Analysis and Marketing Opportunities Yogashi

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19. Aug 2021

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Analysis and Marketing Opportunities Yogashi

  1. Analysis and Marketing Opportunities by Meliza Andrinich
  2. P I T C H O U T L I N E brand 0 3 current situation 0 8 oportunidad 0 5 to do 0 6
  3. BRAND
  4. It is a patisserie shop that uses Japanese and French techniques with Peruvian touches in the elaboration of its products. With top quality local and imported supplies, they develop a wide variety of handmade cakes, from the beginning of the production to the decoration, putting great care and affection in every detail.
  6. ANALYSIS STRUCTURE Target Market Pric e Promotion Physical Evidence People Process Product Place 7P MARKETING
  7. 01 PLACE Store accessibility Only 1 store 02 PROMOTION Only branding in store Communication in social networks without planning and without care Lack of brand communication and advertising 03 PEOPLE Staff attention Proactivity in care
  9. B E T H E T O P O F M I N D O F P A T I S S E R I E S I N L I M A
  10. TO DO
  11. PLACE Satisfy the increase in demand by opening new branches Partner with Valet Parking companies for customer comity Reserve parking spaces adjacent to the store exclusively for customers
  12. PROMOTION Direct marketing Digital marketing Content Marketing: Appetite Appeal and Beauty in your brand communications Free Publicity
  13. PEOPLE Train all staff on the benefits, content and added value of the products. Sow and internalize the concept of the brand in the care staff. Encourage proactivity in the care staff.
  14. T H A N K Y O U A N A L Y S I S A N D O P P O R T U N I T I E S P R O J E C T S O C I A L C O M M U N I C A T O R A N D D I G I T A L M A R K E T E R B Y M E L I Z A A N D R I N I C H