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Mobile Trends 2015 - published by Fetch, a global mobile marketing agency.

A detailed look at how the mobile media technology landscape will evolve in 2015 to take centre stage in the lives of consumers and the minds of marketers. To read the full report go to http://wearefetch.com/mobiletrends2015-register/

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Mobile Trends 2015 - published by Fetch, a global mobile marketing agency.

  1. 1. The year mobile takes centre stage A detailed look at how the mobile media technology landscape will evolve in 2015 to take centre stage in the lives of consumers and the minds of marketers. 2015:
  2. 2. Foreword In digital media technology, change is constant, change is complex and change is consequential. Hardware and software is being upgraded continuously. Connected consumers’ behaviours are being modified continuously. And the impacts on consumerism and society at large are being felt continuously.   And the rate of change does not slow down. With the rapid rise of smart mobile technology over the last few years it has only accelerated. All of a sudden, smartphones are everywhere. And the seismic changes these devices are bringing with them are even greater than those before them. For brands, businesses and institutions the need to keep up with the ever evolving mobile landscape has never been more important. Keep up and you could see great success for your enterprise. Fail to keep up and you could very quickly see declining fortunes. Keeping up with this change however is hard. It’s a job in itself. To help marketers make sense of the trends and developments in the mobile landscape, and understand what is in store for mobile technology, mobile consumers and mobile marketing in 2015, the Strategy & Innovation team at Fetch has created this booklet. We hope that this brings clarity to the complexity and encourages marketers to bring mobile into the centre of their integrated communications planning and implementation. Happy reading! And good luck with your mobile plans for 2015. Julian Smith, Head of Strategy & Innovation
  3. 3. Mobile Technology Trends
  4. 4. Sometime in 2015 smartphone users will tip the two billion mark globally. Challenger smartphone brands, Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo, will drive increasing commoditisation in the global smartphone market. Operating systems will be upgraded & improved. Screens will become higher definition and larger, as more phablets hit the market. The next generation of mobile processors will emerge. Access the full report here.
  5. 5. Wearables: Wristwear stimulates adoption A growing range of connected wearable devices will be launched. Leading smartphone manufacturers will bring their latest smartwatches to market. With improving pulse sensors built in smartwatches might eat into the third party fitness band market. Smart eyewear will struggle to gain as much mainstream traction. Smart garments will be real growth area in wearables according to Gartner. Access the full report here.
  6. 6. THEIN TERNET OF T HINGS –Theda w n of the connecte d home– The Internet of Things will start to become less of a concept and more of a reality. The dawn of a new era of the connected home will start with central heating devices and thermostats. A wider range of domestic and personal equipment will become ‘smart’ and sensor-embedded. Consumers will start noticing the presence of BLE beacons in their retail and live event venues. The smartphone / tablet will become the remote control for our connected environment. Access the full report here.
  7. 7. Mobile payments: Apple Pay spurs the market Technology will evolve to allow shoppers to more easily and conveniently make transactions in store via their mobile device. The launch of Apple Pay is expected to really boost the mobile payments market. Merchant’s adoption of mobile ready payment terminals and strategies will also help. Banks will also start to wake up to the potential of mobile payments. A new breed of apps will emerge in 2015 that bypass the payment terminal altogether. Access the full report here.
  8. 8. Mobile app economy > According to Gartner there will be approximately 179 billion apps downloaded globally in 2015. Mobile games, mobile social and messaging apps will continue to drive app downloads. Mobile apps will increasingly become interconnected and integrated. Mobile apps will become more personalised. Mobile apps will become more context aware. ...continues to flourish Access the full report here.
  9. 9. Mobile Consumer Trends
  10. 10. Time spent with mobile grows: Now coming second only to TV Time spent with mobile is by far the fastest growing media consumption time, and is now second only to TV. Mobile will start to cannibalise time spent with other media, like radio, video and news content. Mobile media consumption is high frequency, short bursts, with device access 221 times per day. Digital media consumption will become more multi-screen. Most of the time spent on mobile will continue to be spent in app. Access the full report here.
