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Content Repurposing: The New Reality of Content Marketing

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Content repurposing. Repurposed content. Recontent. What is it - REALLY?

Why you, a content marketer/business owner, have no choice but to use it if you want to actually get traffic and leads from your content marketing efforts.

Get my entire Recontent Ecosystem process here ➢ http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/repurposing-content-recontent/

Content Repurposing: The New Reality of Content Marketing

  2. 2. Batman without Robin
  3. 3. Batman without Robin…
  4. 4. smartphone without a data plan…
  5. 5. peanut butter n' jelly without jelly… or peanut butter…
  6. 6. I know!!!
  7. 7. content marketing content repurposing that ’s
  8. 8. content marketing content repurposing without
  9. 9. I am Ana Hoffman
  11. 11. …even the back of my head to reveal the new branding for Traffic Generation Café!
  12. 12. Why on earth?
  13. 13. because I know the power of repurposed content know
  14. 14.  what is CONTENT REPURPOSING?
  15. 15. CONTENT REPURPOSING is a marketing strategy that puts your business message 
 in every format and on every platform 
 your potential customers 
 are looking for it.
  16. 16. every format
 every platform 
  17. 17. just might be the NEW REALITY of content marketing CONTENT REPURPOSING
  18. 18. Content repurposing is to content marketing what marketing automation is to email marketing. “~ Neal Schaffer NealSchaffer.com #RECONTENT
  19. 19. BUT… not everyone agrees
  20. 20. I'm NOT into content repurposing. When I see it, it tells me that the person is struggling to be creative and have enough varied and unique perspective to bring information to the world on a regular basis. ~ Chris Brogan ChrisBrogan.com “ #RECONTENT
  21. 21. #RECONTENT That ’s OK, Chris… We love you anyway! 💋
  22. 22. I say folks who think that aren't clear on what content repurposing is.
  23. 23. DON’T think of CONTENT REPURPOSING as reusing, recycling, syndication.
  25. 25. “ ~ Ann Handley AnnHandley.com #RECONTENT DON’T just repurpose your content. Reimagine it.
  26. 26. Let’s repurpose the misunderstood content repurposing into…
  27. 27. repurposed content =
  28. 28. RECONTENT is NOT about reusing an old piece of content again and again. It's content REimagined and REinvented…
  29. 29. RECONTENT is NOT about reusing an old piece of content again and again. It's content REimagined and REinvented…
  30. 30. …and it has to be every bit as epic, creative, & compelling as the content it's based on.
  31. 31. Repurposed content ~ Ana Hoffman #RECONTENT IS OUT pizzazz without
  32. 32. As a prospect  discovers your recontent across various channels, she forms an impression of you and your brand.
  33. 33. That overall impression is what determines whether you get the sale.
  34. 34. “ I think businesses that invest a lot in creating valuable content but don't think of creative ways to slice and dice it in different mediums are doing themselves a disservice. ~ Michael Stelzner SocialMediaExaminer.com #RECONTENT
  35. 35. “ If you bought an expensive pair of shoes, would you show them off once, then hide them in your closet never to be seen again? No way! Same goes for your best content. Show it off multiple times, in multiple places, in multiple ways. It's just too good to take it for a spin once! ~ Amy Porterfield AmyPorterfield.com
  36. 36. “Stop creating content for content sake! Create great content and up-cycle it uniquely for each network to reach your audience where they engage. ~ Brian Fanzo Isocialfanz.com #RECONTENT
  37. 37. Learn how to repurpose content like the marketing elite does
  38. 38. text RECONTENT to 444999 to download the FREE PDF “How to Repurpose Content for Traffic & Leads”
  39. 39. text RECONTENT to 444999
  40. 40. What are the benefits of using recontent in your business? So…
  42. 42. Did you know?
  43. 43. 30% of people are visual thinkers 45% of people use both visual thinking and thinking in the form of words 25% of people think exclusively in words
  44. 44. So… if you’re primarily communicating with your audience in words (like blog posts), you are only reaching about 25% of them EFFECTIVELY.
  46. 46. CONTENT REPURPOSING allows you to do that.
  47. 47. “The content you make is not THE thing, it’s just the FIRST version of that thing. ~ Jay Baer ConvinceAndConvert.com #RECONTENT
  48. 48. “Repurposing is important because it opens up different entry points for potential readers and customers to discover you. ~ Henley Wing BuzzSumo.com #RECONTENT
  50. 50. The more you recontent, the more visible you become.
  51. 51. Your potential prospects  see you everywhere - they now perceive you as a niche expert.
  52. 52. That’s the TRUE power of recontent: being recognized as THE one with a solution to a problem.
  53. 53. The by-products of growing your brand and niche expertise through recontent are • mentions on other sites • backlinks • referral traffic • higher domain authority of your site • higher overall search engine rankings
  54. 54. content repurposing that ’s
  55. 55. content repurposing traffic traffic traffic
  56. 56. music to my ears!!! and that’s
  57. 57. ~ Eric Enge StoneTemple.com #RECONTENT From an SEO perspective, content repurposing helps create a lot of additional exposure for your content, and this can lead to more links and traffic back to your site. “
