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Millennials and the Next Generation of IT

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Perceptions and Influences on the Road to Public Cloud

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Millennials and the Next Generation of IT

  1. 1. Millennials and the Next Generation of IT Perceptions and Influences on the Road to Public Cloud September 2016 Research: 2,500 IT Professionals surveyed across US, UK, Brazil, Japan and India
  2. 2. Millennials and the changing IT landscape We set out to understand just how different Millennials are in the world of IT – what perspectives they bring to their role, what work environments and opportunities they are looking for from their employers and what technologies they are prioritizing – to get a glimpse into the transformation taking place within IT. We surveyed 2,500 IT workers across US, UK, Japan, Brazil and India. Millennials are leaning more heavily toward public cloud adoption, innovative technologies and looking for more flexibility in their roles than their peers. Their peers, perhaps influenced by their perspectives, are not far behind them.
  3. 3. 97% of Millennial ITDMs say connecting their public cloud solutions to their datacenter will still be important in 5 years 93% of Millennials believe their organization has apps that should be in public cloud that are not currently At a glance, findings indicate Millennials in IT…. 88% of Millennials say their organization’s policy and procedures don’t allow them to be as creative as they could at work 46% of Millennials are interested in learning about conversation bots on the job, more than their peers
  4. 4. In the U.S., more Millennials cite they are “very” comfortable hosting their company’s most essential applications or services on the public cloud (42 percent for Millennials; 32 percent for Gen X and Baby Boomers) Millennials in IT are on the front foot in cloud adoption & cutting edge cloud technologies 76% 42% 32% Over three- fourths (76 percent) of Millennials don’t see a lack of cloud skills as a barrier to public cloud adoption. In other words, they do not feel inhibited and instead empowered to acquire the skills they need.
  5. 5. Millennials in IT are on the front foot in cloud adoption and driving innovation Across all markets, Millennial technology decision makers (ITDMs) are nearly all in agreement (97 percent) that all organizations with data stored in the cloud should use container technology five years from now. Nearly half of Millennials are interested in learning about conversation bots on the job at 46 percent compared with 39 percent of non-Millennials, and 41 percent of Millennials are interested in robotics v. 30 percent of non- Millennials. In the U.S., nearly nine in 10 (87 percent) of Millennials v. 81 percent of Gen X and Baby Boomers believe it is important they work for an organization that allows them to use open-source technologies. Across the five markets surveyed, 41 percent of Millennials v. 34 percent of non-Millennials agree strongly they need to be able to use open-source technologies. varconnector=newbuilder.ConsoleConnector().listen(); varconnector=newbuilder.ConsoleConnector().listen(); varconnector=newbuilder.ConsoleConnector().listen(); 97% 46% 87%
  6. 6. Despite their cloud adoption, Millennials and IT pros in general believe hybrid is a priority and here to stay Nearly all (97 percent) ITDM millennials say that connecting to their datacenter will be important in five years’ time. Across markets, 85 percent of Millennials report their organizations use private cloud solutions currently.
  7. 7. Millennials in IT believe innovation is critical …Even if it comes with risk. More Millennials cite they are “very” willing to risk system downtime when introducing a new technology to make their workplace more efficient (41% compared with 34% for Gen X and Baby Boomers).
  8. 8. Millennials expect their employers to provide them the flexibility and creative liberties to do their work Across all markets, 88 percent of Millennials say their organization’s current IT policies and procedures don’t allow them to be as creative as they could be at work. Nine in 10 (90 percent) of Millennials say frequently using their own approach is faster than their organization’s preferred approach. One third of Millennials are more likely to say their approach is faster “all the time” (33 percent v. 29 percent Gen X and Baby Booomers). In fact, nearly 1 in 5 (19%) Millennials start looking for a new job if their organization does not take their suggestion to change an IT policy or process, more than non- millennials (roughly 1 in 10 or 13 percent).
  9. 9. Across all five markets, IT is showing an upswing toward cloud, new technologies and styles of work – perhaps influenced by their Millennial counterparts.
  10. 10. IT is leaning toward open, flexible and creative work environments in the cloud
  11. 11. How can organizations empower digital transformation in IT? • Encourage a culture that supports an agile, creative work environment, where IT feels empowered to bring new ideas to the table and ways of getting work done. • Provide support for on-the-job IT trainings where IT can further build their skillsets and learn about technologies that interests them. • Carve out space for incubation as an organization to experiment with new, emerging technologies, such as conversation bots, robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality.
  12. 12. Methodology • The Microsoft Survey “Millennials and the Next Generation of IT” was conducted by Wakefield Research among 1,281 ITDMs and 1,265 IT pros across the US, UK, Brazil, India and Japan between August 31st and September 13th, 2016 – for a total of 2,546 respondents – using an email invitation and an online survey.