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MRMacKenzie CV

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MRMacKenzie CV

  1. 1.  07919520577  michaelrogersmackenzie@gmail.com  5 Windmill Road, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, County Down, BT24 7DX Education 2013-2016 Durham University F600 BSc (Hons) Geology Obtained 2:1 Completed a Double Module Dissertation as part of my Third Year,which involved 6 weeks of independent fieldwork studying the regional geology of Connemara, followed by an 11,000-word report detailing my observations. 2006-2013 Methodist College Belfast Attained:  10 As at GCSE  3 As at A Level - Biology, Geography, Geology Work Experience September 2017 KPMG Graduate Programme - Audit ACA / CA - Empowered September 2016-Present M&S Café Barista June 2016 Labour Campaigner  Volunteered to campaign with Labour in County Durham on the day of the EU Referendum  Worked in a team going door-to-door asking if people had voted, if they were planning to vote, and if unsure, trying to convince them to vote Remain October 2015 Extra in Game ofThrones Season 6 June 2015 St. Mary’s College Open Day Ambassador  Worked on University wide open days, specifically in St. Mary’s, greeting prospective applicants to the college  Involved taking large groups on tours around the site, which meant having a deep knowledge and passion about the college, as well as the proficiency in public speaking 2014-2015 Durham Alumni Relations Office  Worked as a Telephone Fundraiser for the University, calling alumni, discussing their experiences and asking for donations to campaigns going on across the university  The role involves strong communication and customer service skills, with an in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm in the university also being required December 2014-January 2015 Next PLC Michael MacKenzie
  2. 2.  Employed as temporary sales support staff over the Christmas period at Next in Donegal Square, Belfast, developing customer service skills in a retail environment July 2012 Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, Belfast  Working in the laboratory with equipment testing water samples for levels of chlorine, phosphorus, carbon and other contaminants  Using microscopes to determine levels of phytoplankton in samples, work contributing to the ‘Toxic Phytoplankton Monitoring Programme’,which would go on to be used by local government 2011-2012 Fullerton House Belfast  Worked as a classroom assistant in the preparatory department of my school alongside a teacher in a class of 20 pupils aged 9/10 years old  Main role was to support the teaching staff in helping an autistic boy complete his work and aid his academic development  Other work included leading small groups to support assignment completion, and marking responsibilities July 2011 National Museums Northern Ireland  Worked alongside the Curator of Geology arranging and setting up meetings for the Belfast Geologist’s Society, as well as sorting through and organising collections in the museum’s off-site storage facility College Involvement Durham University is a collegiate university, which offers many opportunities for personal growth in getting involved and undertaking roles throughout college. -Awarded College Half Colours in 2015 -Awarded College Full Colours in 2016 2015-2016  Social Secretary ofSt. Mary’s College- I was elected for this role within the College Executive Committee, which involves leading the organisation of events for the 800-person college. In charge of severalsub-committees, I am responsible for formals, balls, and event nights outside of Durham.  Head ofEntertainment for St. Mary’s College Midsummer Ball 2016  “Boulder” in St. Mary’s College Pantomime 2015 2014-2015  Informal Secretary ofSt. Mary’s College Social Committee- I was chosen to be in charge of the Informal Events of College, which involved the Hallowe’en Informal, and the Informal Ball.  Social Secretary ofSt. Mary’s College Tennis Club  Secretary ofMary’s DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee)  Head ofEntertainment for St. Mary’s College Midsummer Ball- Chosen to be in charge of the Entertainment at the biggest event in the college calendar, going from 6pm to 6am. With a budget of over £36,000 for the event, I liaised with local businesses to bring
  3. 3. fairground rides, entertainers, food stalls etc. into the college for the night, and ensure everything ran smoothly on the day (and night) of the event.  Member ofMary’s Day Committee 2013-2014  Tech coordinator for St. Mary’s College Drama Society  College Social Committee  General member ofSt. Mary’s College Tennis Club