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Assignment 10

Assignment 10 by Idrees Choudhary

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Assignment 10

  2. 2. INTRO • For this assignment, I shall be focusing on the OTS of “True Blood” • The reason why I have decided to use the OTS of true blood, is because this links back to the type of film, we would like to do for our OTS.
  3. 3. QUESTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN ANSWERED • True blood is Symbolic, as it first of all displays the themes of the vampires in the south. • They way the company has made the OTS prepare for the film is by displaying the subgenre which for this OTS is the vampire, as well as the background setting, which was set in South America. • It creates and displays an enigma, as there are no characters in the OTS, so it makes you wonder what is happening. The setting of the OTS is very normal, with bright colours as well as having short shots to display fast transitions.
  4. 4. ANSWERED QUESTIONS CONTINUED • The OTS used for this film isn’t very identical to other OTS’s of the same subgenre. • The OTS still has the conventional stereotypes of its subgenre such as blood. • The OTS has been set in a modern area, so viewers can relate back to this. • It is shown as being very religious, as in south America the majority are Christians, so some scenes are shot outside the church. • Another way they represent characters, is by showing younger girls performing act with elder men, as well as having ripped clothes.
  5. 5. I DIDN’T REALLY ENJOY MUCH OF THIS FILM, AS IT WASN’T SOMETHING I WOULD WATCH, BUT SOMETHING I DID LIKE WAS THE FAST CUTS TO MAKE FASTER TRANSITIONS. • They show the credits in the OTS by having a very small font size of the role, and larger font size for the characters names. • They also use the colour white, as I have done for this presentation to make it brighter than the dull background.