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#TDC18 - MetaPack - Welcome and trends in delivery

Patrick is very pleased to be welcoming everyone to the Delivery Conference, now in its ninth year and will be providing the industry with its first opportunity 'post Peak' to review key trends from the prior year and discuss what changes and developments may shape the future. Here, Patrick will take us through the 2017 peak performance and highlight major year-on-year trends in eCommerce delivery. He will feature key conclusions from MetaPack's recent consumer research and give MetaPack 's view of noteworthy eCommerce trends over the next three years.
Learn more about MetaPack's The Delivery Conference 2018 (#TDC18) at the event website https://www.thedeliveryconference.com.

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#TDC18 - MetaPack - Welcome and trends in delivery

  1. 1. Leaders & Heroes THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE PATRICK WALL Founder Welcome and Trends in Delivery Leaders & Heroes
  2. 2. Welcome and Trends in Delivery P A T R I C K W A L L F O U N D E R , M E T A P A C K
  3. 3. THE CHANGING FACE OF PEAK 201 5 201 6 201 7 Weekly Despatched Volume
  4. 4. PEAK VOLUMES 2017 0 500,000 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 2,500,000 C Y B E R W E E K E N D P R E - C H R I S T M A S W E E K E N D
  5. 5. POST CYBER WEEKEND UK Carrier Heat Map 2015
  6. 6. POST CYBER WEEKEND UK Carrier Heat Map 2016
  7. 7. POST CYBER WEEKEND UK Carrier Heat Map 2017
  8. 8. CROSS BORDER % Daily International Volume 2016-2017 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 2016 2017
  9. 9. 70M+ 25% 3.2M Parcels from cyber weekend to new year Increase from 2016 Peak Parcels processed on Peak Day PEAK 2017 IN NUMBERS
  10. 10. AGENDA 01 MORNING PLENARY – BALLROOM 07:30 ‐ 09:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee / Exhibition Opens 09:00 ‐ 09:15 Patrick Wall, Founder & Director - MetaPack - Welcome and Trends in Delivery 09:15 ‐ 09:45 Sir Ian Cheshire, Chairman, Debenhams 09:45 ‐ 10:15 Nick Wheeler, Founder & Chairman, Charles Tyrwhitt 10:15 ‐ 10:45 Dr Ludwig Hausmann, Partner, McKinsey & Company 10:45 ‐ 11:15 Morning Coffee Break
  11. 11. AGENDA 02 ECOMMERCE & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STREAM Introduced by Christine Mullin, CFO, MetaPack THEATRE 1: LOOKING FORWARD Sponsored by: SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics LOGISTICS & CARRIERS STREAM Introduced by Tom Forbes, VP International, MetaPack THEATRE 2: DELIVERY DOWNLOAD SOLUTIONS THEATRE Introduced by Simon Croft, Carrier Account Director, MetaPack Sponsored by: Naqel Express 11:15 ‐ 11:30 Quinten Francken-Bosman, Group Shipping & Procurement Director, Photobox Martijn de Lange, CEO, Hermes Rajeeb Chowdhury, Chief of Customer Services & Planning, Naqel Express 11:30 ‐ 11:45 Justin Irvine, Commercial Director, SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics Dr. Achim Dünnwald, CEO, DHL Parcel John Acton, Strategic Consultant, 4PX 11:45 ‐ 12:00 Thibaud Lecuyer, COO & Co-Founder, Dafiti Sandrine Lagrost, Retail Marketing Manager, UPS Ellis Pitt, Head of Brand & Communications, BJS Distribution 12:00 ‐ 12:15 Olivier Theulle, COO, Fnac Darty Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director, Post Parcels James Campbell, Partner, Aramex Global Solutions 12.15 - 12.30 Audience Q&A Patrick Gallagher, Group CEO, On The Dot Olivier Binet, Head of International Markets, In Post & Integer Group 12:30 ‐ 12:45 Audience Q&A Neil Ashworth, Chief Commercial Officer, Yodel and CEO, Collect+ Gavin Williams, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, XPO Logistics
  12. 12. AGENDA 03 12:45 ‐ 14:15 Lunch / Roundtable discussions 12:45 ‐ 13:15 Theatre 2 - Roundtable A: Brexit & Customs - Blujay Solutions; IMRG; Bleckmann; University of Kent/Chatham House - moderated by Tom Forbes, VP International, MetaPack 13:15 ‐ 13:45 Theatre 2 - Roundtable B: GDPR and implications for eCommerce: Doddle; Dunnhumby; Gallagher; Bird&Bird - moderated by David Jack, Global CIO, MetaPack ECOMMERCE & CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STREAM Introduced by Duncan Licence, VP Global Solutions, MetaPack THEATRE 1: DATA & INTELLIGENCE LOGISTICS & CARRIERS STREAM Introduced by Ton ter Laak, Senior VP Sales, MetaPack THEATRE 2: LEADERS & HEROES Sponsored by LastMileLink SOLUTIONS THEATRE Introduced by Simon Croft, Carrier Account Director, MetaPack 14:15 ‐ 14:30 Alistair Stirling, Industry Head, Retail, Google Santosh Sahu, CEO, LastMileLink Technologies Andrew Curran, CEO, Retain.me 14:30 ‐ 14:45 Data Panel: CACI Ltd, Experian, OC&C - moderated by Robyn Todd, Senior Product Manager, MetaPack Frank Proud, Director, Apex Insight TBC Roger Morris, Head of Royal Mail Parcels, Royal Mail Stephen Booth, Senior Director - Omni- channel distribution, Bleckmann 14:45 - 15:00 15:00 - 15:15 MetaPack: Delivery Intelligence & Carrier Mapping Raising the bar: responding to consumer needs: Exaactly, What3Words, Localz, Stuart, Brisqq Moderated by Steve Borges, Co- Bassel El Koussa, CEO & Co- Founder, Quiqup eCommerce: the 3 year view from MetaPack15:15 ‐ 15:30 Mark Harrison, Head of Markets, International Post
  13. 13. AGENDA 04 15:30 ‐ 16:00 Afternoon Coffee Break AFTERNOON PLENARY – BALLROOM 16:00 – 16:30 European Logistics panel featuring Pierce AB, Hilti & Arvato, moderated by Gert Jan Dekkers, Strategic Sales Representative, MetaPack 16:30 ‐ 17:00 The Retailer Perspective: featuring Shop Direct, Asda, ASOS & River Island, moderated by Maria Canton, Marketing Director, MetaPack 17:00 ‐ 17:20 Dino Rocos, Operations Director, John Lewis 17:20‐ 17:35 Delivery Excellence Awards, presented by Bruce Fair, Chief Revenue Officer, MetaPack 17:35 - 17:45 Closing Remarks, Steve Rowley, Executive Chairman, MetaPack 17:45 ‐ 19:30 Networking Drinks Reception
  14. 14. E X PA N D Y O U R P O S S I B I L I T I E S W I T H THE DELIVERY CONFERENCE APP Get the most of your TDC experience! All the information you need in one place: Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors. Create your personal schedule for the day. HOW TO INSTALL? Search for ’The Delivery Conference’ on the App Store, Google Play and HTML Download the event app - input your email address and password is ‘metapack’
  15. 15. SPONSORS Diamond Sponsors Platinum Sponsors Gold Sponsors
  16. 16. SPONSORS Silver Sponsors Theatre Sponsors Event Sponsors Media Partners
  17. 17. THANK YOU