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Optimize Your Google Plus Hovercard - GPlus Tips and Tricks

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In this slide presentation Stephan Hovnanian takes you through all the places where the Google Plus Hovercard appears on Google Plus and throughout all Google Products. You Tube, Google Drive, Google Plus comments, Gmail, Chat, Drive Chat and many more.

It's important to understand that your Google Plus Hovercard is like your digital business card and that since it appears in over 24 locations that any time a person mouses over your profile name in any of these places your information shows up and they can choose to circle you or not. Thus it is imperative you optimize your hovercard.

Take a look at these few slides and when you get to the last one you will find a link to Stephan's website for even greater detail into how you should optimize your hovercard.

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Optimize Your Google Plus Hovercard - GPlus Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. The Google+ Hovercard Your Calling Card Across All Google By Stephan Hovnanian Compiled for drive by Michael Bennett
  2. 2. Your Calling Card Across Google: The Hovercard By now, if you’ve spent any time on social media, you will be familiar with hovercards: those “mini business cards” that pop up when you hover over someone’s name. Emphasis on business. You see, when optimized correctly, your hovercard becomes a digital business card across that entire social network. And the more often you interact with posts, status updates, photos, etc. on that network, the more times your hovercard will be “handed out” to other users. If you’re constantly posting thoughtful, inspiring content in your comments and posts, other users will want to know more about you, so they’ll simply hover over your name. Clicking on your name will typically take the user to your profile page, but on nearly all hovercards across social media, the user has the ability to “follow” you, right there on the spot.
  3. 3. Is Your Hovercard Optimized for Networking Since your hovercard travels with you everywhere you post (and more, see below), a well-tuned combination of text and graphics will do wonders for your networking across a social channel. Below, I’ll cover the basics of the Google+ hovercard, which can be found in more than fifteen places across various Google properties. Think about that: this is an incredible opportunity to make an impression on people, and one that goes beyond the social network itself!
  4. 4. 24 Places That Display Your Hovercard Across Google
  5. 5. Optimizing Your G+ Profile Means Optimizing Your Social Business Card Looking at the slide above at everywhere you can “hand out” your Google+ “business card.” Do you see how 2nd-degree connections, and even pure strangers, could connect with you, boosting your network and influence across Google’s properties? So, while you’re busy posting, sharing, commenting, and +1′ing, make sure your profile is ready to get that instant “Add to Circles” when someone mouses over your name or profile photo. Here’s what to put in various fields in your profile to optimize your Google+ hovercard: For more details on these fields, head to http://www.websighthangouts.com/google-plus-hovercard
  6. 6. Pulling It all Together An optimized Google+ Profile — at least the fields that are displayed in the hovercard — will tell your audience who you are, what circles to put you in, and what you can do for them. The ultimate networking tool. As more people look for ways to establish influence and authority on Google+, your optimized hovercard will undoubtedly help you become their go-to resource for your area of expertise. Have you optimized your hovercards across your social media footprint? See the original post here: http://www.websighthangouts.com/google-plus-hovercard Pin the full article: http://pinterest.com/pin/259097784785363608/