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Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

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A safer digital experience for every person and organization on the planet.

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Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit

  1. 1. Big data Investigations Legal action
  2. 2. Cybersecurity is a Boardroom-level Issue 1.4 billion Data records compromised in 2016 556M victims of cybercrime per year $400B cost of cyberattacks to companies each year 71% of companies admit they fell victim to a successful cyber attack the prior year $3 Trillion estimated cost in economic value from cybercrime industry by 2020 200+ Median # of days between infiltration and detection
  3. 3. MICROSOFT’S UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE 450B user authentications each month 1B Windows devices updated 400B emails analyzed for spam and malware
  4. 4. Microsoft’s SECURITY POSTURE DETECT using targeted signals, behavioral monitoring, and machine learning RESPOND closing the gap between discovery and action PROTECT across all endpoints, from sensors to the datacenter
  5. 5. Microsoft Confidential A Layered Approach to Security Helping to protect our customers, our company, and our world These growing threats demand a coordinated response: • Cyber Security Services Engineering • Digital Crimes Unit • Information Security & Risk Management • Microsoft Azure • Microsoft Security Response Center • Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center • Office 365 • Windows & Devices Group Cyber Defense Operations Center
  6. 6. A safer digital experience for every person and organization on the planet The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Public and private partnerships to fight technology facilitated crimes . Combining novel legal strategies, cutting- edge forensics, cloud and big data analytics
  7. 7. Protecting Vulnerable Populations https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/reportascam/ Microsoft Taking Action: DCU investigates tech fraud cases globally building evidence to take action Education programs through media, Microsoft Retail Stores, and the Cybercrime Center The Scheme: Fraudsters pose online and on phone as tech support from high tech companies including Microsoft A victim is often asked for remote access and charged for unnecessary technical services Victims may lose money, personal information or be exposed to malware Technical Support Scams
  8. 8. Protecting Vulnerable Populations Technical Support Scams New data reveals two-thirds of global consumers have experienced tech support scams Millennials aged between 18 and 34 years are now more prone to falling for tech-support scams than baby boomers, that message appears to have been lost on younger people who are falling victim to new tactics by phony tech-support operators.
  9. 9. Protecting Vulnerable Populations PhotoDNA has helped detect millions of illegal images online PhotoDNA Over 100 organizations use the technology to keep their platforms safe Illegal images are reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and other appropriate authorities Industry standard: used by Facebook, Twitter, Google
  10. 10. Malware Disruptions DCU acquires targets, investigates, and orchestrates global partnerships to take action Working with Law Enforcement and others to disrupt the criminal infrastructure Our malware intelligence is embedded into Microsoft’s products and services We enable CERTs/ISPs globally to notify and remediate
  11. 11. Public and Private Partnerships Deep relationships with public and private partners allow DCU to orchestrate international malware disruptions Driving scale and impact
  12. 12. Actionable Intelligence from Malware Disruptions
  13. 13. Data insights from enforcement actions allow us to share a unique perspective with customers Digital Risk Dashboards | Products And Services | GSP Legal Strategy | Investigations | Analytics Malware Disruptions | Strategic Enforcement | Civil Action | Criminal Referrals CTIP | Activation Data
  14. 14. Microsoft is committed to building trust with governments and sharing security information Government Security Program objectives Help protect governments and their citizens Build trust and transparency Strengthen public- private partnerships Direct access to Microsoft product and security resources Access to Transparency Centers to work with source code Remote access to online source code Technical data, including Microsoft Azure and O365 Information sharing about threats and vulnerabilities leveraging CTIP
  15. 15. THANK YOU www.microsoft.com/trustcenter www.microsoft.com/security www.youtube.com/DCUMicrosoft