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How to Drive Engagement with Photos

Created by the team at Twenty20.

Looking for more results on social media?

Success on social is no longer about just building a massive audience. It is all about nurturing an engaged community.

Social media has changed. With the floods of content being posted everyday, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others are all adapting to make sure that the best, most relevant content is surfaced to the users. This means that they care about engagement more than ever before. Old techniques like buying followers will only hurt your post delivery now. Check out the deck below to learn how focusing on posting great photos will have the biggest impact on driving engagement for social media marketing.

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How to Drive Engagement with Photos

  1. engagement with photos. How to drive
  2. On social media, even if you have successfully grown a following for your brand…
  3. Most of your posts won’t be seen by your followers.
  4. They get lost in time-based feeds or hidden by complex news feed algorithms.
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  6. For example, Facebook’s algorithm focuses on all of these factors plus many more: TechCrunch • Popularity of creator’s past posts
 Likes, comments, shares, clicks with everyone.
 • Post performance
 Popularity of this post with everyone who has already seen it. • Estimated interest
 Popularity of the creator’s past posts with the viewer.
 • Format preference
 Performance of the type of post (status update, photo, video, link) with the viewer in the past.
 • Recency
 Time that the post was first published.
  7. For example, Facebook’s algorithm focuses on all of these factors plus many more: Facebook’s Golden Ratio Delivery of a Post = # of engagements (likes, comments, shares) # of people that see post (followers, friends, promoted impressions) If your post has a high ratio, your content will be seen more, organically.
  8. This means, don’t buy followers! Buying followers that do not engage with your content will sabotage your Golden Ratio.
  9. The only way to get your content seen is to make it very engaging.
  10. Engagement will extend the reach of your posts and increase the worth of your marketing dollars.
  11. Posting great photos is the best way to engage with your audience. Key Takeaway:
  12. Twitter Tweets with images receive 150% more re-tweets.
  13. eMarketer Photo posts drive 87% of Facebook pages’ engagement.
  14. Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate for brands is 4.21% higher than any other social network. Forrester (all posts are photos)
  15. Across the board, the best performing type of visual content is UGC. (user-generated content)
  16. UGC authentically has the style and feel that users expect from their friends on social.
  17. Use UGC in your marketing so your followers will engage with your brand in a similar way.
  18. FREE WEBINAR How to Drive Revenue with Photos. Learn how to drive revenue with photos 
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