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Michael A. Hopkins
16 E. Evans Way, Aston, PA 19014
Senior-Level Engineering Man...
Senior Manager, 787-8 Mechanical-Hydraulics Dept Everett, WA
January 2009 – January 2010 Special Assignment # 1
Senior Man...
Activities and Leadership
 Member: PHL Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)
 Member: Boeing Leadership Association
 Mentor: ...
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  1. 1. Michael A. Hopkins 16 E. Evans Way, Aston, PA 19014 610-357-5347 Senior-Level Engineering Management Professional Profile  High-performing senior manager with expertise in building/optimizing multi-skill teams, program management systems, organizational processes, and infrastructure to maximize business results in engineering and manufacturing environments.  Proven leader who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key operational targets/goals – known for rapid and continued customer satisfaction.  Versed in complete value-stream of commercial and military aircraft production; experienced in engineering, operations, business management, and organizational development. Areas of Expertise  Engineering Design, Development, Qualification, and Certification (Including Supplier Oversight) o Structures and Mechanical/Hydraulic Systems Emphasis  Program Management (Integrated Scheduling, Earned Value, Risk Management, Affordability)  People Development (Team Building, Training and Leadership, Career Shaping)  Organizational Design (Process Optimization, Operating Rhythms, Productivity Improvements) Professional Experience The Boeing Company 1994-Present Senior Engineering Manager, Philadelphia Design Center Ridley Park, PA Feb 2010 – Oct 2013, Nov 2014- Present Senior Manager overseeing multiple, complex work statements through various Commercial and Military aircraft programs as part of the Boeing Cross-Enterprise Design/Build Team.  Grew Aircraft Systems team from 9 members to 65 through targeted fulfillment of critical, multi- program work statements on various Boeing programs (primarily 787, but also 737, 767 Tanker, 777, V22 and CH47). Manage $22M annual budget.  Maintain a vast customer and resource network through sound performance, model leadership, and rapid responsiveness to ever-changing scope and resource requirements.  Oversee accomplishment of multiple work statements and hundreds of engineering releases throughout the entire aircraft component and structures spectrum.  Deployed action and teams for: 787 battery fire root cause and corrective action, 787 moisture control redesign, 767-2C wiring installation recovery, and numerous individual equipment- management recovery roles. Team Leader, Flight Improvement Team Boeing Flightline, Charleston, SC October 2013 – October 2014 Special Assignment # 2 Recruited by executive leadership to develop and implement a multi-skill team to reduce pre-delivery engineering and build issues, enable delivery process for production rate increases, and institute programmatic controls for continued, turnkey application.  Built a team of engineers, mechanics, supplier managers, quality assurance, and flight operations from the ground-up to resolve a growing surge of Flightline delivery impediments.  Implemented an operations-quality oversight system to drive downward recurring manufacturing build issues in Final Assembly – reduced non-conformance count by 50%.  Enacted an engineering component get-well plan which significantly improved low-reliability component and system performance.  Drove up customer satisfaction by cutting average Flight Squawk count in half and reducing total flights to delivery by 45% (per plane); trends continuing positively to this day.
  2. 2. Senior Manager, 787-8 Mechanical-Hydraulics Dept Everett, WA January 2009 – January 2010 Special Assignment # 1 Senior Manager for Boeing Commercial Aircraft overseeing 5 First Level Managers with a total staff of 140 people. Responsible for First Flight and Entry-into-Service Readiness of the Landing Gear, Brakes, and Mechanical-Hydraulic Systems of the 787 “Dreamliner”.  Technically and programmatically responsible for design, development, qualification, and certification of the left, center, and right hydraulic systems.  Exhibited rapid integration into the BCA leadership team and exacted precise execution over an unfamiliar platform.  Instituted new program controls, rebuilt supplier relationships, made marked improvements in employee morale and hence productivity.  Oversaw successful First Flight and Entry-into-Service performance. First Level Manager, SkyHook HLV Program Advanced Systems, Ridley Park, PA June 2008 - December 2009 Responsible for design, development, procurement, and production of the developmental SkyHook Airship. Subordinate systems include the airframe, lighter-than-air dirigible, landing gear, flight deck and crew accommodation module, cargo handling system, and all dynamic components.  Handled multiple program start-up responsibilities including: institution of standards tools and processes, baseline development with required developmental activity, supplier procurement plan, risk management, certification plan, and staffing.  Technically responsible for trade study development and down-select of major aircraft systems.  Created numerous specification documents; from requirements to system integration to supplier statements of work. First Level Manager, Payloads/Landing Gear IPT V22 Program, Ridley Park, PA July 2004 – June 2008 Directly responsible for design, development, procurement, production, and installation of numerous mission critical and flight-critical components including: landing gear, cargo handling, crew systems, rescue hoist, and furnishings and equipment.  Successful in establishing new developmental baselines and supplier sourcing efforts for primary landing gear components including the V22 landing gear components.  Established strong working relationships with numerous landing gear suppliers (Messier-Dowty, GE-Yakima, Triumph Actuation Systems CT, Goodrich Landing Gear Company).  Solid project manager with sound EVM skills as witnessed by successful baselining, monitoring, and mitigation of numerous, complex technical programs. Stress Analyst, Rotorcraft Programs Ridley Park, PA July 1994 – July 2004 Served in various stress analyst roles of increasing responsibility through multiple rotorcraft programs such as the V22 Osprey, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-47 Chinook, and the AH-64 Apache.  Successfully managed the installation and qualification of the V22 Block B Rescue Hoist, Fastrope, and Gunner’s Belt Hookpoint Systems at Patuxent River Naval Base. Integrated all Static Test Article ballistic damage repair and the retrofit of new structural components.  As Lead Stress Engineer for the CV22 ATA Program, provided technical oversight in repairing all structural deviations and coordinated IPT inputs for airframe modifications.  Developed and implemented a standard analysis format and repository for all airframe non- conformance evaluations which resulted in a 33% reduction in MRB turn-around time.  Developed cost savings proposals such as composite to cast aluminum conversions for select parts and a Standard Repair Manual for recurring structural discrepancies in assembly and detail shops.
  3. 3. Activities and Leadership  Member: PHL Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)  Member: Boeing Leadership Association  Mentor: Maintain developmental appointments with 6 formal mentees  Longtime coach of youth baseball and football with Aston Valley Athletic Association.  Chairman of Company Projects and Special Opportunities Committee, Boeing Philadelphia High Potential (HIPO) Organization. Education  Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Widener University (Graduated with Honors)  Specialized Coursework in Project Management at Penn State Great Valley  Dale Carnegie Leadership Course  Graduated “Boeing Engineering Leadership Program,” via Special Nomination, November 2014  Completed Boeing Program Manager’s Workshop, March 2015  Completed Villanova Six Sigma Workshop (Green Belt), June 2015