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9th Annual    MELCRUM    SUMMIT                                       Competing on the Curve:                             ...
9th Annual    MELCRUM    SUMMIT                                      Competing on the Curve:                              ...
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Melcrum Summit program

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Melcrum Summit program

  1. 1. 9th Annual MELCRUM SUMMIT Competing on the Curve: Re-engineering IC for agility, productivity and impact 2012 17-18 October, 2012 Pullman Hotel, Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia day 1 October 17, 20129.00am WELCOME FROM THE CHAIR By evolving the approach to content, the system - known as FRED, now delivers succinct messaging that creates cut through and leads to action Jonathan Champ, Research and Content Director - Melcrum and has measurable financial benefits. Key topics include:9.10am KEYNOTE SESSION: Global Vision 2020: Redefining organizational • Learning how to adapt and be smart with your technology communication in a new era of transparency, mobility and digital fluency • Enabling culture shift through valued engaging communication tools Work is a defining part of our lives, but the meaning of “going • Capturing the business benefits of effective messaging to work” is undergoing a profound change. New societal Sarah-Marie Davis, Collaboration and Engagement - CISCO demands are shaping a future workplace with different values and priorities. Corporations are facing a growing demand for 12.20pm Lloyds International: A story of change, hope, action and impact more openness and transparency. Cloud culture and collaboration is bringing At Lloyds International the philosophy for internal increased mobility and remote working capacity. How will these changes alter communication is to create and facilitate strategic the way employees connect, engage and communicate with each other? alignment critical to individual and organisational In this keynote session, futurist and visionary thinker Anne-Lise Kjaer business performance. This means creating will deliver insights into some of the key drivers shaping the mindsets of an understanding of the business priorities and objectives; awareness tomorrow’s workforce, and how society and people will evolve in the age of how individuals can contribute to the delivery of those objectives; where cultural capital, people engagement and transparency set the agenda and opportunities to celebrate and recognise success. How do you build for 21st century business. The aim is to encourage delegates to start actively confidence in times of great uncertainty? And how do you approach these thinking about the Key Macro Trends influencing us today and how they will challenges with minimal resources and budget? Through the creation of a affect our future vision of Internal Communication. OneLloyds - they took colleagues along a cultural change journey – where a sharp focus on the delivery of a few critical business priorities was essential to Anne-Lise Kjaer, Futurist & Founder - Kjaer Global the future of the company. Copenhagen Goodwill Embassador Key outcomes:10.10am Communication and Change – Does it have to be War? • The search for a new identity and meaning post GFC Communications and change management can only be • How to deliver a successful communications program with minimal budget successful if both work together honestly and openly and and resources – the power of facilitating dialogue also partner well with other key areas such as the Web team • Explore the links between internal communications and organisational and for large scale organisational change transformations, psychology – facilitate change at organisational, team and individual levels the HR team. Excellent collaboration is the only way to succeed. In times Lynne Machin, Head of Communication of sweeping change throughout an organisation, true collaboration can be Ingerlise Svaleng, Communication Manager difficult with areas trying hard to stay relevant. - Lloyds International This presentation will take you on the current journey of a large scale and 1.10pm Lunch long term organisational change currently taking place in the Department of Defence in the Chief Information Officer Group. This reform journey 2.10pm INTERACTIVE SESSION: Own it! Tools and tips for capturing is occurring while at the same time vital business as usual ICT work must IC’s contribution continue to a high standard. Just to make things more interesting, while all 3.40pm Afternoon tea this is occurring the Department receives a budget cut as well as instructions to reduce its workforce. 4.10pm Keeping manager communication fresh at Woolworths Communications and change management has, does and will continue to David MacGregor, Communication Manager - Woolworths play a vital role in the success of this journey. This session will show you how. 5.00pm Networking Drinks Theresa Coxon, Acting Assistant Secretary ICT Reform - Department of Defence11.10am Morning tea11.30am Meet FRED: Giving digital channels a voice Cisco ANZ Management needed to connect to the organisation but existing communication channels were not achieving desired impact. Email was not resonating, cascading messages through line of management were being diluted and distorted. A digital message screen network was installed to provide cut-through and create impact with the audience. Early approaches to this new channel and content didn’t connect with employees. SM Davis, Collaboration and Engagement lead will explain how by taking an innovative, iterative and adaptive approach to the channel and its voice, Cisco have created an in-demand system that has engaged audiences.