  11. 11. Mobile online content consumption grows: Especially for video entertainment Online content access and consumption will increasingly be via mobile browsers and apps (vs desktop browsers). There will be a subsequent shift to mobile search and with this a subtle shift in the pattern and types of search queries. News content consumption will also continue to go mobile. More rich media and video content will be consumed via the mobile screen. Growing tablet content consumption will be markedly different from smartphone content consumption. For longer form, lean back content browsing and entertainment. Access the full report here.
  12. 12. Mobile social communication grows: The rise rise of OTT messaging Facebook dominates, Instagram (with 300m users) overtakes Twitter and wider variety of apps come to market. Around world other OTT messaging apps will rise. Consumers will move away from hosting their entire social lives on one centralised, public platform, like Facebook, and start to adopt a wider, more decentralised, mobile-centric suit of public and private messaging apps. They will pick and choose their mode and method of communication dependent on their desired audience, content and context. Access the full report here.
  13. 13. Mobile commerce grows: Impacting online, influencing offline. Mobile an ever larger portion of online sales, expected to account for 25% of e-commerce sales by the end of 2015, growing to 50% by 2018. Multi-channel shopping will become the norm amongst consumers whose purchase decisions and actions will be influenced by multiple screens. Growth and adoption of mobile couponing will help drive shoppers in store to make a purchase. Mobile in-store payments will grow rapidly. 154% CAGR growth between 2013 and 2018. Access the full report here.
  14. 14. Mobile consumer expectations grow: Brands businesses beware. Mobile-savvy consumers’ expectations and desires for mobile experiences will evolve and heighten. Desire for digital content services delivered quickly, smoothly and simply at the press of a touchscreen in their immediate context and moment of need. Anything less than this will leave the savvy mobile consumer of 2015 dissatisfied and disgruntled. Consumers’ ‘Mobile mind shift’ will be an ever more apparent and unavoidable challenge for brands and businesses in 2015. Access the full report here.
  15. 15. Mobile Marketing Trends
  16. 16. As small screen optimisation becomes imperative. MOBILE BRANDED CONTENT GROWS: Even greater focus on building websites that operate smoothly and efficiently across screens. Social media content marketing will become ever more mobile first (growth of Instagram). Optimising the app presentation content in the stores (ASO) will be seen as increasingly important. Short app preview / promo videos – that can sit in-store and also off-store – will become more popular. In-app push notifications will become more sophisticated. More development of tablet specific content. Access the full report here.
  17. 17. Mobile ad investment will total approx. $28.4bn by end 2015, more than 100% increase from 2013. Growing number of more traditional, brand advertisers will shift budget to mobile. Mobile video advertising fastest growing format. Mobile media owners will continue to upgrade their video inventory opportunities. Improved targeting (and re-targeting) of mobile video advertising, through more sophisticated data application, will help advertisers engage more higher value audiences. ...as brand advertisers target mobile eyeballs Access the full report here.
  18. 18. MOBILE PAID SOCIAL NATIVE ADVERTISING GROWS: Marketers will look to further leverage the unique benefits of Facebook’s platform. Twitter will see growing ad investment as it evolves its mobile audience targeting / re-targeting opportunities. Instagram will see the beginnings of real interest from advertisers. Tumblr’s mobile advertising opportunities. Pinterest potentially a viable mobile advertising platform. The desire for more native mobile display advertising in professionally produced mobile content feeds will also grow in 2015. As advertisers look to infiltrate the feed. Access the full report here.
  19. 19. MOBILE PROGRAMMATIC AND DATA-DRIVEN TARGETING GROWS: Mobile will become a greater part of the growing programmatic buying sector. As part of this the intelligent application of data to mobile inventory will become a growing focus. Ad networks will aggregate, profile and segment mobile audience first and third party data to create targetable audience clusters. Greater use of dynamic creative optimization. Cross screen programmatic buying will become increasingly viable as the big players such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter use persistent identity to join up screens and overcome the cookie issue on mobile. As it demonstrates cost-effectiveness. Access the full report here.
  20. 20. With the need to convert multi-channel audiences. CROSS-DEVICE FOCUS GROWS: Marketers will grapple with how to target, convert and measure audiences across multiple screens to the ongoing advantage of the universal log-in digital media giants, Facebook and Google. Also the early advertising solution providers in this space, like Drawbridge, Criteo, Conversant, Device9. Millennial Media’s new mobile-first cross-screen advertising solution, Path. Rise in the prominence of Data Management Platforms (DMPs) in 2015. Multi-channel attribution modeling growing focus. Access the full report here.
  21. 21. Thank you for reading. For access to the complete report please click here.