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  2. Responsible Living with Matter
  3. Introduction You live in a world of matter. Every day you use matter in your various activities. As you depend on matter, you recognize the need to use matter responsibly and safely.
  4. Proper waste disposal and management can be done by applying the 3R – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reducing means the amount of trash/garbage produced. Reusing refers to using materials more than once while recycling means creating new PROPER WASTE MANAGE MENT
  5. • Having a proper waste management can result in the availability of valuable materials to This can save money while potentially creating new jobs and business opportunities. Reducing, reusing and recycling your waste is important for the environment, but it can also be profitable. What is the best waste management? Importance of Proper Waste Management
  6. • Do not buy more than what you need. • Reduction of transportation that uses gasoline. (It harnessed from the underneath the ocean floor.) RED UCE When you use only those resources that you truly need, you use fewer resources and in the end, you throw away fewer things and therefore help to reduce the world's waste. In this way you also contribute toward reducing the use of materials that could harm the environment. Waste reduction is considered the most effective way of managing the world's garbage. You can observe this through the following ways: • Reduce consumption of Energy • Reduce your use of paper. • Reduce your use of water.
  7. To reuse an item is to use it again even after it has served its primary purpose. Passing of things to siblings. (textbooks, materials, etc.) REUSE Utilizing both sides of papers. Donating the clothes no longer fit you. Opening gifts, do not carelessly tear the wrapper you can reuse it.
  8. RECYCLE • When melted usingheat, glass and metal scraps can be molded into new products. Transforming them into new things/items that serves a different purpose. • Old newspaper can be cut into small pieces and turned into a material called mulch. • Plastic bottles cab be used as containers.
  9. Waste recovery involves getting materials or substances from garbage and having these processed then reused. Cell phones become obsolete as new models are developed. (sell your old phones – Instead of buying new ink cartridge for your RECOVER
  10. Adjustme nt of Clothes Some materials are deemed useless because they are broken or some parts are not functioning properly. Repairing of Shoes/bag instead of buying right away. REPAIR Repair first before Replaceme nt