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The Psychoactive Substances Act: Measuring its Effectiveness

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Jeremy Sare, Director of Policy and Communications, presented this session at the UK NPS Conference on May 24th.

About the UK NPS Conference
This conference aims to take an objective view of the success of the Act and examine continuing threats to our communities caused by the use of NPS. There are certainly sectors where there are significant problems remaining. We want to focus on what are the best means of overcoming them.

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The Psychoactive Substances Act: Measuring its Effectiveness

  1. 1. PSA: Measuring its Effectiveness Director of Policy and Communications – Jeremy Sare
  2. 2. NewPsychoactiveSubstances(NPS) Once known as ‘legal highs.’
  3. 3. Routes of NPS Supply Headshops Online market Street trade
  4. 4. Psychoactive Substances Act (1) • Journey to PSA • MDA/TCDOs • Expert Panel • Home Affairs Committee • ACMD • Amendments • Education and Treatment provision
  5. 5. PsychoactiveSubstancesAct (2) • No classification, wide range of harms • Supply offences not possession • Proving psychoactivity • Harms unchanged in high risk groups • Enforcement offences and figures
  6. 6. Impact on Supply of NPS Darknet Existing supply 500 headshops Online market Street trade
  7. 7. NPSMeasuresand Indicators • Home Office Figures (Nov 2016) • Met Police 160 Arrests (May to Nov 2016) • Prison Seizures - RAPt (November 2016) • Ambulance Callouts Double (May 2017) • Prison Ombudsman - 58 fatalities (2013-6)
  8. 8. NPSMeasuresandIndicators(2) • Addaction Report 50%+ drug admissions 2006-16 • RIDR (March 2017) • CS E&W 2015/6: 0.7% adults, 3.6% males 16-24 • Drugwise Report (Feb 2017) • Addaction Report Young People (March 2017) • Internet Monitoring Retail Websites, Dark Web, News sites
  9. 9. Measuring the Progress of PSA 2016 - APPG Street dealing Availability Online trade High street trade Dark netAvailability Education Prevention
  10. 10. StatutoryReview