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Michael Oczowinski Resume

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Michael Oczowinski Resume

  1. 1. MICHAEL E. OCZOWINSKI mikeocz@roadrunner.com 6 Old Schoolhouse Road (716) 685-5565 Lancaster, New York 14086 PROGRAM MANAGEMENT ♦ SENIOR QUALITY ASSURANCE ♦ PROJECT MANAGEMENT Poised to outperform in Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality & Performance Improvement Across Diverse Corporate Cultures and Product Lines. SUMMARY High performance, dynamic Senior Program Management / Quality Assurance professional with a bottom-line focus and outstanding qualifications gained through a career progression of diverse, challenging and increasingly responsible assignments in the Aerospace & Defense industry. A pragmatic problem solver with the ability to see the "big picture" while staying on top of the details. Delivers outstanding cost, quality and profitability improvements to multi-million dollar manufacturing operations. A seasoned world traveler with an aptitude for negotiating and developing cross-cultural alliances.  Demonstrated ability to forge collaborative relationships and deliver key results that exceed expectations from a financial and strategic goal perspective.  Strong business acumen, organizationally savvy, and technology fluent. A hands-on, value-based leader with an established ability to inspire, energize, and motivate teams to maximum productivity.  Business strategist with a talent for planning and managing projects that align with business goals to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.  Excellent analytical / critical thinking skills with a consistent record of anticipating problems and finding solutions, while exhibiting superior judgment and a balanced, realistic understanding of issues.  Expertise in integration of lean manufacturing concepts and statistical process control to enhance capabilities and reduce costs.  Change agent with track record of capitalizing on wide-ranging talents and knowledge to successfully integrate diverse product lines and corporate cultures. PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES  Planning & Organizational Leadership ♦ Systems Integration ♦ ISO 9000 / AS9100  Budgets & Forecasting ♦ Leadership ♦ Communication  Systems Quality & Performance Improvement ♦ Training & Coaching ♦ Negotiations  Production Processes & Standards ♦ Customer Relations ♦ Cost Management  Cross-Functional Team Building ♦ Program Management ♦ Business Development  Professional / Technical Staffing ♦ Continuous Improvement ♦ Compliance  Lean Productivity, Efficiency & Yield Improvement ♦ Resource Deployment ♦ Quality Assurance PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE PCB PIEZOTRONICS INCORPORATED, Depew, NY 2004 - 2015 PCB Piezotronics designs and manufactures sensors to measure vibration, acoustics, force, pressure, load, strain, shock and torque. Senior Program Manager Successfully established PCB capabilities and presence as a major supplier to the heretofore untapped Aerospace and Defense industry.  Captured >$20M contract award for supplying engine vibration sensors for GEnx Engine, first time achievement for PCB.  Secured program awards to supply sensors for Boeing, Lockheed, Goodrich, GE, and Unison.  Boosted program business from $0.00 in 2003 to $6.5M per year in 2010.  Identified, negotiated, and executed two largest contracts in PCB history.  Established new standard for submittal of major proposals to customers.  As member of the PCB AS9100 implementation team, earned PCB certification in 2005.
