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Reimagining with Enterprise Social

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Companies are facing increasing pressure to provide their employees with the highly connected tools and information that match today’s consumer social networking experiences. By empowering employees to work in an environment that is more connected, companies have an opportunity to improve the value of customer relationships, respond to opportunities with speed and intelligence, and gain an advantage over competitors. With familiar social tools that are seamlessly integrated into your existing applications, employees can easily share ideas and collaborate with colleagues, regardless of their location and better understand and address customer perceptions and market trends more quickly.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help its customers take advantage of the opportunities that social computing presents by offering a connected experience to end users and a connected platform for IT.

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Reimagining with Enterprise Social

  1. 1. Enterprise social Rise of the powerful consumer is driving business transformation Always on— Consumers use an average of devices every day 4 Outside your business empowered customers have more information and want to connect in new ways 20% of online consumers expect a response within one hour via social media >235terabytes Companies with >1000 employees average more data than the US Library of Congress Employees need to extend and connect networks across the firewall to partners and customers Business & Consumer > 1.5B people around the globe have a social networking account 72% of companies are deploying at least one social software tool Inside your business employees want to harness information, connect, engage, and work together in new ways Millennials will make 75% up of the American workforce by 2025
  2. 2. Microsoft enterprise social – our vision Transform your business by connecting employees to customers & partners ? CONNECTED Platform Active Directory
  3. 3. Enterprise social and your business Transform your business from the inside out Active Directory
  4. 4. Unify your people To deliver amazing customer experiences Listen and analyze social conversations to find opportunities to engage customers in the channel they prefer, using internal social tools to create a connected response. A high-value customer comments on Twitter about an issue with your service. The marketing team sees the comment on their SharePoint portal where they can collaborate on a response plan. They bring the customer care team into the conversation. The care team can view CRM data right within Outlook. The care team escalates the issue to the right expert who reaches out to the customer on Twitter to solve the problem. The solution is then shared back with everyone on the internal network. of survey respondents believe social media is the future of customer service.
  5. 5. Insurance firm wins customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Objectives • • Maximize efficiency of sales efforts Improve customer service and customer loyalty Tactics Results Deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to monitor customer activities, as well as to consolidate, deliver, and analyze customer information. • • • Improved sales efficiency and customer care Dramatically decreased time to resolution on customer issues. Increased market share with nearly 500,000 new contracts. “We wanted a more flexible tool to deliver outstanding service to customers with shorter timeto-market and lower total cost of ownership…Microsoft Dynamics CRM fulfilled all of our criteria and represented excellent value for the money.” – Gökhan Özüm, Senior VP of Product Development and Strategic Planning, Pensions, Garanti
  6. 6. How Microsoft can help you Unify your people to deliver amazing customer experiences Extend service reach Identify specific issues and engage social customers to resolve their issues. Manage knowledge Harness the conversations across the business as a living, breathing knowledge base. Work with your account team on a “dynamic duo” trial of Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Harvest knowledge Extract, package and re-use best practices and solutions from customers helping customers. Build loyalty Engage your advocates in an ambassador program. Get started with Yammer. It's free and secure!
  7. 7. Engage your customers With smarter, savvier, and more responsive social marketing Use social tools as an additional channel to reach and inform employees, partners, and customers with the latest news and respond to feedback in real-time. Increase in the # of Americans following a brand on social networks since 2010 Your marketing team launches a new product campaign, readying sales and partner channels via social networks. Campaign responses are analyzed to determine effectiveness across all audiences. With positive real-time feedback, your marketing team can replicate their success in other markets.
  8. 8. BMW drives sales with a smart social media campaign Objective Tactics Results Launch two new model lines and collect audience data with an interactive marketing campaign through Facebook. Used Windows Azure to support a solution integrating the Facebook promotion with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. • • • Scaled dynamically to engage 90,000 consumers Converted 900 campaign participants into sales prospects Reached 10 markets in two languages ”By using Windows Azure to make audience data available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we enhanced the business continuity of our marketing campaign and developed more than 900 new sales prospects.“ -Beata Bujalska, E-Marketing Analyst, BMW Latin America
  9. 9. University marketing team increases marketing ROI with MarketingPilot Objective Tactics Results Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through better team coordination and campaign analysis. Consolidate all marketing-related data in MarketingPilot. • • • Consistent asset management Effective reporting of campaign status, expense, and results Manage & track ROI on social media marketing as part of an overall campaign. “By automating [our] communications as well as giving us the ability to keep all of our marketing information in a consistent format that can be accessed at a glance, MarketingPilot is giving us the tools to do our job better as well as to keep our clients better informed.” -Brian Croswhite, Marketing Director, The Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services
  10. 10. How Microsoft can help you Engage your customers Broadcast information Use social as an additional outbound marketing channel within your comprehensive multichannel campaigns. Monitor campaigns Work with our solution specialists to evaluate MarketingPilot with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Measure overall tone and sentiment of external social conversations related to a campaign and drive tangible leads. Gain customer insights Solicit feedback from specific social communities on needs and opinions prior to launch. Harvest leads Listen for, identify, and react to potential sales triggers. Get started with Yammer communities now. Share content via SkyDrive Pro with Office 365. Learn how to use the new CRM connector to capture leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  11. 11. Win new customers Using social insights right within your sales workflow Use social tools to give your teams a competitive edge to win new business. Drive a response rate via a second-degree connection. Harnessing social information—latest news, key stakeholders, social connections—can help a salesperson better prepare for her meeting with a prospect. Tapping her internal social network, she can assemble a team with relevant industry experience and identify compelling evidence to support the sale. They cocreate a proposal. She can extend her social network to include partners as well as her potential customer in the proposal development process to ensure mutual success.