  2. 2. 9th Annual MELCRUM SUMMIT Competing on the Curve: Re-engineering IC for agility, productivity and impact 2012 17-18 October, 2012 Pullman Hotel, Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia day 2 October 18, 20128.30am Leadership Breakfast Session 1.10pm Lunch9.30am KEYNOTE SESSION: Can icons change? How communication 2.10pm Competing on the curve - delivering agility, productivity and impact strategy can support business transformation Internal communication continues to evolve in response to Qantas is going through one of the most significant periods the changing needs of organisations, industries and markets. of change in the company’s 92 year history. A considerable Increasingly, the role of the internal communication leader transformation program is underway, all amongst a complex is to extend their influence and lead change, performance industrial landscape. Head of Internal and Digital Communication improvement and transformation within their organisation, striking a balance at Qantas Jo Boundy will discuss how the internal communication team has between delivering what is required today with building future capacity. used strategic and innovative communication channels to help their managers Melcrum’s Asia Pacific Research & Content Director Jonathan Champ will and employees through these significant challenges. present highlights from the current global Strategic Communication Research Jo Boundy, Head of Internal & Digital Communication - Qantas Forum studies into communication capability, alignment and collaboration.10.20am Communicating with purpose Key topics include: Four acquisitions in a four year period and Medibank was well • Shifting the dialogue - leader and manager communication that on its way to transforming itself from Australia’s number one drives performance health insurer to a fully-fledged health care company. At least, • Changing how we talk about change - the roles of communication that’s what they thought. in business transformation Ilona Charles, Group Executive for Medibank will talk about Medibank’s • Managing the business of collaboration - creating value through connection transformation agenda, and an unexpected result from ongoing acquisition communication – employees confused about why Medibank had acquired Jonathan Champ, Research and Content Director - Melcrum these businesses and a lack of understanding about where the company 3.00pm Reinvention through radical transformation - was going. Ilona will share insights from Medibank’s Group Executive Department of Justice Victoria about what to do with disappointing employee engagement survey results. She’ll speak on key initiatives which ultimately turned employees’ lack of Faced with a range of high-profile and critical communication understanding and confusion into an overwhelming belief in the company’s challenges, the Victorian Department of Justice vision and purpose – and the role internal communication played. continues to develop successful strategic approaches to communication management. The department’s Manager Key topics include: Corporate Communication Justin Gehde has led a team to manage the • Redefining the company’s values from the ground up communication of functional change to more than 7,000 staff across • Aligning employees to a single purpose Victoria while adapting to internal factors including the appointment of a • How internal communication supports business transformation new Director of Strategic Communication and a growing focus on using Ilona Charles, Group Executive - Medibank video stories to convey messages in a time-poor and information-rich environment.11.10am MORNING TEA Key topics include:11.30am INTERACTIVE SESSION: Powerful and Persuasive Communication • Faced concurrent complex changes driven by internal change and Imagine having the expertise at your fingertips to conquer all external demands those myths of voice and presentation that have bugged you • Adapted and evolved communication strategy through your career. As a surgeon of personal presence, Dr • Incorporated new approached to tactics and messaging into a Louise Mahler’s uses her cutting instruments to diagnose your successful framework key area of performance blockage and conjure dramatic transformation. • Won the support of demanding stakeholders while over-delivering This workshop presentation will provide the practical secrets to powerful on critical commitments and persuasive verbal communication for internal communication Justin Gehde, Manager Corporate Communication - practitioners and organisational leaders. Department of Justice Louise is a business communication specialist and a proven performer in 3.50pm Closing statements moving individuals and groups to take positive action through a unique perspective focusing on the unsung wisdom of the mind-bodyvoice 4.00pm Summit close connection. With a background in opera as well as a strong business background she has brought the worlds of Art and Business together in a pioneering combination that breaks the barriers of standard communication. Dr. Louise Mahler, Director - The Art of Business Register online at www.melcrum.com/aussummit