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  2. What is Sewing? Is a craft where you stitch fabrics together Sewing can be done by hand or by sewing machine
  3. COMPLETE TOOLS IN SEWING A. Measuring Tools B. Cutting Tools C. Marking Tools D. Sewing Tools
  4. Measuring tools Tape Measure- Used for taking body measurement as well as cloth. Metal Gauge- movable marker that measures short distance.
  5. French Curve- used for drafting curves in the pattern of arms and neckline. Meter Stick- used to measure fabric
  6. Other measuring tools  Ruler  Hem Gauge  Tailor’s Square
  7. Cutting tools Dressmaking Shears- big scissors are used for cutting fabric. Pinking Shears- scissors with serrated blades or zigzag edges used for cutting fabric edge
  8. Thread Clippers- small tool used for snipping thread. Stitch Ripper- used to open seams as well as other detailed work
  9. Marking tools Tailor’s Chalk- Hard square wax usually color orange used to mark the seamlines. Soft Pencil- used in pattern construction.
  10. Tracing Wheel- used to transfer the marks in the pattern to the fabric. Tracing Paper- used with the tracing wheel to transfer marks.
  11. Other cutting tools  Sewing scissor  Light Trimmers  Stitch Ripper
  12. Sewing tools Needles- has one sharp at the end and a hole at other end Long Darner- long thick needle for mending holes in heavy fabrics.
  13. Beading needles- used for decorative work. Pins- to hold pieces of fabric
  14. Other sewing tools  Pin Cushion  Emery Bag  Threads
  15.  Needle Threader  Thimble
  16. A. Classify the following material. Write MT if measuring tool, CT if cutting tool, KT if marking tool, and ST if sewing tool. Write your answer on space provided. ___1. Pin cushion ___2. Soft Pencil ___3. Beading Needle ___4. Stitch Ripper ___5. Ruler ___6. Needle Threader ___7. Dressmaking Shear ___8. Meter Stick ___9. Tape Measure ___10. Thread
  17. B. Choose you answer on the box. Write only the letter of the correct answer. a. Threads d. French Curve b. Tracing Wheel e. Pins c. Needles f. Thimble 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.