  12. 12. Insurance brokerage accelerates sales & acquisitions with better customer intelligence Objectives Tactics Results Get more reliable and complete business intelligence to support over 1500 market-facing sales leaders and internal sales business development managers. Switch to InsideView for customer intelligence integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. • • • Improved data quality & reliability Easy access to up-to-date customer intelligence through Microsoft Dynamics integration Cost & time savings "The customer intelligence delivered by InsideView is unmatched, making CRM even more effective for the marketing and sales teams at our clients.“ – Scott Mangelson, CRM Practice Leader, Armanino
  13. 13. How Microsoft can help you Use social network insights to win new customers Facilitate team selling Facilitate simpler collaboration between pursuit team members and channel partners. Leverage sales insights Work with your account team on an immersive Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM demonstration. Map social profiles to prospects and customers for deeper understanding. Engage prospects Collaborate directly with prospects and customers as part of the sales process. Get started with Yammer communities now. Share content via SkyDrive Pro with Office 365.
  14. 14. Attract, engage, and retain your employees With a social intranet Give employees a voice and ensure they have the information and tools they need to make a difference. Companies with see: The top initiative of the company’s new CEO is to drive employee retention by more deeply engaging employees in the vision and success of the business. The CEO engages employees in a two-way conversation about company culture via Yammer group conversations and by creating a poll. Employees at all levels share their ideas via the company newsfeed, making them feel more engaged and connected to the overall vision.
  15. 15. Shopping center group stays on trend with Yammer Objective Tactics Results Manage all aspects of shopping center development—from design and construction to leasing and management. Use Yammer to leverage the knowledge of managers, employees, and partners. • • • Quick response to retail trends via targeted communications Improved operations due to crowd-sourced insight Problems resolved in days rather than weeks “Retail is a very dynamic environment. Keeping up with changes and staying on trend is essential, and Yammer helps us do that. It allows people to share best practices, even across functions and geographies.” –Andy Hedges, Director of Shopping Center Management, Westfield Australia
  16. 16. Xerox accelerates innovation with Yammer Objectives • • Connect employees with the people and information they need in order to excel Merge two company cultures following an acquisition Tactics Results Deployed Yammer as a go-to place for employees to connect globally and innovate together. • • • Accelerated innovation Streamlined information flow Merged communications across two companies “There’s no question Yammer has helped us reduce the time it takes to go from a new idea or call to action to execution. It accelerates innovation.” - Gregory North, Vice President of Corporate Lean Six Sigma and Business Transformation, Xerox
  17. 17. How Microsoft can help you Attract, engage, and retain your employees Give employees a voice Explore social tools as a way to find people and information, and to communicate outside traditional organizational boundaries. Drive successful adoption Reach beyond Millenials and ensure that all employees are set up for success to take advantage of new social tools. Make social contextual— to get things done Use social in the context of a person, business, or process. Get started with Yammer. It's free and secure! Ask your account team for a Yammer success briefing. Talk to a Microsoft Solution Specialist about how you can integrate Yammer into your LOB apps.
