EMEA Barcelona Nov 2008
  4. 4. ALM Market Growth
  5. 5. Customers Business & IT Challenges Manage complexity - remote dev locations - Windows mobile Improved ROI & - SOA IT Governance 70% Execute 30% IT People operational cost changes rapidly and flexibly Increase Application Resource Increase Productivity Quality & Utilization - Role productivity Functionality - Learning Curve - SLA, 24x7 - Code Quality Improved - Team Productivity and efficiency - Time to Market Reduce IT TCO Cost
  6. 6. Organizations are seeing ROI as high as 225% on infrastructure improvement projects • Reduced the time developers spent locating, retrieving and managing source code • Minimized both software and training costs by deploying one solution across its global footprint • Consolidated servers in order to reduce hardware, administration and maintenance costs 7
  7. 7. Development Tools & Applications Tools Applications
  8. 8. Visual Studio Team System Business Analyst Web Clients and XML Web Services Third-Party IDEs Operations, QA and Help Desk
  9. 9. Collaborate and Communicate • Team Foundation Server – A unified project server • Work item tracking throughout the lifecycle – Efficient management of tasks – Flexible and customizable – Enables trazability
  10. 10. Drive Predictability • Integrated process templates & Real time Reporting help deliver predictable results – MSF for Agile Teams – MSF for CMMI Process Improvement – Fully customizable – Real time Reports
  11. 11. Ensure Quality Early & Often • Quality-centric toolset – focus on Software quality vs just testing – Integrated throughout lifecycle – Reduces overall project cost
  12. 12. Integrate Work Frequently • Full featured version control system – Continuous Integration – Scheduled Builds – Relate work item to check-in – Check-out on Edit – Labeling
  13. 13. Make Real-time Decisions • Comprehensive business intelligence reporting system – Real-time data – Project Transparency, Visibility & Predictability – Enabling critical decision making
  14. 14. Our Framework “IT Governance” CIO: Aligning IT with Business Priorities Decision Making Framework “Portfolio Management” Project Management Office (PMO): Maximize IT execution and compliance Business Enterprise Process Development Operations Lifecycle Architecture Management Lifecycle Quality KPI’s Capacity Availability “Connected IT Data” Metrics, Change Management, Workflow, Issue Tracking, Policies, Resource Pools and Schedules Project Server Team Foundation Service Desk
  15. 15. The VSTS -ALM value Prop: ..our evolution … From Developer .. to Development to .. Real-time Reporting & project management to .. IT governance
  16. 16. Information Technology Governance From Wikipedia “Information Technology Governance, IT Governance or ICT Governance, is a subset discipline of Corporate Governance focused on information technology (IT) systems and their performance and risk management. The rising interest in IT governance is partly due to compliance initiatives (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley (USA) and Basel II (Europe), as well as the acknowledgement that IT projects can easily get out of control and profoundly affect the performance of an organization.” Some Key drivers:  Regulatory Compliance: Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II & Other Industry Regulations such as healthcare, defense etc..  Project Governance: Real Time reporting, Project transparency & Visibility, predictability ..  Intellectual Property Management: Scenarios such as outsourcing, Off-shoring, Near-shoring, Value-Shoring. Data Privacy, Applications..  Running IT as a business – the IT value chain – business-Develop &Test-Run-Business: Aligning IT with the Business requirements Link development with production via requirements process & Helpdesk to testing/dev integration
  17. 17. Compliance and Auditing
  18. 18. Real-time Reports
  19. 19. Metrics & Real-Time Reporting Enable Transparency
  20. 20. How Effective Is Our (Outsourced) Team? Against code Test rates coverage, … (pass, inconclusive, fail) shown in bars code churn, … and active bugs
  21. 21. How Far Can We Get In The Available Time? Work planned Work completed
  22. 22. … Video on Directions.. S+S The near Future
  23. 23. Visual Studio Team System Expanding Visual Studio across the Application Life Cycle Designer Developer Database Professional Architect Tester Business IT / Project Analyst Manager Project Team Software Transparency Collaboration Quality
  24. 24. IT Organizations are seeing improvements in collaboration and process through ALM • Consistent and predictable development process • Increased quality in service delivery • Shared successes and accountability • Superior reporting and traceability • More effective project communication 28
  25. 25. “For major releases our developers cut the time taken by half with Visual Studio Team System. The comparable times saving for minor releases was about 40 %.” Bart Timmermans, Project Lead, Belgian Post Group Belgian Post Office Cuts Stress Testing Solution Costs by 90%  The Belgian Postal Group  After an evaluation of the  Total cost of ownership wanted a cost-effective market, Belgian Post cut by 90 per cent performance testing chose Microsoft® Visual  Productivity rises by up to product for testing its Studio® Team System 50 per cent Web application to with Microsoft Visual  Quality of stress testing replace its previous Studio 2005 Team Test improves system using HP Load Agent.  Better customer service LoadRunner. Full story at: http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies
  26. 26. Microsoft Development Internal dogfood story
  27. 27. The Power of an Integrated ALM Solution!!  -Easy to use, well integrated tools  Project Transparency, Visibility & Predictability – real time- Integrated reporting  Software quality, Automated Audit & regulatory compliance.  - Developing state of the art applications with a great User Experience! - by Retaining existing customers - Increasing Cross selling & Up-selling - Attracting new customers because of the unique user experience.