  2. 2. MICHAEL E. OCZOWINSKI mikeocz@roadrunner.com Page Two Senior Program Manager continued  Enhanced numerous business relations with many domestic and international customers.  Serve as Program Team Leader from proposal stage through negotiation of contract pricing and terms, design, manufacturing, qualification, and production shipments.  Established and maintained exceptional working relationship with all customers to maximize profit.  Secured 80% improvement in product performance and >$100,000+ in cost savings by resolving hardware issue for $3,000 units that were formerly discarded due to test failures.  Successfully managed numerous, concurrent programs supporting many customers. MOOG INC., East Aurora, NY 1990 - 2003 Moog Inc. is a global designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems. Senior Program Manager (2001 – 2003) Achieved fast-track promotions across several divisions for leading aerospace company due to performance excellence. Relocated from California to corporate headquarters to serve as primary interface between customers and company on multiple programs. Directed manifold, concurrent major programs, ranging from start-up phase through follow-on phase of varying technical complexity, with annual sales value ranging from $5M to $20M.  Ensured compliance with all contractual requirements and advised management of program status and potential problem areas.  Worked on many complex space-based products, mechanical actuation, hydraulic actuation, and digital controllers, which included certified software and firmware.  Coordinated multifaceted program activities from contract award through hardware and software delivery.  Organized major design and manufacturing reviews with customers and internally.  Primary communication link between customer and internal functional departments.  Orchestrated future development, initial production, and follow-on production programs while establishing projected profits.  Developed and implemented budget and schedule constraints, while monitoring program earned value (EVMS) and product performance.  Proactively established program direction while addressing customer concerns relating to schedule, cost or technical issues. MOOG INC., SCHAEFFER MAGNETICS DIVISION (SMD), Chatsworth Operations, CA Director of Quality and Information Management Systems 1998 – 2001) Member of senior management team involved with strategic planning and implementation for industry-leading manufacturer of electro-mechanical actuators for various satellite applications. Planned, organized, managed and established quality assurance policy direction and requirements for $20M division. Managed operating budget of $2M and supervised cross-functional team of quality engineers, auditors, inspectors, and support staff.  Coordinated integration of computer hardware and software needs with corporate IMS management to achieve required efficiencies.  Led initiative to establish and integrate complex quality programs throughout newly acquired organization, ensuring compliance with customer, government and corporate requirements, and meeting division and company quality objectives.  Spearheaded major cost initiatives and lead-time reduction projects, including first self-directed work group.  Trained and established work groups to manage their own daily work schedule.  Slashed scrap costs by over 65% by implementing awareness and corrective action systems.  Designed root cause documentation and reporting system.  Reduced overall QA budget by over 50% while increasing value of department.  Cut overhead staff by 50% and increased department responsibilities.  Implemented quality audit operator program throughout assembly, test, and manufacturing operations, providing hands-on leadership. Achieved measurable product and process increases and efficiencies and eliminated need for additional inspections.  Jettisoned all tollgate inspections.
  3. 3. MICHAEL E. OCZOWINSKI mikeocz@roadrunner.com Page Three Director of Quality and Information Management Systems continued  Saved over $100K in outside consulting costs by leading quality team toward implementation and compliance of ISO9000 and AS9100 quality standards.  Moved compliance audit process inside, which permitted issues to be identified and corrected immediately. Trained auditors from all departments to accept ownership of process. MOOG INC., Torrance Operations, CA Quality Engineering Supervisor (1995 - 1998) Promoted, and relocated to California, to integrate corporate quality organization into Aircraft Group facility. Member of senior staff and operations manufacturing staff involved with strategic planning.  Guided quality function through high growth phase from $55M to $80M with no increase in staffing or budget.  Implemented statistical process control system that was honored with “Best in Industry” classification from Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed.  Captured more than 50% in overall savings by instituting computerized 3-dimensional inspection system that reduced inspection department backlog and cycle time.  Directed internal and external quality audit systems and functions, including ISO-9001, Boeing DI-9000, and MIL-Q-9858. Never failed customer or government quality systems audit.  Received MRB authority and source delegation on all programs, significantly reducing lead-time and cost.  Achieved 100% customer satisfaction regarding quality ratings and delivery within 18 months.  Went from 28% on-time rating and 65% quality rating to 100% in both categories, and maintained level throughout tenure.  Key member of management team awarded McDonnell (Boeing) Silver Supplier rating overall and Gold Rating for SPC (rarely achieved).  Honored with multiple customer recognition awards for excellent delivery, perfect quality rating, and superior customer service. MOOG INC., East Aurora, NY Senior Quality Engineer (1990 - 1995) Coordinated domestic and internal programs; established customer and vendor quality systems. Worked on diverse major military, commercial, engines, and helicopters programs.  Spearheaded numerous successful cost and lead-time reduction projects.  Engineered and incorporated statistical process control within final assembly and test departments.  Coordinated and managed smooth and trouble-free transfer of QA division from Florida to New York.  Launched and integrated quality assurance systems and training at business units in Taiwan, Israel, Florida and California. Established highest level of quality ratings in meeting customer requirements. EDUCATION B.S., Industrial Engineering Technology, State University College at Buffalo, NY CERTIFICATIONS  APICS Certification Classes (American Production and Inventory Control Society)  Statistical Process Control, Probability and Statistics, Regression Analysis (Canisius College, Buffalo, NY)  Certificate in Supervisory Studies and Labor Relations (Cornell University, Western District Buffalo, NY) COMPUTER SKILLS  Microsoft Windows; Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Access; Western Data Systems (WDS); Proprietary Systems