  58. 58. “It's the savvy business owner who sees that repurposing their content into a variety of ways and channels can significantly amplify and accelerate how they receive traffic, leads and sales. ~ Mike Allton SocialMediaHat.com #RECONTENT
  60. 60. ‘The rule of 7’ says that your prospects need to see your message  at least 7 times before they really notice it and take action.
  61. 61. “Repetition increases the chance that you get heard. Repetition also increases … the authority and believability of what you have to say. Listeners go from awareness of the message to understanding to trust. ~ Seth Godin
  62. 62. How are YOU going to expose the prospect to your content on a repetitive & consistent basis?
  63. 63. By creating even more content? …that quickly drowns in your blog archives?
  64. 64. You put a lot of work into your content. Why not make sure your audience can see it wherever they want? I like to do live videos, edit them in iMovie and repurpose them to YouTube, Facebook, my blog and iTunes. ~ Joel Comm JoelComm.com #RECONTENT
  65. 65. Recycle your content! Else it gets old, stale — and you've wasted all your time and money using a multi-use product just once! #contentcrimes “ ~ Sam Hurley Optim-Eyez.co.uk #RECONTENT
  67. 67. 83% of global consumers are constantly plugged in, using, on average, 2.23 devices at the same time. recontent breaks through multi-screen reality source: Adobe
  68. 68. Yet, almost half of global device users admit feeling distracted by multiscreening. recontent breaks through multi-screen reality source: Adobe
  69. 69. Yet, almost half of global device users admit feeling distracted by multiscreening. recontent breaks through multi-screen reality source: Adobe Duh!!! 😆
  70. 70. What’s a to do? content marketer
  72. 72. Your prospects might not want to read an in-depth blog post on their mobile devices…
  73. 73. …but they might watch a 2-3 minute recap of the post,
  74. 74. …or flip through a slide deck,
  75. 75. or listen to the audio version of the post.
  76. 76. Content repurposing is a multiplier. It's the triple word score on Scrabble, except you're not limited by triples. The possibilities are limitless. “ ~ Rich Brooks TakeFlyte.com #RECONTENT
  77. 77. ~ Rebekah Radice RebekahRadice.com The beauty behind content repurposing? You get more mileage out of your content, a higher impact, and all at a lower cost. In other words – more bang for your marketing dollar. “ #RECONTENT
  79. 79. You might be thinking right about now…
  80. 80. Content repurposing sounds great! AND time consuming…
  81. 81. Let me ask you this…
  82. 82. What’s the alternative?
  83. 83. Creating more content that’s doomed to rot in your archives?
  84. 84. WHEN SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING, trying harder WON’T HELP ~ Ana Hoffman #RECONTENT
  85. 85. What’s a to do? content marketer
  86. 86. WRITE less, RECONTENT MORE ~ Ana Hoffman #RECONTENT
  87. 87. creating new content. Stop
  88. 88. Promote your existing content by repurposing the ish out of it.
  89. 89. We are in an era where advertising, promotion, and distribution strategies may eclipse the importance of the content itself.“ ~ Mark Schaefer BusinessesGrow.com #RECONTENT
  90. 90. If your content is good, you should be able to ride it until the wheels fall off. Re-sharing and reposting the good stuff is a critical distribution tactic that can help you get the best mileage and is a key to unlocking the content puzzle. ~ Ted Rubin TedRubin.com #RECONTENT
  91. 91. “ ~ Ann Handley AnnHandley.com #RECONTENT Creating ridiculously good content is hard, which is why you have to squeeze every drop of juice out of whatever content you create.
  92. 92. “Spend more time on bigger pieces of content and then work out how you can distribute this content in as many relevant places and in as many different ways as you can. ~ Ian Cleary RazorSocial.com #RECONTENT
  93. 93. Here are my personal recontent results from using just ONE platform: SlideShare
  94. 94. slideshare ✓ The ‘Sleeping Giant of Content Marketing’ ✓ the largest presentation hosting platform ✓ owned by LinkedIn and now Microsoft ✓ has about 70 million active users
  95. 95. ✓ 30 days
✓ 9 presentations ✓ over 243,000 views ✓ several first-page Google rankings ✓ over 400 new Facebook fans ✓ my second largest referral traffic source
  96. 96. Yeah, baby!
  97. 97. I am even beating SlideShare for the keyword ‘SlideShare’ on Google! (proportionally speaking…) 😉 TrafficGenerationCafe.com 3.53% of organic traffic from keyword ‘SlideShare' SlideShare.net 1.05% of organic traffic from keyword ‘SlideShare' alexa.com, 2017
  98. 98. Not too shabby, right?
  99. 99. And the best part?
  100. 100. And the best part? I can teach you how to do the same for your business.
  101. 101. Download the FREE bonus PDF “How to Repurpose Content for Traffic & Leads” (including my personal Recontent Ecosystem process)
  102. 102. STEP 1 blog post STEP 3 outline into slide deck STEP 4 slide deck into video STEP 2 turn post into outline STEP 5 video into audio STEP 9 embed elements into blog post STEP 7 images into infographic STEP 6 slide deck into images STEP 8 images into social media updates STEP 10 embed elements into articles
  103. 103. text RECONTENT to 444999
  104. 104. OR go to “Content Repurposing: Multiply Your Content... Maximize Your Reach” to download the FREE PDF from there
  105. 105. this is a link “Content Repurposing: Multiply Your Content... Maximize Your Reach” click on it