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The University of Florida Buyer Persona

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How the University of Florida can help you.

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The University of Florida Buyer Persona

  1. 1. Background • High school senior in the process of applying to four-year universities. • Has a strong academic background and is involved in leadership roles through extracurricular activities. Demographics • Male/Female • Ages 17-18 • High school student Identifiers • Strong work ethic • Enthusiastic about college
  2. 2. Goals • Graduate in four years with a bachelor degree • Gain exposure to different cultures Challenges • Making a large campus feel small and close-knit • Getting offered scholarships to ease financial burden How We Help • Offer over 1,000 student organizations to capture diversity and multiple interests • State-of-the-art facilities, mentorship and financial aid assistance
  3. 3. Real Quotes • “I’m really excited to begin the next chapter in education, I just want to make sure I follow my heart.” • “I want to go to a college that will not only challenge me academically, but socially and culturally.” Common Objections • If I go to a small, liberal arts college I will be more likely to get the one-on-one attention I’m getting in high school • Instate tuition is always rising, if I don’t get need-based assistance, how will I pay for school and housing?
  4. 4. Marketing Message • The University of Florida is committed to developing well- rounded students not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of adult life. • Our faculty aren’t just educators, we’re pioneers of our field. Studying here means always looking to the future about how we can better our world. Elevator Pitch • At the end of your time at UF, not only will your diploma represent academic achievement, but lasting memories that will only enhance your contribution to making the