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  1. 1. The Lifestyle Magazine Targeting 55+ in Greater Cleveland Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio COMING FALL 2015 Your Journey. Your Life. BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE CREATORS OF City,‘Burbs andParks Financial FitnessInYour 50’s,60’s andBeyond Medicare Plans What You MUST Know Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio 12Great Cleveland Area WalksCity,‘BurbsandParks Your Journey. Your Life. 5 Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio Medicare PlansWhat You MUST Know Your Journey. Your Life. Great Cleveland Area Walks YOGA FORA YOUNGER YOU! UNDERSTANDING ALZHEIMER’S Northeast Ohio and Beyond 12 CITY,‘BURBSANDPARKS BoomerYour Journey. Your Life.
  2. 2. AUDIENCE/DISTRIBUTION • 35,000 Circulation • Free distribution to 500+ locations targeting 55-75 year old affluent and 55-75 year old active Northeast Ohio residents • Doctor and other medical/hospital offices, physical therapy and pharmacies • Retail: Heinens, Giant Eagle, Discount Drug Mart, Marc’s select retailers shopping centers • Retirement communities, select retirement and independent living facilities and senior centers • Area aging agencies and other non-profits • Libraries • Fitness clubs, country clubs, spas and salons • Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops • Plus events thoughout the region and other high traffic outlets Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio C r h Target Scho Child Libra Groc Also, f subscr M 7lo 142,000+ Magazine Circulation 40,000 With 2.3 readers per copy 92,000 Monthly Reach With an addtional 50,000+ via digital exposure OUR MARKET COVERAGEMARKET COVERAGE THE MARKET • Baby Boomers (age 51-69) represent 36% of Northeast Ohio adults (#3 market for Boomers in the US)​ • Seniors (age 70+) represent 14% of Northeast Ohio adults • Reach the influential decision makers who comprise 50% of the market! Source: Scarborough Research, 2015 Cleveland DMAGreat Cleveland Area Walks YOGA FORA YOUNGER YOU! UNDERSTANDING ALZHEIMER’S Northeast Ohio and Beyond 12 CITY,‘BURBSANDPARKS BoomerYour Journey. Your Life.
  3. 3. Health/Wellness Travel Finance/Insurance Content Areas Fitness/Recreation Food/Nutrition Housing Relationships Work Retirement Entertainment Education Technology Home Style Personal Discovery Aging in Place PROS AND CONS THE NEW WAVE OF FINANCIAL FITNESS In Your 50’s, 60’s and Beyond PLANNED SENIOR COMMUNITIES Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio Your Journey. Your Life. CHARTER ADVERTISER RATES Rates 1-2 Issues 3 Issues 6+ Issues Full page $1,950 $1,775 $1,675 2/3 page $1,550 $1,300 $1,175 1/2 page $1,150 $1,050 $950 1/3 page $850 $675 $600 1/4 page $600 $550 $500 1/6 page $450 $400 $375 Premium Positions Back Cover $2,350 $2,200 $2,100 Inside Front/Back, Page 3 $2,150 $1,975 $1,900 CONTENT FOCUS • Active healthy living in Northeast Ohio • Embracing your current age • Upbeat and positive coverage of present day realities • Driven by experts from the Local Editorial Advisory Board Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio
  4. 4. Brought to you by Mitchell Media LLC Publishers of Brad Mitchell, Publisher • P.O. Box 1088 • Hudson, Ohio 44236 (330) 822-4011 • Sales@NortheastOhioParent.com 1May 2015 • NortheastOhioParent.com NortheastOhioParent.com it's just me with * monica potter maY 2015 Free! Family Living At Its Best HOllywOOd Actress ANd PAreNtHOOd stAr tAlks AbOut MOtHerHOOd, clevelANd ties plan the perFect partY we've PiNNed dOwN eAsy wAys tO get yOu stArted! opening Your heart and home fOster cAre Celebrate with Mom! MOtHer’s dAy fuN, PAge 49 May 2015 Aging Answers 1 May 2015 Healing Well Rehabilitation 101 Capture Moments with your loved ones Plus Perfect Parent Gifts Just What They Wanted ISSUE DATES DEADLINES Issue Distribution Date Space Reservation Materials Due Fall 2015 Oct. 21 Oct. 6 Oct. 9 ​ Jan/Feb 2016 Jan. 15 Dec. 30 Jan. ​5 Mar/April March 11 Feb. 25 March 2 May/June May 9 April 22 April 27 July/Aug July 8 June 23 June 28 Sept/Oct Sept. 9 Aug. 25 Aug. 29 Nov/Dec Nov. 9 Oct. 25 Oct. 28 Boomerand Beyond Northeast Ohio Chris Geer (330) 614-8471 Chris@NortheastOhioParent.com Janyse Heidy (330) 671-3886 Janyse@NortheastOhioParent.com Tarah King (216) 403-3961 Tarah@NortheastOhioParent.com Michelle Vacha (440) 463-0146 Michelle@NortheastOhioParent.com For Advertising Opportunities Contact