  18. 18. Connect, collaborate, and share With social productivity tools Provide an intranet that is social, easy to use, and can connect employees, partners, and systems across the enterprise Time spent searching for company information is reduced by using social technologies An industrial design company adds social features to their SharePoint collaboration portal. Employees appreciate the ability to have vibrant discussions, post comments, “like” ideas, share, and cocreate content. Content can be easily shared with partners. Executives are able to gather and integrate realtime input from employees and partners on important initiatives, and can make changes quickly . is seen by organizations and companies
  19. 19. Retailer delivers a better shopping experience with Office 365 store portal Objective Tactics Results Empower employees across this multinational organization—from head office to stores—to connect and work together. Deploy Office 365 as a portal for collaboration and social engagement. • • • Improved information flow to support decision-making Increased employee engagement Improved working practices to create value for shoppers “[Office 365] will allow our colleagues to engage with each other and deliver an optimal shopping experience on any channel, as well as encouraging colleagues to share, re-use, and reward ideas and expertise.” –Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco
  20. 20. Retailer boosts collaboration with Office 365 Objectives • • Improve collaboration across 200+ store locations Reduce costs and shift IT focus from technical administration to business Tactics • • Migrated to Office 365 and SharePoint Online Implemented internal social network Results • • • Simplified IT management Improved usability and productivity Better collaboration and engagement "We could see that the Microsoft solution was very robust and complete, and we liked their strategy for integration between on-premises systems and cloud services.” – Leandro Balbinot, Chief Information Officer, Lojas Renner
  21. 21. Airport empowers decision makers with data sharing Objective Tactics Results Help people search through terabytes of data to find the information they need in order to make better decisions. Upgraded to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for enhanced search and social computing. • • • Improved productivity Increased information quality Provided better service to customers and partners “By using SharePoint 2013 features such as improved search, employees can find what they need sooner and get on with their decisions and jobs." -Cedric Krouri, IT Project Manager, Aéroports de Paris
  22. 22. How Microsoft can help you Connect, collaborate, and share Use social network data today Ask your account team for an immersive demonstration of social in the new Office. Make social pervasive in your organization Partner with Microsoft to develop an enterprise social collaboration strategy that will capitalize on products you already own. Enrich your 360° view on peer, partner, and customer relationships. Give people consistent, embedded social tools across browser, productivity suites, unified communication, and devices. Extend customer connection beyond sales & marketing Break down silos and enable joint customer value-creation with simple, powerful social tools for everyone in the business. Work with your account team on a “dynamic duo” trial of Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  23. 23. Connect employees, partners, and customers In real time across devices Get real-time access to people and information on any device to speed decisionmaking and move the business forward. Nearly 80% of workers spend at least some portion of their time working out of the office. An account manager is offsite with a customer and uses Yammer to find an expert who can help with a customer issue. He finds a partner with the experience he needs whose presence indicates she is available, so he IMs her the question. They start a secure Lync video call to discuss and resolve the issue in real time.
  24. 24. Construction company boosts productivity by replacing Google Apps with Office 365 Objective Tactics Results Find a productivity solution that offers unified communication capabilities and easier maintenance than Google Apps. Replaced Google Apps with Office 365 to take advantage of a full suite of collaboration and communication applications. Support productivity among mobile workforce through: • Voice mail and email in one place • Presence awareness • On-demand conferencing and chat “The availability of our employees, even when they’re on the go, is crucial for the success of our business. Microsoft Office 365 gives us enterprise-grade tools that work with software we already own, so we can keep our people connected to customers and suppliers at all times." -Muttia Alkhayyat, Chief Information Officer, UrbaCon General Contracting
  25. 25. Technology firm upgrades communications solution to strengthen company culture Objectives • • Connect a global workforce and remove organizational silos following acquisitions Support a large call center with continuous access to experts for technical support Tactics Results Upgraded to Microsoft Lync Server 2013 for all corporate communications, including presence, IM, conferencing, and voice. • • • • Improved productivity Helped create a common culture Reduced costs Simplified management “Since deploying Lync, we rely on it for communications. It’s how we know where people are, if they are available, and how to contact them to solve problems.” -Ivan Wood, Architect for Infrastructure and IT, Aspect
  26. 26. Regulator creates seamless collaboration experience with unified communications Objectives • • Increase business agility through improved communication and collaboration Avoid a costly PBX upgrade and reduce ongoing communication costs. Tactics Results Migrated to a unified communications platform using Lync Server, and deployed the Lync client for mobile devices. • • • Improved productivity through connected communications and mobile access Dramatically reduced costs Simplified support “Our goal is to be the world’s best converged regulator, and the ability to be agile through collaboration and communication is an essential factor in reaching and maintaining this standard.” -Carsten Larsen, General Manager Corporate Services and Coordination, ACMA
  27. 27. How Microsoft can help you Connect employees, partners, and customers Connect in real time Communicate in real time with colleagues, customers, and partners from virtually anywhere. Enable real-time collaboration Improve mobile productivity with voice & video using a single unified client across multiple devices. Speed decision-making Enable users to share information and expertise with colleagues, so they can resolve issues and move the business forward. Reduce cost & simplify management Reduce IT management costs and TCO with integration and shared infrastructure. See and test-drive Lync in our Customer Immersion Experience Centers. Download Lync and try it in your own environment, or trial Lync Online. Test drive Yammer. It's free and secure! Participate in a Business Value Assessment and Lync Technical Briefing.